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Interesting Search Words #10

Interesting Search Words #10

Weird stuff sought after by weird people leading them to this humble blog.

1. haruhi being punched - As much as I like the show, sometimes I think the kid is just begging to get hit.

Too bad Itsuki stopped him. The kid had it coming. But
then the whole universe would have gone in the tank.

2. akagi ritsuko laughing - "Yes! With this device I shall rule the world. Igor! Throw the switch!" link

Beware! Mad scientist! Boo!
Credit: Gainax

3. nazi konata - Gee. I never knew what her politics were until now. link

"My darling fuhrer please!" Ah ..... Nazis! Aren't they just adorable?
They're so cute when they're little! Credit: Sunahime 

4. asuka demotivational - She is at that!

Credit: Kura-chan

5. do not mess up with hentai - It doesn't need your help!

6. haruhi suzumiya bunny body - Try saying that fast three times!

    God Knows:   Japanese   English

Who would have thought the Second Coming would be an
ADHD afflicted Playboy bunny? Credit: Kyoto Animation

7. sos brigade as evangelion - Two great shows. One GREAT crossover! 

    Haruhi   Evangelion

The SOS Brigade takes over defense of the Earth. Clockwise from bottom: Haruhi "Asuka"
Suzumiya, Mikuru "Misato" Asahina, Yuki "Rei" Nagato, Ritsuko "Tsuraya" Akagi,
Itsuke "Kawarou" Koizume, & Shinji "Ten Times the Whine Kyon" Ikari

8. neon genesis evangelion - Not only does everyone "drink the Koolaid", everyone IS the Koolaid!

     End of Evangelion review here.

     FLCL/Fooly Cooly review here.

    Third Impact: Japanese ("Getting tanged" around 2:35)  
                           English ("Getting tanged" around 1:13. Poor video quality.)

Credit: RetroSushi

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Animaniacs "Co-Creators" In Dire Straits

The Warner brothers (And the Warner sister, Dot!).
L-R Yakko, Dot, & Wakko

      The following first appeared at  The Aardvarks Plumbline:

      If you were/are a fan of Animaniacs, I would like to encourage a touch of charitable-ness.

      Betty and Byron Vaughns were involved in the production, and they were burned out last year, lost 'most everything. Also, the animation industry is on the skids out in California, and they have no work.
(Sound familiar? Thanks Japan and Korea, and their US enablers!) Here is their own report:

Most of you remember me, Byron Vaughns; some may know my wife Betty and some do not know us at all. This blog was really started for her and we really need your help.
Betty formerly worked as my production assistant at Warner Bros. Animation when I was a director on Tiny Toons and Animaniacs; she moved on to working with the development department under Jean McCurdy in the 1990’s. She later worked as a producer on a pilot for Nick Jr. before becoming the Administrative Director of Animation Creations, our animation workshop studio for children located in Sherman Oaks, CA.

Recently, she has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure and is facing quadruple bypass surgery (high risk because of the high cholesterol & diabetes) and has lost sight in her left eye due to glaucoma. This situation has been compounded with a time consuming move from Arleta to Sylmar (she had to be rushed to the emergency room during that time).
      The rest of their report is

      Please go read their story. I learned of them from
"Uncle" Eddie Fitzgerald's blog, (a friend of John Kricfalusi's, and the man "Pinky" the mouse was modeled after. Narf.) They have a real need, and if you have the ability (even a 10-spot) send 'em something. They have gotten approximately 1/3 of what they really need, to my knowledge. So help me prove the proggies wrong, that they do not need the Give-ment to bail them out. Friends they do not know they have will help them make it.

      If you are in Dire Straits, then if you are so inclined, pray for the Vaughns, that they may get animation work, get monies, and get Betty back to good health. In fact, not IF. Do it regardless of Straits! Good for them, good for you.

      If YOU have a blog, please do a version of this on yours. Let's help. Donations can be done via PayPal on their site linked above.

      Thank you.

The Vaughns' story here.

Aardvarks' Plumbline blog here.

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Small Blue Ecstasy: A Tale of Third Impact

End of Evangelion Credit: Gainax Co. Ltd.

                                    Small Blue Ecstasy: A Tale of Third Impact

                                             An End of Evangelion fanfiction


                                                                          C V Ford

      Shelley had to be quiet. She concentrated on the almost totally muted sound of her favorite cartoons. Her concentation also included her not making any noise herself. Any sound, even the smallest, could bring more than intense pain. Daddy was not himself when he was drinking.

      Not that Carl was the most wonderful dad when sober. A couple years shy of middle age and already an embittered old man. He entered the work force after college under the impression the world was an open grab bag to an all-American athelete/college grad (Injuries kept him out of pro-sports.) & at first it was.

      Second Impact & the subsequent short central Asian war brought opportunities aplenty in many fields especially administration & construction. His dabbling in those for awhile made more than good money. He married his sweetheart (One of several.) from back in high school & settled down. The "American dream" of house with two car garage & "white picket fence", etc. was his. For awhile.

      Opportunity dried up. The world "settled in". The great economic boom everyone thought would never end stopped as suddenly as it started. With their good intentions & even greater incompetance, the politicians cemented the recession in.

      During this time, the Sandersons had Shelley. Marci died in childbirth. Carls' resentment of Shelley metastised & festered.

      Out of work & no employment in sight for over two years, Carl himself "settled in". Not having to worry over state sponsored day care now that he was home, he "took care" of Shelley ..... as only a passingly neglectful yet embittered alcoholic could. He wasn't physically abusive. At least when sober. And he was careful not to leave any marks.

      TV was the only "escape" she had. Usually it was tuned to Carls' sports. She was to be starting school soon & maybe, she thought, it would get her some relief from Carls' foul atmosphere of alternate neglect & pain.

      For almost a month, they ..... she ..... had a cat. A small grey kitten wandered into the yard & Shelley took immediate posession. Much to her surprise, relief, & delight, Carl let her keep it. Anything to keep the kid "quiet". Quiet meaning "out of his way".

      Shelley & the feline took to one another. She took extra special care in feeding, & cleaning up after it. And in keeping it out of Carls' sight.

      Inside, she knew this happiness wouldn't last & she was right. On returning home one day, she found the cat missing. Carl said it dashed out the door when he opened it for something. She knew better not to inquire further ..... or cry in front of him, though she did. Surprisingly it only got a sigh of disgust from her father. But then, he wasn't on a bender at that moment.

      Not being stupid, he knew well enough not to drink & drive. Especially when dumping a cat in a remote area. No need having the "bunny huggers" on your case as well as a DWI. Being the considerate soul he was, he set the animal by the side of the road near a farm. Maybe it would find a home there. If the hawks & coyotes didn't get it first.


      Through the alky shrouded haze, Carl stared blankly unfocused at the kitchen wall. Thinking. Plenty of time for thinking. If that's what the aimless meanderings of an intoxicated mind were called.

      It was the usual review of his sour attempt at life. Things had started so well & now ..... no future & saddled with a d--n kid. The standard worries of money, bills & social status also vied for attention & got it but it always came back to the future & that ..... kid. And Marci.

      "Just why did she have to die?" A day hardly went by without asking that. "If only she didn't ..... if only that kid ..... hadn't come along & ....."

      He kept staring at the wall ..... or tried to .....

      Something ..... someone ..... obscured his view.

      "That d--n kid! She knows better not to bother me when ....."

      His eyes managed to focus on what he thought to be the object of his disaffections. What he did see was not at all to his liking though it should have been.

      It was as they first met. The blue clad cheerleader admiring/praising his prowess on the field. The badass brunette with the killer Chernobyle smile. That fire breathing wildcat of his not so mis-spent youth & the one he took to wife. Both dreams & nightmares of the stuff she was made.

      The now sober & not so disbelieving Carl froze. A stifled croak escaped from his throat. Conflicting emotions of joy & fear came to the fore but mostly fear. Somehow he knew fear was the more appropriate. Fear was only right.

      With not a word, the killer smile advanced.


      A quick movement to the screens' left caught Shelleys' eye. Shifting her gaze, she let out a gasp of surprise &..... delight! The small kitten, sitting, tail curled to the front, gave an inscrutable stare back. With a slow blink, it stood up stretching, & did a cautious slow walk towards her.

      A high pitched keening was detected at the edge of her hearing. Though she knew it was daddy it didn't seem significant or even trivial.

      Shelley held the red eyed, blue furred kitty close as it leaped into her arms.

Copyright © 2-24-2012 Jay Agan


      Yes, this may be sorta-kinda similar to a part in an earlier fanfic of mine but I just had to write this.

Beyond Wrong & Wonderful: An Evangelion/Azumanga Daioh Crossover Fanfiction here.

End of Evangelion Pt. 1 here.

Third Impact English dub here. Lower quality picture.

Third Impact with Japanese subtitles here.

Komm Susser Tod/End of Evangelion "music video" here.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: OOOOO! Goodies In The Mail! here.

On the Rapture, Third Impact, Armageddon & All That here.
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Interesting Search Words #9

                                                 Interesting Search Words #9

                               More interesting searches that led strange folks here.

1. japan failed azumanga daioh - Actually I think "Japan" did a great job with that show.

The Azumanga Daioh kids. L-R Koyomi "Yomi" Mizuhara, Tomo Takino,
Chiyo-chan Mihama, Kagura, Ayumu "Osaka" Kasuga, & Sakaki.

2. hell girl poor damned soul - "Oh pitiful shadow lost in the darkness, bringing pain & suffering to others. Oh damned soul wallowing in your sin. Perhaps ..... it is time to die." link

3. pokemon cthulhu - Probably end up as tentacle hentai. Run! Misty! Run! Honestly ..... How can anyone "get off" on that crap? link

"What the .....! You want me to ..... what!? The h--l you say!"

4. yomi bum bum - This from the UK.

5. cthulhu relief - Take two Xanthu tablets & call me in the morning. link

6. hot red head chicks - We seem to have similar tastes.

7. pokemon card woman - If that's what comes in those "fishing bobbers" then I want in on that game!  link

Is it Poland ..... or ..... something else?

8. asuka mom - I think she's called Unit 02. link

9. pokemon blue & pokemon red - I can't wait for Pokemon Taupe & Pokemon Clear.

10. rei ayanami baby - Go to sleep. Go to sleep. Go to sleep little ..... BLOOSH! Darn! Happens every time! link

Not exactly what I would call the ideal baby sitter.
Bet the kids would quiet down real fast.

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His Mother Was the Lightning His Taker the Light

                                His Mother Was the Lightning His Taker the Light

                                                A Haibane Renmei Fanfiction


                                                                        C V Ford

      "Ketterings' brain. What will he think when he resumes life in that body. Will he thank us for giving him a new lease on life? Or will he object to finding his ego living in that human junk heap. The monster my father created is in itself destruction. Nevertheless my father was near to solving a problem that has baffled man since the beginning of time. The secret of life, artificially created.

      "This thing has brought death to everything it has touched. That is because unknowingly, my father had given it an abnormal brain. With Ketterings' brain, we will now 'cure' that.

      "And as for this," the doctor gestured to the access table. "Look at it Bohmer. The low number of convolutions, the lack in size of the frontal lobes. Truely an abnormal brain. Why my father chose to implant such a thing into the body of a giant is ..... unfathomable. This wretched soul will never inhabit a body again.

      "All that's left now is to dispose of it ....."


      Nemu looked out over the courtyard of Old Home as she watched the young feathers at play. It was nearing lunch time & she had to be sure of all the children being present. Force of habit made her triple check on one child in particular. Though it had been months since he had last wandered off, she couldn't help but keep a close eye on him.

      Atsui was a strange child, not only in physical appearance but behavior as well. At least his behavior toned down much in the last few months.

      The name given him from his cocoon dream meant hot. He remembered being enveloped in a kind of intense liquid heat. Stifling, oppressive, closing about & smothering him. Like most of the young feathers he preferred a name to his own liking. A name having to do with straight forwardness & plain speaking. He seemed much adverse to double talk & subterfuge.

      He was quite a handful at first. A good head taller than the other youngsters he was also incredibly strong for his "age". His being open & gentle greatly offset these traits as well as his long faced somber countenance.

      The boy got along well enough with the other children especially Dai. The two took to each other & one could hardly see one without the other. At least when he wasn't exhibiting his behavioral abnormalities.

      Within the first week of his new life in Gurie, he disappeared. Nemu, along with Rakka, Kana & Hikari were worried sick at his vanishment & were up & down Gurie in a frenzy. It was on the report of a passing farmer having seen a young Haibane loitering in the old graveyard that some Touga & constables were able to bring him back to Old Home. The fuss he put up! It was all they could do to restrain him. There was something about uniforms that seemed to unhinge him.

      On enquiring with the Communicator/Washi, Rakka relayed to the rest a curious reply. The Communicator sensed the young feather had lived a life of great pain & suffering. Of rejection, pursuit, vast fear & hatred towards him. He had much upon his shoulders that needed easing. In time, he might be free of it.

      Thunderstorms affected him adversely. During one particularly violent, lightning filled one, he was seen clutching the sides of his neck as if in great pain.

      There were other incidents of his wandering off. Sometimes the graveyard, other times he could be found rummaging in the dangerously decrepit north wing of Old Home. Occasionaly, Dai could be found with him in his forays in the dangerously run down building. Boys being boys .....

      Then it stopped. After almost a month of its ceasing, the older Haibane, though happy enough of its passing became worried. Attempts at questioning only got a smile from him & something about not needing to go there anymore. Nemu asked Dai as he was closer to him than anyone else. Dai said he mentioned something about "I'm living now ..... they belong dead."

      The tall one was quite protective of the other children. If one stumbled or fell he was usually on the scene first. He was quick to give warning if one went too near the water or, ironically enough, if one wandered too far off.

Outskirts of Gurie/Glie.

      Once while on an outing in town, a vicious watch dog slipped its chain & was stalking a young girl in the public square. With incredible speed he left the group & placed himself firmly between animal & child, looking for all the world as if he would tear the beast apart if it came closer. The creature hesitated but a moment, ready to leap on its new adversary when the owner caught hold of the chain keeping it from attacking. This incident only served to enhance the belief that Haibane brought good luck. Even the odd ones.

      Word of the event spread quickly & soon everyone was giving him a friendly greeting, sometimes accompanied with a pat on the shoulder or something to take back to Old Home to share with the rest. This was when the wanderings/disappearances ceased completely. Everyone at Old Home sensed the inner tension he posessed subsiding to a marked degree. Was he finding acceptance & happiness at last?

      "There he is," Nemu said to herself as she spied him standing off alone from the rest. Gazing in the direction of ..... The western woods?!

      She gasped & called out his preferred name. "Frank!? Could you come here a moment?"

      The tall statured youngster obediantly trotted over. Before he broke from his cocoon over a year ago, they thought they were getting another adolescent. His cocoon was almost the size of Kuus'. Kuu had left too early to their way of thinking & now .....

      "Yes Miss Nemu?" He was always polite. A trait all around him found endearing from such a tall gangly looking kid.

      "It's almost lunchtime dear," she explained. "Could you ....."

      Another gasp clutched her throat. The boys' halo flickered but only an instant. Enough for Nemu to know .....

      No! Too young! It can't .....

      "Is anything wrong Miss Nemu?"

      "No ..... nothing wrong." She fought back the tears trying to compose herself. "Could you ..... Would you like to help the house mother set the table?"

      "Sure! ..... Are you alright ma'am?"

      "Yes." She got herself together. "I'm fine. Run inside & help."

      They boy looked back once before turning the corner, an expression of concern on his face.

      Nemu leaned sideways to the jamb of the entrance, right arm to the wall for support, left hand holding her head. This time the tears came freely.

Copyright © 2-17-2012 Jay Agan


You didn't think I was going to have Boris Karloff or Lon Chaney Jr. stalking the streets of Gurie did you? It did cross my mind but what the heck. "It's been done before."

Franks' cocoon dream is in reference to the monsters' "demise" at the end of Son of Frankenstein.

This story picks up where Ludwig Frankenstein removes the original brain from the monster in Ghost of Frankenstein.

Another Haibane Renmei fanfiction here.

Haibane Renmei reviews here & here.

Frankenstien review here.

Son of Frankenstein review here.

Ghost of Frenkenstien review here.

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Your Miranda Rights: Could This Be Set To Music?

Hola kiddo!

                                  Your Miranda Rights: Could This Be Set To Music?

      Was inspired by an article on the Aardvarks website. Wouldn't it be great if someone could do a Carmen Miranda on Miranda? I'd pay to see that!

Your "Miranda" rights. Set it to music!

Second verse. Sorta same as the first!

Something you may also find useful.

Ciao baby!

      So get to it guys! Boom chicky boom!

Carmen Miranda, The Lady In The Tutti Frutti Hat here.

A scene from the Looney Toons cartoon Slick Hare with Carmen Miranda here.

The whole cartoon here.

Not exactly Looney Toons (J C Staff, Azumanga Daioh) or Carmen Miranda (Gloria Estefan) but I thought it appropriate. here

Aardvarks' website here.

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Interesting Search Words #8

Interesting Search Words #8

Goodies from last week "sent in" by baddies from last week in  their search for strangeness.

1. ayn rand cartoon dying baby - Now I know she may have been a dreadful human being, but COME ON! Evil to be found here.

Credit: Miniver Cheevy/Jonathon Korman

2. i wanna leave this planet - You & me both!

3. mikuru asahina sad - So, what else is new? link

4. bad anime children - Pick & choose. Pick & choose.

5. demotivational red heads the other white meat - I always found them to be quite motivational. Tastey too!

6. depravity hentai anime - Obvious & redundant.

7. Brittney Karbowski hentai - She's actually a real person & she doesn't do porn. link

Neither does she.
Credit: Key Animation

8. asuka eva girls in curls - There once was a little girl ..... with a curl ..... in the middle of her forehead. When she was good ..... she was very very good. When she was bad ..... she was SADISTIC! link

9. what is hentai - You must be new to the internet.

"Hentai? Oh! ..... So that's what it is."
What has been seen cannot be unseen.

10. captain kyon - Yes! It's ..... The Adventures of CAPTAAAAAAAIN KYON! The only normal guy in the room. More on him here.

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Not So Oblivious: An Azumanga Daioh Sakaki Kaorin Fanfiction

Did Sakaki know more about Kaorin than what she let on?

                                                            Not So Oblivious

                                    An Azumanga Daioh Sakaki Kaorin Fanfiction


                                                                           C V Ford

      A bit of yuri maybe? On this blog? Read on!

Disclaimer: The following is a NON-PROFIT work of fan fiction for entertainment purposes only. I make no claim to ownership of the copyrighted names/characters, places, & some events mentioned in this work. They are the sole properties of J C Staff, Gainax & Paramount Pictures. Please support the owners of such properties in the purchase & enjoyment of their products.

      "Hello? Kaorin?"


      "It's me, Sakaki!"

      "M ..... Miss Sakaki?"

      "Yes! How are you?"

      "F ..... fine." She couldn't believe it. Miss Sakaki. HER Miss Sakaki. Calling her!

      "Glad to hear it! Look hon. Remember when we were talking at the store a couple weeks ago? You suggested we take a night on the town? Go 'clubbing' or something?"

      "Uh ..... ye e es."

      "Well something came up & I immediately thought of you."

      "Oh?" Kaorin snapped out of her initial daze, now concentrating on the conversation at hand.

      "My cousin Taru from Hokkaido is attending university here in Tokyo. He & a friend pledged not to get distracted until they got situated. Been studying & doing nothing else. Living like monks. Now they're done with their mid-terms & they'd like to take in some of the sights."

      "Well ..... uh ....."

      "Since Taru would be 'odd man out' I thought you'd like to throw in on a double date."

      Kaorins' mind raced in jumbled confusion. Date? Double date? As in with ..... boys? A guy? Not what she had in mind at all in regard to the object of her affections. But ..... if it could get her close to Sakaki ..... then .....

      "I ..... I don't know ..... I ....."

      "You don't have anything planned for tomorrow, do you?"

      "Just a sec," she tried not to sound anxious. It was all she could do to keep from hyperventalating. "I need to check."

      She set the phone down & thought short & hard.

      Of course she had nothing planned. After struggling through the last of her own mid-term exams (Which she aced.), it was going to be a Sunday of internet, junk food & TV.

      OK. So a couple members of the male gender would be along. She would at least be with Sakaki. And if ..... just if ..... she could get her alone long enough later, she could finally tell her of her true feelings for her ..... If. A big IF ..... but worth a try. The two guys might be a perfect cover. If only she had the courage long ago. If only now .....

      Snatching the phone back up, Kaorin gave her answer.

      "No, nothing planned at all. Just needed to make sure nothing unexpected might come up."

      "Great! "The tall one on the other end exclaimed. "Be at Shinjuku station by the news stand tomorrow, 10 AM sharp."

      "Sounds like a plan. Shinjuku station. News Stand. 10 AM sharp. Got it!"

      "Don't disappoint us hon. See ya tomorrow. Bye!"

      "Yeah ..... bye!"


      She was at the station just after 9 waiting ..... Waiting with plenty of time to think. Mostly rethinking her thoughts of the night before. A couple of boys along ..... not good.

      "What if she's attached to this guy she'll be with?" She thought. "Definitely not good."

      Her contact with Sakaki after high school was sporadic at best. With her university/science curriculum & Sakaki attending veterinary college, seeing one another was bound to be infrequent.

..... the months old photo .....taken right after their
high school graduation ceremony .....

      She pulled out the months old photo of her & Sakaki taken right after their high school graduation ceremony. On the spur of the moment she "persuaded" a mutual friend to snap the picture resulting in a "staged" show of affection. The only time she showed any real resolve in trying to attain the object of her desire..... And the tall girl hadn't a clue.

      Kaorin inwardly despaired over the three plus years of missed opportunities. No ..... Today. Today was going to be a go at another try. A try to make up for all the lost time & possibilities. So what if a couple men would be in tow? If she could just get her alone for a while. If the chance arose ..... NO! She wouldn't wait for a chance. She was going to make one! Today!

      "Today!" She resolved. "Today's the ....."

      "There she is!" A familiar voice proclaimed from behind.

Kaorin turned ..... slowly. Fully prepared to focus on Sakaki .....

      Kaorin turned ..... slowly. Fully prepared to focus on Sakaki ..... and didn't.

      As Kaorin feared, Sakaki approached arm in arm with a taller handsome young man. It was the even taller one accompanying the couple who gripped her complete & undivided attention. Though definitely a male of the species, there was no mistaking his relationship to Sakaki. The familial resemblance was beyond astounding.

      "Oh ..... my ..... GAH!"

      "Kaorin! You made it. Great!"

      Kaorin hardly heard her.

      "Kaorin, this is Kanta," the tall girl said as she playfully tightened her grip on him.

      The young science major hardly noticed as Kanta introduced himself.

      "And this ..... is my cousin Taru."

      The "giant" bowed slightly, taking Kaorins' tiny hand into his own sizable mitt. Gray eyes delved deeply into hers, neatly unfolding & turning her soul inside out. A deep yet soothing voice administered the "coup de grace" in simple introduction.

      "Hello Kaorin. I'm happy to meet you. Sakaki's told me so much about you ....."

      Flowers! ..... Belltower! ..... Jets! ..... Jets! ..... JETS!

      "..... uh ..... ..... ..... hi?! ....."


      "Hey hon! Could use some help here!"


      Sakaki had just fired off an email reply to her friend Chiyo in Los Angeles. The kid aced her semester finals at Pacific Tech (Good ole PIT!) & was going to vacation back in Tokyo. Things were definitely looking up for the 14 year old genius. 4.0 GPA. Deans' List. Several corporate entities expressed interest in her as a future possible resource. Including an embryonic U.N. sponsored think tank. She said she wasn't supposed to mention it ..... a GEHIRN something or other .....

      The tall one got up from the computer desk & sauntered into the small apartments' living room.


      "This vile beast of yours is beating the living crud outta me!" Exclaimed Kanta petting Maya as the large cat softly head butted a fuzzy brow against his chin.

      "Silly ..... He's marking you, not punching you out."

      "Don't smell anything."

      "Not supposed to," said Sakaki settling herself on the couch.

      "So," Kanta changed the subject. "What are your thoughts now on Japans' most mis-matched couple?"

      "Those two .....," smiling.

      "I swear, the way she dotes on him & he just eating it up ..... Dis gust ing!"

      "I think it's sweet! ..... "

      "In a nauseating sort of way, yes. Ouch!"

      She cocked her elbow back for another playful jab.

      "When they first met, I thought that kid was going to die right then & there! It was all I could do to keep from losing it."

      "I know. That unconvincing coughing fit didn't cover it at all well."

      "Had to do something to keep from laughing. God it was so funny ....." Another soft jab cut the chuckles short.

       "Don't think she noticed. Kaorin was TOTALLY fixated on Taru."

      "Speaking of which, we were talking the other day. Y'know ..... guy talk."

      Sakaki cocked a knowing eyebrow. "Comparing notes?"

      "Nothing so crude I assure you," Kanta replied in a mock suave tone. "No. Just talking ..... Maybe I shouldn't tell you this ..... "

      "Oh?" She sidled closer resting her chin on his right shoulder. "Tell me what?"

      "Well ..... you know ..... how after couples have been together awhile they start telling each other things they normally wouldn't tell anyone else? Something we NEVER do by the way, ow!"

      "Yeah right ..... ," smiling.

      "So Taru told me something & as it concerns you I thought you'd find it interesting."


      "You might find it rather embarassing."

      "Mmmmm ..... go on."

      "OK, Seems back in high school Kaorin had a ....."

      "Kaorin had a 'thing' for me?"

      "Uh ..... yeah .....  you knew?"

      "Right from the very start. Just didn't know how to handle it."

      "..... "

      "During grade & middle school, I had very ..... very few friends. I was always the tall, gawky kid with no social skills to speak of. Didn't fit in at all. Once I hit high school, I'm suddenly surrounded by all these unique, crazy kids who liked having me around & I them. Kaorin was one of them."

      "Taru said to hear Kaorin tell of it, you had no idea. Not a clue."

      "At first I welcomed the attention if only because it WAS attention. After a couple days I knew I couldn't reciprocate. Never had any inclination in that direction."

      "None at all?"

      "Absolutely none."

      "Oh gee, too bad," Kanta put on an air of faux disappointment. "I was wondering ..... OW!"

      "You ..... are," she laughed, "such ..... a ..... perv!"

      "That a complaint?"

      "Diagnosis. Proclamation!"

      "Any cure for it?"

      "Well, there are some advanced students at school who can use the practice ....."

      "I'll pass," Kanta quickly said smiling.

      "Just as well. Though it would make you a much better pet."

      Sakaki grinned at Kantas' reaction.

      "Any way, I didn't have the heart to tell her so I acted like I didn't notice anything. Had lots of practice with that in middle school."

      "Your chronic shyness?"

      She snuggled in closer. "You seem to have helped a little with that," purring along with the cat.

      "A little?"


      "Taru speculated you might have introduced them in hopes of  ..... uh ..... 'diverting' Kaorins' attention."

      "Mmmmmm ..... "

      "Whatever the reason, he's really glad you got them together. He's entirely devoted to her."

      "That's more than good to know."

      "I mean, though his studies haven't suffered, it's all I can do sometimes to get his mind off her & onto work. They might as well be married ..... Speaking of which ....."

      "There's still another 3 1/2 years of college to go," she cautioned.

      "Yeah, So ..... have you kicked yourself for not having introduced her to someone much sooner?"

      "Oh ..... maybe ..... maybe ..... But then," Sakaki moved in even closer, their faces not even an inch distant, "I wouldn't have met you."

Copyright © 2-8-2012 Jay Agan

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Interesting Search Words #7

Interesting Search Words #7

More "material" folks have "sent" me in their search for goodies & futile fulfillment of their strange desires.

1. evangelion facebook - It might be Reis' page. I wouldn't go there if I were you.

2. blank anime bodies - You see a lot of those milling aimlessly about at anime conventions.

3. evangelion rei ayanami who is this this is me - Who ARE you? Need you ask, you little harbinger of death, you? link

"Yes, puny mortals! You're mine! All mine! Ha! Ha! HA! Ha! Ha!"  SPLAT!

4. julia ayanami - If she's anything like her sister ......

5. klan hentai - Never heard of such a thing. Don't want to .....

6. demotivational poster osaka internet im know about it - He might be looking for this:

Almost as scary as that Ayanami kid. Got this at:

7. kyon yuki wedding - Well, that's ONE way for the world to end.

8. hillbilly motivational posters - They need all the motivation they can get!

9. asuka curly - "Hey! Shinji! Ya gonna be difficult eh?" Toink! Whack! "Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk!" I think she's more like Moe Howard. Curly link here.

Moe', Larry & Curly. NOT the Stooges as I remember them!
(Yes. I know that's not Rei.)

10. evangelion funny pictures - Nothing to see here. Move along.

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