Sunday, October 30, 2016

Attention Christians ... VOTE TRUMP!

Attention Christians ... VOTE TRUMP!

Awhile back, I ran into a fellow believer who said he couldn't vote for Donald Trump because "he's not a man of God". In fact, he wasn't going to vote at all!

Of course I have no patience with an attitude like that and told him so. Anyone not getting involved in the political process is a drag on society and has NO right in complaining afterwards about the sad state of affairs that may come about after the wrong people take office and implement their plans to save us from ourselves.

That sad state of affairs WILL take place if too many people "sit it out" on election day and allow Hillary Clinton to become president.

There is NO excuse for not voting.

And certainly, Donald Trump is not that excuse.

Yes ...

He's rude. He's crude. He's not all that polished. He may have a past not in liking to the more genteel among us.

HE IS NOT A POLITICIAN and has little skill in soothing "itching ears".  (2nd Timothy 4:3)

What he is is a hard headed businessman with much experience. Not only in business but in his handling of politicians, unions and other "factions" over the years in order to conduct it. He knows how they think and act.

A good illustration can be seen from this contrasting scene from the comedy film, Back To School, starring Rodney Dangerfield.

He will conduct the business of the executive branch on sound business principals:

Don't spend more than what you have, make or take. Otherwise if your outgo is greater than your income, then your upkeep will be your downfall.

"Oh!" You say. "He's not a Christian! He's not a man of God!"

Not a man of God. Well ... If you've read your bible, you know God in some way has made use of the likes of womanizers, prostitutes, politicians, tax collectors and even dictators to further his kingdom on earth and protect believers. The likes of Sampson, Matthew, Nebuchanezor, King David, Rahab, Mary Magdalene come to mind. Their credentials as saints weren't exactly the greatest.

Many other Biblical figures had led less than perfect lives.

And the same goes for Donald Trump.

Even YOU are not exactly the "man of God" you'd like to be. So what makes you think it's beneath you to vote for Mr. Trump?

Even though Mr. Trump is certainly less than perfect (Just like you! Or me for that matter.), unlike his opponent, his political platform upholds many of the things you believe in (Examples are he's pro-life and pro-Christian liberties.).

Don't think of him as the "lesser of two evils". Rather he's the better of the two candidates.

That much is obvious in comparing the two platforms/agendas.

Over the years I have heard "big talk" coming from various folks in the right wing and Christian circles. Stuff like, "if they come for my guns, I'll shoot 'em!" or "my faith is strong, I'll withstand it."

Or even worse ... "I don't have to worry for I'll be taken up in the rapture."

Putting aside any debate over "the rapture", you don't know when Revelations' prophecies will start. People the world over are going through hell on earth right now for various reasons. Just try telling them they're not going through "tribulation".

History has shown all sorts of horrendous periods and places of trials and persecution over the centuries. More than likely a possible Clinton presidency would continue AND RADICALLY INTENSIFY the situation Mr. Obama and the left has already put us in and not be an ushering in of Tim LaHayes' apocalyptic fantasies.

Your vote for Donald Trump, for the moment, is something that you can do NOW to prevent what may be a socialist dark age and the radical curtailment of the practice of your Christian faith.

Forget the "big talk" and faith/rapture fantasies.

If you're a coward with your vote now ...

You'll be a coward with Jesus (And your guns.) later.

Jus' sayin' ...

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Monday, October 24, 2016

Donald Trumps' 8-Point Plan for His First 100 Days In Office

Donald Trumps' 8-Point Plan for His First 100 Days In Office

As soon as I enter the White House on January 20, 2017, I will begin implementing my 8-Point Plan for the first 100 days of the Trump Administration.

Here is what we will do:

1. On Day One, we will roll out our plan to BUILD THE WALL, send criminal illegal immigrants home and finally end the open borders nightmare.

2. Begin renegotiating ALL unfair trade deals like NAFTA which have undercut American employment and exported our prosperity.

3. CANCEL all executive orders, bureaucratic rules and crippling regulations that send American jobs overseas.

4. Work with Congress to REPEAL and replace the disastrous ObamaCare legislation that is ruining American healthcare.

5. Lift the radical Obama regulations on Americas' energy industry to END our dependence on foreign energy sources and create new jobs here at home.

6. Propose, pass and sign into law a massive TAX CUT for all working Americans and unleash the jobs-creating power of our small businesses.

7. NOMINATE Surpreme Court Justices who will uphold the Constitution and not legislate the liberal agenda from the bench and ...

8. IMPOSE strict new ethics rules to restore the integrity of the Office of the Secretary of State.

Vote for Donald Trump and these plans for his First 100 Days ... Imagine what can be done with a non corrupt President who actually cares about America as opposed to hates America (Barack Obama) and Hillary Clinton who only loves herself, her donors and Power!

A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for America.

Any vote not for Trump, third party or not at all, is a vote for Clinton.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Vote for Trump Anyway!

Vote for Trump Anyway!

So it seems Mr. Trump might be a scoundrel ... Very well.

For the sake of argument, let us assume the allegations are true.

As it is it may seem even harder for some to vote for him.

Some may ask how one could vote for such a person.

Actually the choice is still very simple and easy.

One thing the Left has taught me over the years is that no matter how execrable any of their office holders or candidates are, the Left will defend and vote for them. If they want their people in charge and forward their agenda, the Left will support them no mattter what.

For the Left, ideology is more important than personality.

We must follow the lefts' example and vote for Mr. Trump to win this election.

So ... Assuming that the allegations of sexual misconduct of 20+ years ago are true ...

On one side we have a pig, Mr. Trump.

On the other, we have another pigs' very corrupt, socialist enabler, Hillary Clinton.

Since the pigs' platform is more in line with our political beliefs, I will vote for the pig.

Simple enough, works for me.

Remember ... With the Left and the Democrats, ideology TRUMPS personality.

We must do the same.

Much is at stake in this election.

So much so that if Clinton is elected it could mean the end of this country, not only in its' present form but maybe not in any form at all.

That is to say:

The message to the rest of the Third World already is that the United States is a great place to be poor in, everyone is welcome and American working folks will be more than happy (!?) to foot the bill.

The Third World, urged on by our politicians and their allies in the media, is already flooding in. If elected, Clinton will continue the Obama policies of non-enforcement of our immigration laws and the flood will soon become a torrent.

On top of that, without any means of vetting, Clinton will allow in a hoard of Muslims, many of whom are affiliated with terrorist groups.

Within ten to fifteen years, this country will look, sound and SMELL like the Third World because it will be part of the Third World.

Then there is our federal judicial system which is already heavily seeded with creatures like Obama and Clinton. Judges who look upon our Constitution as only so many suggestions at best or as outmoded and to be disregarded.

These judges on the left look upon words as sliding scale non-concepts that can mean anything, thus the Constitution can be made to say anything to fit the situation or their agenda of the moment.

Until recently a conservative leaning Supreme Court has been the last legal line of defense of our individual rights as guaranteed by the Constitution. Right now it is evenly divided with a vacant seat to be filled by the next President and a rubber stamp Congress.

If  Hillary Clinton is elected, she and that rubber stamp Congress (Republican or Democrat.) will appoint a creature like themselves to that vacant Supreme Court post.

It will then be only a short matter of time that you can kiss your rights goodbye.

Your rights to speak out, express yourself in voice, print and belief. Access to information. The means of self defense and to worship. The right to be involved in the political process. These will eventually be sharply reduced.

The only right you will eventually have will be the "right" to obey whatever new laws they deem necessary or go to jail.

We will not have a rule of laws let alone of men, but a rule of chaos.

One has to be pragmatic, and throw aside ones' feelings about the personal life of Donald Trump. The consequences of a Clinton presidency far out-weigh Mr. Trumps' ALLEGED past heavy handed indiscretions.

Face it, if Hillary Clinton was any worse than she is now (And she could be.) the Left and most Democrats would STILL vote for her. We must do the same for Mr. Trump.

Too much of the above is riding on it.

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Friday, October 14, 2016

Two Votes For Hillary

Two Votes For Hillary

To those who will vote third party or not at all.

A vote for third party or not at all is actually TWO votes for Hillary.

You will have cancelled out your own vote.

That's one vote for Hillary.

You will have NOT cancelled out someone elses' vote for Hillary.

That's two votes for Hillary.


Remember ...


A little reminder ...

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Monday, October 10, 2016

Can't Afford Obama, Can't Afford Clinton

Can't Afford Obama, Can't Afford Clinton

Well ... I guess I'm now expected to hypocritically wring my hands over things someone said ELEVEN YEARS AGO IN A PRIVATE CONVERSATION. The kind of things I myself say when women aren't around. I don't think so.

I'm also known to tell guys to "tone it down" when ladies are about.

And that's the point. No women were around when Mr. Trump said those things. He's a lot more polite than you think.

I could say Mr. Trump was a Democrat when he said those things but that would be ridiculous. The truth is that all men are pigs and should constantly be apologizing to the ends of their days and beyond ... NOT.

Meanwhile a slew of GOP beta males have withdrawn their support of Mr. Trump.

Among whom are:

Rep. Paul Ryan - Cuck, cuck, cuck, cuck, cuck-servative.

Gov. John Kasich - I haven't voted for you since your betrayal of gun owners in back in '92 over the "assault weapon" ban.

Sen. Rob Portman - You DO want to win this election ... Don't you? Maybe not ...

Sen. Kelly Ayotte - Yeah she's not a guy but beta in every other way. While you're writing in Mike Pence as a vote instead of hitting the button/lever for Mr. Trump, that in no way goes out as a vote against Clinton ... And Hillary thanks you from the bottom of her heart. Providing of course she has one ... Or you for that matter.


I would however caution those who support Mr. Trump that you NOT with-hold your vote from Republican congressional candidates who have stopped supporting him. Do you really want the little socialist horrors running against them to be in office?

A bunch of wishy washy Republicans in Congress are far better than pimping Democrats.

Yeah, I know, not by much but hey ... You gotta' work with what you get and you REALLY don't want to get Democrats. I know I don't!


While there are political reasons I'm hitting the button for Mr. Trump, I also have personal ones:

I had a new career just starting in 2009. I had to hang that dream up, one of the reasons being the worsening economy. Yeah, Bush the Second may have started that but his successor doubled/tripled down on it. Thank you Obama and friends.

My (Now mandatory.) health insurance increased fifty dollars a month. That's 600 dollars a year. I downgraded to the Bronze plan that now costs more than what the Silver plan did at the old price.

My IRA is about ten grand less than what it should be. It took a 3000 dollar hit from last year alone.

The yearly interest on my bank account isn't enough to buy a Happy Meal.

Can't afford Obama.

Can't afford Clinton.


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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Problems Problems

Problems Problems

Seems Blogger has been having problems with link and blog lists disappearing from client blogs.

Including mine.

Will try to remedy this situation this weekend.

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