Friday, September 27, 2013

RahXephon And Your Tax Dollars On Guard

Ok ... So you probably came here to copy this wallpaper rather than
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RahXephon And Your Tax Dollars On Guard

A few days ago, I placed a large (For me.) order of goodies to Amazon. As Amazon patrons know, a lot of other companies "piggyback" through Amazon and you can find some good deals on DVDs, new or used. Between Amazon, Half Price Books and Big Lots, I'm pretty well set.

One of the "piggyback" companies got their item to me in five days, a copy of RahXephon The Complete Collection: 26 episodes plus movie. When I got the item from my mailbox, I did a double take. The package had been ripped open.

I noticed the envelopes' plastic bubble insulation was intact and nothing wrong with the item. Was someone "checking" on the item? Looking at the envelope, I noticed there was no company label. Rather the return address was handwritten, not in the companys' name but that of who I assume to be the owner of the company. A quite "generic" Arabic/Islamic seeming name.

The envelope also was stamped "MEDIA MAIL (Subject to Inspection)" in two places.

Let's see:

1.) A handwritten manila envelope with bulky (Two VHS sized cases containing several discs each.) object inside.

2,) Said envelope is ripped open.

3.) "Exotic" name on envelope along with ...

4.) Two "MEDIA MAIL (Subject to Inspection)" stampings.

I wonder ...

Never before have I felt so wanted, loved, TRUSTED and protected.

So how come I don't feel so secure?

My viewing of RahXephon for the next few days is going to be "colored" by the above. Not only will I be watching for Mulians and Dolmens but also for Al-Qaeda, Homeland Security, and the U.S. (going) Postal Service.

Paranoia will destroy ya ...

Wikipedia article on RahXephon here.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Neon Genesis Evangelion/End of Evangelion In A Nutshell

Neon Genesis Evangelion/End of Evangelion In A Nutshell


Jay Agan

This article is on the original Neon Genesis/End of Evangelion saga, NOT the Rebuild series of films.

For those anime fans who have NOT seen this, I strongly urge you do so. There is really none other like it (I'm reserving my opinion on Rah Xephon until after I see it.). Whether or not this show resulted from Mr. Annos' past problems with mental illness is open to conjecture. One thing is for sure ... It has a fascination/weirdness all its' own.

The Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series and its' concluding follow-on film, End of Evangelion is a story of conspiracy. Conspiracy of super rich and powerful individuals trying to attain Heaven (Or what they think is a reasonable facsimile thereof.) without taking God into account. This involves (From their dissatisfaction with human progress/"evolution".) the merging/assimilation of all human souls/consciousness (Including YOURS!) into one gestalt being or "oversoul". To their way of thinking all weaknesses will be cancelled out by all strengths along with pain, suffering and loneliness being eliminated.

This "Human Instrumentality Project" of course, would mean the end of human existence but since when has that ever complicated the dreams of altruists?

The plot is complicated by a joker in the deck. One of the conspirators, an evil genius, uses the situation for his own ends through manipulation of various people including his wife (Who may be the one to have thought up this mad scheme.), several clones of said wife and a host of others including his own son who goes through a "damnation" of sorts.

Between the conspirators and the madman, everyone, along with a perceived extra-terrestrial enemy, are mere pawns in the game. A game ending in worldwide cataclysmic disaster.

This disaster as portrayed in End of Evangelion comes in the form of a "rapture" of sorts. No, not like the blissful delusions of  a Hal Lindsey or Tim LaHaye. The implementation of the Human Instrumentality Project or Third Impact event is a horrendous gathering of all souls. The deepest desire/dread of each individual is realized by Lillith (NOT Jesus!) in setting one up for assimilation.

Warning: End of Evangelion freaked a lot of folks on its' initial release. Still does today.

When watching, prepare yourself for a wild ride. What at first appears to be a giant robot slug fest eventually turns into a multidimensional (Or multidementional.) tale of wheels within wheels "shadow boxing", peppered with Christian and Kabbalistic imagery.

There is also the fact the main protagonist (The madmans' son.) is possibly the whiniest little git in anime history and really gets on ones nerves at times.

The Rebuild series of films seems to be another story entirely. Too many departures from the above (ESPECIALLY the third in the series.) and they don't give one a feeling of "looking over your shoulder for God". My take is that time will show Neon Genesis/End of Evangelion to be the definitive of the franchise.

Article (only) copyright © 9-25-13 Jay Agan

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Obamacare ... DEFUND IT!

Obamacare ... DEFUND IT!

About two weeks before last Novembers' general election, I received notice that DUE TO THE NEW GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS, my health insurance premiums would be increased six hundred dollars for 2013.

SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS! That's a fifty dollar increase in my monthly payment. And this is BEFORE Obamacare kicks in this October.

I shudder to think what it will be a year from now. I also shudder to think what my financial situation will be if my employer reduces my work hours to less than thirty a week in order to get around having to offer health insurance. It will be much harder being able to meet rent and bills. One of those bills being a MANDATORY high cost health insurance policy from the not so open market.

I'm just a janitor. I don't make much. I'll end up making much less when this bullkrap takes effect.

In short, I can't afford government mandated AFFORDABLE(?) health insurance. You may find you can't either. Your road to their hell is paved with their "good intentions".

Call, write, fax, phone, e-mail your representative and senators in Congress NOW!

Capitol switchboard number: (202) 224-3121

U.S. Senators contact info here.

U.S. House of Representatives contact info here.

Online petition to defund Obamacare here.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Yeah ... That Time Of Year Is Here

Walk by slowly ... Don't look back ...

Yeah ... That Time of Year Is Here

That roughly four month period with the BIG 4 holidays being krammed down/up our ...

Krap n' hype, krap n' hype ...

Sigh ...

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Friday, September 13, 2013


Ve haff veys of making you write ... correctly.


Was looking through the Legacy Story Stats section of my page (C V Ford) on Fanfictiondotnet when I noticed this interesting little "review" by a one Ms. Essential for a story I did called "My Gaijin American Boyfriend". This is quoted verbatim:


Ok here's my view on this, your grammar is ok as your punctuation is kind of out of place.

As you've used ellipsis for hesitation in your sentences quiet a lot or you could have used a comma ( , ) at some parts as commas also let the reader have a pause and then continue reading.

At some parts where your writing is like "THIS is serious ..." Instead of writing This in capital's you could have put in lower case like this 'This' but then put it in bold so it looks like it has more emphasis when the reader reads it.

But the chapter is so far good.


Hmmm ... Call me paranoid but I kinda' get the feeling she was more into "correcting" me than in reading the story. Maybe it's because the actual "review" is only one short sentence long.

I then went to her profile page & found this intro. Also quoted verbatim:


By the looks of it I've got quiet many people viewing my profile and I'm not that surprised about it. If you may have noticed I've been going round writing some reviews on stories that are needed to improve so, I apologize if I do write some harsh or cold reviews but if I do, that's how bad your story grammar is and then you'll need to improve a lot. Ok I'll say not everybody is perfect including me but to just say for authors please type properly in good grammar and literacy if you want a good story. If English is not your first language ok I can go with that but ever heard about the Proofread writing? Were you upload your story document and click to view it and then notice that green tick with ABC above it, well click it to check your writing mistakes it corrects a lot of things and you'll realise how much mistakes you type when you don't even know it!

Looking at some stories I've seen many authors start Fan fiction and mess up with the grammar and writing, they may have started Fan Fiction at a young age who knows? But looking at some stories they type now is pretty impressive how they improved on their typing skills including English grammar in maybe just over a few months or even a year!

My motto: Focus on what you can't do, not what you do

When your typing, write it out on paper before hand if needed to. Read over it before you put the chapter up. It might take time but if you want people to really enjoy your story there's a lot of things that'll be needed to do.


As for her motto, no truer words ever spoken. Think she'll actually follow it? Not quiet ... er... quite.

As an aside, I have been "chided" in the past by a one Edhla, a dyed in the wool Sherlock fan (And Sherlock fan fiction writer!), about my use of ampersands (& ... those things.). As she was so nice about it (And would actually read/review some of my stories!) I do NOT categorize her as a grammar nazi.

For years I used ampersands and didn't know what they were called until Edhla came along. To me, they were just those "and thingies". I will not now & never will use them ever again ... Oops! web site here.

Ms. Essentials' page of profound knowledge and wisdom here.

Edhlas' profile page AND story listing here.

C V Fords' profile page and story listing here.

My Gaijin American Boyfriend, a Lucky Star fanfic here and here.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Irish At The Shooting Range

NOT to be construed that guns & alky are a good combo. I
just happen to like Guinness ... But not while I'm shooting.

Irish At The Shooting Range

Another wonderful day at the range when two Irishmen walk in. NO ... This is not an Irish joke. Read on ...

We went over the rudiments of gun safety, & the range rules, setting them up with a .38 & ammo. After a few minutes with them on the firing line I came back in the shop. The fellow I worked with HAD to make a comment:

"You rented a gun to a couple of Irishmen? Are ... you ... crazy?" Grin on his face.

"HEY! ... I'm Irish!"

"My point exactly."


Their session over, the two gentlemen come off the range & we get to talking about Ireland & other subjects. Somehow the subject of gun control came up. Needless to say, they had a rather "European" outlook on that sort of thing. Also needless to say, we countered with our rather "American" viewpoint on such things.

It was a friendly argument, no voices raised but ... when one of them said "There are too many guns in America", I couldn't resist.

"Is this a great country or WHAT!?" Grin on my face.

They responded by giving me that "WHAT" look.

After a few more sentences between us, they left. I thought that was the last we'd see of them.

A couple weeks later, they came back for another go on the range. They stayed even longer after that & we picked up our conversation from where we left off. No opportunities for snappy rejoinders (Darn!) but they did go away a little more pro-gun than before.

We're all friends here.

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Just Say NO! To Intervention In Syria!

Wether you want it or not.

Just Say NO! To Intervention In Syria!

Let me get this straight ...

The Prez wants our military to attack people who don't like us in order to help out OTHER people who don't like us in the hopes of getting someone in that mess to like us. Yeah ... Right!

Yeah, I know the Free Syrian Army may be "friends" but, as I understand it, they're pretty much infiltrated by others not so friendly. No ... Best stay out of this one & let them destroy each other. It's best not to interrupt your enemies while they're making mistakes.

Just sayin' ...

Call & e-mail your senators & House representatve today. Tell them NO! on intervention in Syria.

Google their names or use the number below:

Capitol switchboard number: (202) 224-3121

U.S. Senate contact info here.

U.S. House of Representatives contact info here.

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Heeeeeeey Kids! Help Usher In The New World Order!

Is this kid trying to be the next Jeffrey Combs?

Heeeeeeey Kids! Help Usher In The New World Order!


Parents will beam with pride as they watch their little "re-animator" help pump indoctrination into the next generation of media manipulated zombies. Nothing like starting them out young in helping the politicians/do-gooders/collectivists bring on their next vision of heaven/hell on earth.

Order now and receive an extra quantity of vaccine absolutely FREE! That's DOUBLE the value!

Don't delay! Order Today!


Call 1 800 555-7734

Operators are sleeping peacefully.

Jeffrey Combs bio here.

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Voter ID Be Racis'!

Gee ... Allowing ONLY those actually qualified to
vote really could change the political landscape!

Voter ID Be Racis'!

To require someone to show ID before voting is NOT racist. If so, why do those white folks at the tables in the polling place ask for mine before I vote? I'm WHITE(!)er than a cracker.

Is the "charge" of racism to the above somehow a tacit admission that a good many illegal voters are not exactly what one would think of in regard to the "Aryan Ideal"?

Just sayin' ...

Oh! Typing "racist" part way in the labels section of the Blogger posting software brings up Traci Lords. Interesting ...

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Monday, September 2, 2013

A New Yorkers' View of Gun Control

A New Yorkers' View of Gun Control

An article from Trib Live

By Tom Purcell 

Published: Saturday, August 31, 2013, 9:00 p.m.Updated: Sunday, September 1, 2013 

During my last visit to New York City, I stumbled into an unexpected discussion about its restrictive gun polices.

The discussion occurred after I ducked into a coffee shop. The place was empty except for three transit employees.

“I don't know why the kid shot me,” said one of the men. “But I got myself some protection now.”

Curious, I introduced myself and asked the fellow about his story.

The rest of the story here.

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