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My Little Pony/Haruhi Suzumiya: Profanation Is Magic

Credit: Zomgitsalaura at Deviantart.

My Little Pony/Haruhi Suzumiya: Profanation Is Magic

How ... How long is this to continue? How long is this ... this vile, sacreligious trend to go on? Do they not know the Goddess is not pleased?

My Little Haruhi by Phynix at Deviantart.

It seems a lot of heretics have found a home on Deviantart.

Ponies ... HHNNNG!

As SHE really is ...

Some You Tube pony wierdness, Ponies Gives You Hell and other delights here.

Haruhi Suzumiya/My Little Pony: Oh! The ... Blasphemy! here.

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic and the Blaspheming of Haruhi Suzumiya here.

How ... How Dare He. The Offending of Haruhi Suzumiya here.

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Young Guns: One I Didn't Bother With

L-R: Kiefer Sutherland, Charlie Sheen, Lou Diamond Phillips
Emilio Estevez, Dermot Mulroney, Casey Siemaszko.

Young Guns: One I Didn't Bother With

When the film came out, I made it a point NOT to see it. The above photo put me off from it.

Why? Just look at 'em. They look like a bunch of armed metrosexuals trying to look tough. So I passed it by.

Yeah, I know, "Don't judge a book by its' cover.". Sad ... I really like these guys as actors too.

Wikipedia Young Guns article here.

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Whither Thou Goest My Love: An Angel Beats Fan Fiction Story

"If you're going to do this ... see it through ..."

Whither Thou Goest My Love: An Angel Beats Fan Fiction Story


C V Ford

... Intreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee: for whither thou goest, I will go ...

From Ruth 1:16


"If You're going to do this ... see it through ... Leave here too, don't stay behind. Otherwise it only looks like you talked us into it.

"If the ever fighting Battlefront disappears from this level of existence ... if this strange world fulfills its' pupose for everyone, even you Otonashi ... I'll be able to think that what all we've been through was for the best.

"For a short while, we got to enjoy the youth we never had.  I think our time here will have been worth it all if we were just supposed to have fun.

"And isn't that what life's supposed to be about?"

"What're you talking about?" Otonashi grinned. "I don't get it."

Hisako gave a knowing smile. "I bet not. But I think you will."

- From a conversation several days previous, just before the departure of the greater part of the Battlefront.


Steps to athletic field and sports facilities. Just after "graduation":

"Say ... Kanade," Yuzuru turned toward the petite vision that was she. "Let me ask you ... Could ... would you ... like to stay here?"

She answered in response with a puzzled stare.

The young man turned back, surveying the athletic field distant.

"It just occured to me for some reason ... I mean, there'll be more ... like Yuri, Hinata, Yui ... coming here because of tragic or inadequate lives. Many others just like them. Some even worse."

"Yes ..."

"They might try ... might try staying here like Yuri and the others did.  Might suffer ... hating God ... thinking they're fighting Him when it's their lives they can't accept. For all eternity, forever alone ... with no one to help them ... tell them ... forever."

"Right ..."

"But then ... if we stayed ... We could show them how great life really was, all over again ... That life really was worth living, hard  breaks and all. We could help others 'graduate' and go on.

"It's possible ... you ... me ... might have come here to ... fulfill that purpose ... Help them.

"Would you ... stay here ... With me? As long as you're with me ... I'd NEVER get lonely. Even here. Even here in this world."

Brushing a lock of snowy mane aside, Kanade looked down and started walking past him, contemplating this unexpected proposal. His love for him she more than knew.

But this sudden offer to ... stay?

"I might've said this before ... but I want to be with you ... I want to to stay with you always ... forever."

With a quick but gentle move, he reached forth in her effort to pass and drew her close to him.

"It's because I ... I love you so much ... Kanade ... love you ... I do."

They stood for several moments with her In his sideways hold, apprehension building within Yuzuru as he felt her tense.

"Why ... Why won't you say something?"

"I don't want to  ... can't ..."

Yuzuru pulled back, looking straight at her. "Why not?"

"Because ... If ... If I tell you how I honestly feel, I ... I think that I will vanish-"

"But why!?"

"-without you ... us."

"Us? ... Without?"

"I came here ... long ago ... to this place ... to tell you ... Thank you for all that you've done for me."

"Wh-what d'you mean Kanade!?"

"My life," she turned facing him, putting her left hand above her breast, "my life was extended because ... Because of the beautiful, kind, heart you gave me."

Gasping, Yuzuru could only stare in his incomprehension.

"Even now, your heart is beating, living here ... I feel its' rythym here in my chest."

She turned partly away, hand still to her bosom.

"My only regret is ... I was unable ... to thank the one who gave me my youth. I wanted ... but couldn't express my gratitude.

"That was my feeling," turning back, her eyes looked deeply, longingly into his. "The lingering feeling that made me ... wander ... here ... so long ago ... into this world."

"It ... can't be ... It's not-"

Turning away, she walked to the reflecting pool and gazed upon the rippling surface.

"-I mean ... How could you possibly know it was me?"

"That first night when you came here ... when I stabbed you ... I noticed ... that you ... You didn't have a heart."

The young man grabbed his own chest, "but ... But that alone doesn't mean-"

"You regained all of your memories when you  ... fell asleep on top of my chest ... You were listening to the rythym of your own heart beating within me."

"No! It ... It couldn't ... It-"

A sad, yearning smile on her face, she turned to face him again.

"Yuzuru? ... Please ... tell me ... Tell me again what you just said ... about loving me."

Short breaths, looking away, Yuzuru could only choke out, "Uh ... No! ... NO! ... I can't ... won't ... Kanade!? ... You'll disappear."

"Yuzuru ... Please!"

"No! ... I can't." Try as he might, he couldn't look away.

"And come with me Yuzuru."

"Come with!?"

"Your ... OUR time here ... is past ... over."


"You're the reason I'm here ... and I you ... Yuri and the others ... were here for their own reasons. I was only in their way."

"In their way?" Incredulous, Otonashis' mind reeled in confusion. "How could your being here-"

"I was to wait for you ... to thank you ... It was my only real desire. My only purpose.

"In my waiting, I tried helping others pass on ... With a small few ... I did. It was with Yuri and the others, I realized I was only delaying their passing. Because of my efforts, she ... fixated on me ... thinking I was one of Gods' servants. In opposing me ... she and the others ... in thinking they were fighting God by fighting me ... were doing something they hadn't done when they were alive ... accomplishing something ... a goal of some ... any ... kind."

"But you only wanted to-"

"Good intentions ... coming from a good heart," she touched her chest again, "can at times ... make things worse for others.

"Don't make the same mistake as I, Yuzuru. Your task if any, was with them ... only them ... and it is done."

"But it could be that I-"

"You accomplished with them in only a few weeks what I ... couldn't in months ... years."

Yuzuru let out an involuntary gasp. Years!? She was ... Yuri and the Battlefront? ... THAT long?

"And don't break this wonderful, loving heart you gave me," she said, gazing up longingly, grasping his hands. "Come with me Yuzuru! I can't bear being alone any longer ... Where you and I will go ... We never will be again."

Stepping forward, her arms enfolded him about the waist, her head to his chest.

"Yuzuru, PLEASE!"

"I ... I ..."


She was more than right. His only real reason for being in this fantastic place was to be thanked ... and loved ... by her. The Battlefronts' passing only incidental.

He remembered Hisako telling him but a few days before, to follow soon. Otherwise it would be as if they had only been persuaded into leaving and nothing more.

And his suggestion being so spur of the moment ...


Time to leave.

"Please let me believe in everything you believe in."

Yuzuru broke down. The emotion too much.

A small hopeful smile on her angelic face, Kanade looked up into his.

"Let me believe ... that life is more than worth living."

Through his tears, he looked down, stroking her snowy hair.

"Yes! ... Let's go ... together ... now ..."

"Kanade," he answered her tight embracing with that of his own. "I do so love you ... Yes! ... Let's go ... together ... now ... "

"Yes ... Thank you ... Yuzuru."

"Let's stay together forever and always ... OK?"

"YES! ... Thank you!"

Their mutual hold became even tighter.

"I love you Kanade!"

"Yes ... Thank you so much ..."

"Kanade ..."

"Thank you for loving me."

"And I ... you."

"Truely ... deeply ... Thank you for giving me ... my ... our ... life to me ... "

As the soft wind meandered its' course, only the trees and flowing water gave mute testimony that a loving couple had, but for a moment before, embraced there.


Storyline (partly) and some dialogue copyright © 1-24-14 C V Ford

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Disclaimer: The preceding is a NON-PROFIT work of fan fiction for entertainment purposes only. I make no claim to ownership of any of the COPYRIGHTED names/characters, places, & events mentioned in this work. They are the sole properties of their respective owners. Please, by all means support the owners of such properties in the purchase & enjoyment of the original works.

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SNSD, Girls Generation, So Nyu Shi Dae, Oh! I See!

SNSD/Girls Generation/So Nyu Shi Dae parody with the Azumanga Daioh cast of
characters. L-R: Ayumu "Osaka" Kasuga, Chiyo-chan Mihama, Kagura, Sakaki,
Kaorin Aida, Yukari Tanizaki, Minamo "Nyamo" Kurosawa, Tomo Takino
and Koyomi "Yomi" Mizuhara.

SNSD, Girls Generation, So Nyu Shi Dae, Oh! I See!

About two and a half years ago, I posted an Azumanga article titled: Azumanga Daioh ... Well THAT Was Dumb!. It was about my confusion with the reversible DVD jacket labels  that came with the disks.

With it, I used the above illustration to head the article. The clothing and posing styles told me that this had to be a parody of some kind and I inquired as to what it was in the caption.

Soon after, a reader sent a link in the comments to this:

K-Pop "girl group": SNSD/So Nyu Shi Dae/Girls Generation.

I thought is was from an ad of some kind for a Japanese fashion chain.

Later someone posts in comments: "yay snsd ;D". I thought it might have been some form of Leet.

Another posted in comments: "the picture you posted is a picture of 'girls generation' also known as snsd".

Again, I had no idea and wasn't "inspired" to look it up. Should have ...

A few days back, someone going by the handle of Testemunha de Mozilla, posted this You Tube link in the comments section.

Oh! Now I see!

I tried the link, was glad I did and bookmarked it.

Seems the Girls' Generation group has been around awhile, and is quite popular in Asia.

The thought of something called K-Pop (Korean popular music.) never entered my mind. Now it's gonna stay with me.

The beginning and ending to their Gee! video (From whence the above pics are derived.) remind me of The Twilight Zone episode, The After Hours. See the vid first and check out the TZ ep. You'll see what I mean.

Girls Generation Gee! You Tube video here.

Other Girls Gen. You Tube videos here.

A quite extensive Wikipedia article on Girls Generation here.

After Hours Twilight Zone episode parts 1, 2, 3.

Wikipedia article on the The After Hours Twilight Zone episode here.

Wikipedia article on The Twilight Zone here.

Wikipedia article/review of the anime/manga series: Azumanga Daioh here.

Azumanga Daioh: Well THAT Was Dumb! here.

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The Monolith Monsters: Now That's What I Call ROCK 'n Roll!

The Monolith Monsters: Now That's What I Call ROCK 'n Roll!

From time immemorial ... the Earth has been bombarded by objects from outer space. Bits and pieces of the universe, piercing our atmosphere in an invasion that never ends: Meteors ... the shooting stars on which so many earthly wishes have been borne.

Of the thousands that plummet toward us, the greater part are destroyed in a fiery flash as they strike the layers of air that encircle us. Only a small percentage survives. Most of these fall into the water which covers two thirds of our world.

But from time to time ... From the beginning of time ... A very few meteors have struck the crust of the Earth and formed craters. Craters of all sizes ... Sought after and pored over by scientists of all nations for the priceless knowledge buried within them.

In every moment of every day they come ... From planets belonging to stars whose dying light is too far away to be seen.

From infinity ... they come ... meteors ...

Another strange calling card from the limitless reaches of space ... Its' substance unknown ... Its' secrets unexplored.

The meteor lies dormant in the night ... waiting ...

- Opening narrative as read by Paul Frees from the film: The Monolith Monsters (Universal International, 1957.).

Was looking for something to write about when I got wind of a film review by Michael Wolff on the Aardvarks' Plumbline blog. By coincidence I was watching this very film that morning! An ending excerpt from the article below:

Despite the apocalyptic feel of the film, "The Monolith Monsters" is actually rather intimate in scope. As usual the idea of setting the action in a small town not only keeps costs down, but helps to reduce the drama to a few faces the audience can quickly identify with. We easily accept the idea that a small California desert community is perhaps the only bulwark between humanity and a viciously unstoppable threat. The American Monster Movie has become something of a lost art (films such as "Predator", "Alien" and "Tremors" being the only positive blips in a wasteland that used to thunder to the tread of giants). But the films of people such as Arnold, Gordon Douglas, Nathan Juran and others remain as blueprints showing to any and all interested parties how it should be done. "The Monolith Monsters" followed the blueprint to diamond perfection, and no one claiming familiarity with the genre should be ignorant of this production.

- From, The Monolith Monsters: Yes I'm Turnin' I'm Turnin' I'm Turnin' to Stone movie review by Michael Wolff, Charleston Examiner, January 12, 2014.

Michael Wolff (The one in the fur coat.) and friend off to the movies.

For the entire article click here.

Michael Wolff profile here.

Charleston Examiner main page here.

Wikipedia article on the film The Monolith Monsters here.

You Tube clip of Paul Frees opening narration to The Monolith Monsters here.

The Monolith Monsters movie trailer (With small passage read by Marvin Miller!) here.

Wikipedia article on Paul Frees here.

Wikipedia article on Marvin Miller here.

Strange little Paul Frees encounter here.

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Haruhi Suzumiya/My Little Pony: OH! THE ... BLASPHEMY!

No clothing ... Could this ... be hentai?

Haruhi Suzumiya/My Little Pony: OH! THE ... BLASPHEMY!

Came across these ILLustrations while cruising the net.
This is about how I feel right now ...

Why ... OH WHY ... do they do this? Why do they continue with ... this ... this blasphemy!?

Because ...


Darn Bronies!

Transcendent ... Everywhere ... And will one day administer DIVINE punishment!

Wikipedia article on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic here.

Wikipedia article on The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya franchise here.

Three part article, The Head Trip of Haruhi Suzumiya 1, 2, 3.

Hitler is a brony here.

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Hey! Rapture Bunnies! ... IT'S ... OVER!

For the rest of the story, click here.

Hey! Rapture Bunnies! ... IT'S ... OVER!

That's right, you good "Christians". I got news for ya! And you're not gonna' believe what it is.

Brace yourselves:

The RAPTURE has already taken place. It's already happened.

That's right! You "heard" me. It's all done and gone. You don't have to look forward to it anymore.

As described in explicit detail in Rev. 3:23-34, the Lord has come and gone with all the GENUINE believers, leaving the rest of us to face the LaHaye/Lindsey (They're still here too!) envisioned apocalypse.

Flood, fire, famine, plagues, sores, THE MARK(!), nuclear war, chaos, alien invasion, flesh eating zombies, Obama getting a third term ... Yeah ... The whole apocalyptic schmear. And ... YOU ... are going to face it!

Yessssss ... YOU!

You see, the RAPTURE took place last week. No one noticed 'cause there were so few actual GENUINE believers out there to begin with. Just a few more missing persons reports was all it amounted to.

Too bad for you too. Now that you're Left Behind ©, you're gonna' have to "put your money where your mouth is" or rather your superficial faith where your martyrdom will be. Doubt you'll hold out long.

Shoot, you'll be the first to take the mark 'n be done (for) with it.

As for me, I just might help the baddies round you up. Never could stand you smug, arrogant rapture bunnies looking down your noses at the heathen to the accompaniment of your self satisfied psalm singing.  I'll get my fun though you won't.

And don't give me that crap that it couldn't have happened because YOU'RE still here.

One thing's for sure.

For you, the Tribulation is about to take place.


Because I'M here!


Just sayin' ...

Igor ... Throw the switch!

Ty Templetons' Art Land here.

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Disclaimer: The above "theological" rant is meant as a joke and not to be taken seriously except by the sanctimonious. And you know what they say about those who can't take a joke ...

But then ... I say the same about those who can ...

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8 Things Liberals Do to Avoid an Honest Debate - Broken Down to a Science

8 Things Liberals Do to Avoid an Honest Debate - Broken Down to a Science


Internet Journal Review

We've all been there: Stuck in a hopelessly circular argument with a liberal who won’t get to the point, acknowledge basic facts even exist, or get past juvenile name-calling in debates. It can be really frustrating.

One thing people can do to fight back is just to code all the non-responses to logical or rational arguments. Cryptically flipping back “Give me a break with that number 5 nonsense” or “Man, number 3, again?” can really humiliate people whose stupidity is broken down to a science.

So with no further adieu, here is your Rosetta Stone of Liberal Rhetoric (and it can be done with less-than-bright members of other political persuasions).

1. Ad Hominem (Name-Calling aka “You’re a Racist!” etc.)

2. Distracting (aka “Pivoting” aka “Changing the Subject”)

3. Somebody Else Did It Before (aka Two Wrongs Make a Right)

4. Obama Doesn’t Know What’s Going On (Or Did I Do That?)

5. It’s a Far-Right Conspiracy (Or The Koch Brothers Did It).

6. You Heard That on Faux News

7. Argumentum Ad Misericordium (Or “Do it for the Children”)

8. It’s Bush’s Fault

Four years into the weakest recovery in U.S. history, it will always be Bush’s fault in the minds of liberals – even if Obama doubles and triples down on Bush deficits, declares wars without Congressional authorization, signs the Patriot Act by auto-pen, you name it – those things that liberals said they were opposed to under Bush are no longer attached to President Obama.

Sometimes, arguing with radicals seems like an exercise in futility. But remember, you’re not always arguing to change their minds, but the minds of rational people who are observing the debate.

Original article here.

Internet Journal Review here.

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Disclaimer: The illustrations accompanying this article were added by me. The original article, as is, can be seen on the above link.

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Somewhere ... Over the Wall: A Haibane Renmei/Wizard of Oz Crossover Fan Fiction Story

Couldn't find any "appropriate" pics but I like this one. L-R: Nemu, Reki, Kana,
Hikari, Kuu, and Rakka with the bread. Artist: Naotan54 on Deviantart.

Somewhere ... Over the Wall


C V Ford

It was in the middle of a particularly harsh winter, the town of Guri/Glie was hit by a brief rise in temperature. More than enough to leave an unusually thick blanket of fog covering everything within the wall. The sun set, the mist held. Soon after, the dogs picked up their communal howl.

Starting small, within minutes turning big. First one dog then another, gradually building up until all the canines in Gurie had joined in. Their cries filling the white shrouded winter skies above. For other than the fog, something else was in the air that night.

Kana gripped the railing below the clock towers' face as she peered out into the whispy murk. Though way past quitting time, she wanted one last look over the town before heading home. If she COULD look that is. It was thicker than the cafes' proverbial pea soup. Though thinner up where she was, no more than fifty feet distant could be clearly seen before the cottony mass obscured.

The scene before her had the feel of being in a cloud drifting over the world below, the haunting ethereal beauty, breathtaking. The serene quality being totally ruined by the baying of what seemed all the dogs in the world. The fairy tale ambiance more like the scary stories Kana would frighten Kuu with so long ago, with moonlight vainly trying to pierce through.

Blinking hard, she then rubbed her eyes. A faint coalesence at first, she passed it off as a trick on the eyes, a cause of the cottony chaos swirling about. Materializing more definite, solid, the young Haibane knew it not an illusion. Something was swiftly, silently coming close to the clock tower. Huge ... Enormous ...

Kana backed away from the railing into the wall beneath the clock face. Letting out a frightened gasp as the ... thing ... loomed over the towers' very top. Though still only a shadow, it bespoke a more than tangible danger in its' drifting closer.

Though not usually one to fear anything, she frantically grasped for the balconys' door to her left as she stumbled and fell, certain whatever it was had deadly intent.

As quickly as it had come, the apparition vanished in the gray dark towards the direction of the temple, just missing the tower by only a few scant feet.

Dashing to the end of the platform, Kana could only catch a glimpse of colossal shadow disappearing completely into the nights' heavy gloom.

Rushing inside, more than eager to tell ANYONE left in the shop below. Her disappointment great when no one would believe her.


To say the last two days had not been good for the professor would be an understatement. The journey had begun disastrously. The young lady who was to accompany him in the hopes of getting back to her home, abruptly left the basket moments before take-off. An unholy gust of wind jerked the balloon out from the great city he once ruled, up thousands of feet within minutes. The overpowering westerly currents carried him far, over two sleepless days without let-up. Helpless, he could only go along with being carried to only God knew. The fantastic speeds the winds moved the vehicle made descent a perilous proposition.

The only course was to wait it out.

At the beginning, he was, as he told some new found friends only a few days before in regard to a related incident ... petrified. A reasonably strong heart can get used to anything after prolonged exposure and about an hour or so out, his fears were replaced with a fatalistic determination to see it through.

At the suns' setting on the second day, the wind subsided. Tired and numb, he decided to set down for a well deserved rest and try to get his bearings.

Then to find himself descending in this unusually thick bank of fog.

Not knowing how fast the descent or what the balloon would run into, he started dumping ballast, hoping to regain altitude. It was only by sheer chance he barely missed collision with that clock tower.

The tower, at least, indicated the howling from beneath were town dogs and not an unusually large pack of wolves lying in wait in a wilderness below. Meaning ... Civilization! Rest, food and a chance of getting a sense of direction. If he could further avoid crashing into something and find a place to land ...

As if by miracle, the fog suddenly lightened into a brief break, revealing ...

Before him, the cliff loomed, at first threatening, though he could see he was about to clear it.

To his right, a strange cylindrical structure built two thirds up the crag. In front, a mist shrouded waterfall with footbridge before. At his left, a small figure could be seen trudging along a narrow trail between cliff and mist filled gorge.

Digging into one of his voluminous pockets, the professor withdrew a collapsible spyglass. Extending it, he focused on the slow moving pedestrian.

He let out a startled gasp. Though he spent years in the fantastic place he once ruled, marvels never ceased to amaze. He could plainly see the small wings flexing on the hikers' back. And on the ... her ... head ... A halo? Other details showed the walker to be otherwise quite human and not one of the winged minions of a now deceased adversary he recently contended with.

Reaching back, he grabbed a conical tin megaphone. Directing it in the figures' direction, he called out.


After a long day of cleaning plaques and the gathering of light leaves, Rakka was eager to make her way back to Old Home for supper with friends. On setting out, she would not let the fog deter her.

The howling of the town dogs distant, picked up as she was half-way across the foot bridge, giving her second and third thoughts about moving on. As it was, she decided to finish what she started, now hugging close to the cliff wall. She shuddered, knowing only a few scant feet away, a sheer drop to the water below.

A feeling of relief swept over her on the sudden lift in fog. The trails' edge didn't seem so close now as she picked up speed though still hugging the cliff. The howling had also stopped, giving a more optimistic feel to her situation as she made her way along. It was then she noticed a new sound replaced that of the hounds. Someone calling out ... to her?

The Washi? No. Though it did come from the temples' general direction, it sounded more from above. Turning quickly, seeing nothing directly behind, she altered her gaze upward, gasping in amazement.

A ... balloon? Yes. But not like any she had seen the vendor in the town square selling. This one was absolutely ... HUGE! A purple and orange color pattern, ropes starting halfway down suspending a ... large basket? Within the basket, calling down to her ... a ... man?

"Helloooo! You! ... Down there!"

Raka could only stare up, dumfounded. Out of reflexive politeness, she started to wave.

"Yes! ... YOU! ... You on the trail!"

She waved even more.

"Am in need of direction and assistance. I seem to be lost! Could you be so kind as to tell me where I am and what place this is?"

The last sentance shook her out of her daze. The language, though strange to her, she knew deep down she had heard it before. From her previous life, before her rebirth within the wall? It may not have been her primary one then, but she was sure she encountered its' use long ago. And that curious lettering halfway up the side ...

Knowing she could do nothing but observe, she continued doing so, taking in every detail her mind would let her.

A thought struck her. Reaching into a jacket pocket, she withdrew her paybook and pencil and started scrawling what she could, paying particular attention to the lettering.


The professor sighed as the fog started closing back in. A foreign land, it was too much to expect a local to understand let alone reply. At least he knew he was near civilization and better yet, was going to clear the cliff and wall before setting down.


Still peering up into the regathering gloom, Rakka pocketed book and pencil. Someone had to be told ... someone ...

"It is gone child."

With a start, Rakka spun to her left, seeing the Washi and an accompanying touga.

"Did you ... ?"

"Yes. We saw it drifting by."

"Was it from ... ?"

"Outside? Yes child, it was. As you know, in winter, the wall diminishes in power. Though it isn't often things other than birds get in even then."

The Washi extended his hand, palm up. Without any urging, Rakka knew what was wanted, handing over her paybook. The old man neatly tore the section out.

"I  ... didn't mean to ... "

"Fear not. No rules broken on your part child. They do not foresee things extraordinary as this. In your desire to help and inform, you did what you could under the circumstances ... Nevertheless ... "

Rakka stiffened, possibility of penalty foremost in thought.

Handing the book back the old man concluded the matter.

"This occurrence ... What you have seen ... Must be treated and handled the same way any matters and duties you have within both temple and wall."

Solemnly nodding she replied, "yes ... I understand."

The Washi gestured toward the tall, silent, masked figure present.

"This touga will escort you back to Old Home. In your haste to leave, you gave us quite a start little one. It can be dangerous enough here in daylight if one is not careful."


The rest of the journey was uneventful. Before Rakka could even thank the humanoid "wraith", he (It?) had already vanished into the dark. Turning in, she entered through the kitchen and into the dining area.

"I tell ya'!" Exclaimed Kana to all and sundry. "It was absolutely huge! Like a balloon or ... something ... BUT BIGGER! ... Lots bigger!"

At the tables, the young feathers oooed and aaahed as Kana recited her tale for the umpteenth time.

Nemu, Hikari and the house mother looked on, shaking heads.

Noting their doubt, also for the umpteenth time, Kana sighed.

"Still not gonna' believe me, are you?" Frowning in frustration.

"I'm sorry Kana," Hikari replied, slight smile. "It's just too fantastic to believe. I'm sure you saw SOMETHING. As for what it was ... And you're the only one who saw it. No one else to-"

"I believe you Kana!" Hana exclaimed.

Kana patted the young feather on the head.

"Aw ... You have to hon. You're my 'petite souer'."


"Don't know what that means ... Just popped into my head."

Kana espied Rakka entering in.

"Wait! Rakka!" Kana exclaimed. "You might have seen something. It was heading your way at the time."

"What was ... seen?" Rakka, nervous, tried to look convincingly confused.

"You know ... The balloon ... or ... Whatever it was."

"Ball ... oon?"

The other three adults sighed as Kana went into her story for the ump-umpteenth time. The kids just as spellbound as before. For her part, Rakka knowing EXACTLY what the tomboy was talking about, listened carefully for any details she herself might have missed. As it was, compared to what she had seen, Kanas' description was meager at best."

"But," Kana concluded, "all I could make out was a huge shadow. Seemed solid enough. Looked like a humoungus ... uh ... balloon ... You sure you didn't see ANYTHING? I KNOW it was going in the direction of the temple."

"No," answered Rakka. "Fog was too thick. So much so, the Communicator had one of the Touga escort me here."

"Hmmmph!" Kana  waved about the dining area indicating the young feathers, "Other than my LOYAL following, no one seems to believe me."

Kanas' hands hit her sides with an audible slap.

"I have to freshen up," Rakka excused herself. "Be right back."

She noted the skeptical look on Kanas' face as she left.


In her room, the young Haibane quickly rewrote her observations, complete with a hasty drawing, on paper separate from her journal. Her work within the wall trained her memory well. She copied word for word from what the Washi confiscated and then some.

She pondered the balloons' strange lettering. The "script", like the mans' speech, seemed somewhat familiar. They had to be related to her previous life in some way. It was unlikely she would ever be able to read it. And if she did, it was even more unlikely she would know the meaning of STATE FAIR OMAHA.


Before re-entering the dining area, Rakka paused to check herself and survey the scene. Kana, now seated between Nemu and Hana, seemed calm, eating and talking about other things, everyone else joining in.

Taking a place between two young ones, Rakka felt the warmth. Not of only the place itself and the food but also of the atmosphere of those around her.

Yes. Times such as these. With friends ... Friends? ... Family actually. Who could they be anything but? Family yes, most definitely. Where there is family, there is home.

And there's no place like home.


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