Thursday, January 17, 2013

Well Isn't THAT Special! Barack & the Kiddies

Obama exploiting children for political gain.
Because he cares soooooo much!

Well Isn't THAT Special! Barack & the Kiddies

This reminds me of a minor non-incident from the mid 90s'. A Columbus (Ohio) city councilman decided to raise a little stink (He was a little stinker.) over those dreaded "ASSAULT WEAPONS(!)". Seems Rickenbacker air base was being used at the time by several civilian corporations as an entry point for foriegn goods (Some kind of NAFTA deal, I think.).

One company was shipping in older Russian small arms to sell to American wholesalers/distributors. This was back when the then cash strapped Russians were selling anything that could shoot & the U.S. was a more than ready market at the time. I remember well the brochures that came into the gun store/range I was working at the time. There was even litturature from Georgian & Armenian companies with goodies to sell.

Well this doofus got inspired by his pre-teen son & went on a toot about these old commie guns, making it sound as if mountains of full-auto AK47s were being shipped in for the express purpose of spreading murder & mayhem. The good statesman got some press milage/publicity courtesy of the poodle press & riled up the sheeple somewhat. Turns out the guns were mostly old bolt action Nagants & low capacity (10 round, fixed box.) SKS semi-autos.

Oh yeah! What was it that inspired the politico? Something in the line of this:

"Gee daddy ... If guns are so bad ... why are they coming here?"

Out of the mouths of babes? ... No doubt the poor kid grew up to be twice the ideological fool his daddy is.

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