Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Kennedy Assassination: Off the Top 'O My Head

About as good a theory as any, I suppose ...

Kennedy Assassination: Off the Top 'O My Head

Now that the "Dallas Orgy" is over, I'll post my half cent in.


We've heard 'em all ad nauseum. Folks with empty lives and nothing better to do expounding to others of the same about why it all went down and who was behind it. Johnson, the Mafia, the Birchers, the commies etc. were in on it somehow. Elvis and bigfoot may have had a hand in it too. This is not something that's kept me up nights. Howsomever ...

The reds. Yup! That's what I think. Why? Seems the most plausable.

1. Oswald spent some time in the Soviet Union after "defecting" there.

2. While there, he was given the unprecedented privilege of practicing with a rifle.

3. Both Khrushchev and Castro could have understandably had it in for Kennedy what with the past "missle crisis", "Bay of Pigs" and all.

4. While in the Marines stationed at installations in Japan, Oswald was known to consort with a "lady" who had connections with the Communist movement in that country.

5. Oswald did some "free lance activism" for the Fair Play For Cuba Committee.

6. Jack Ruby allegedly spent some time in Cuba a short time before killing Oswald.

The Rifle

One of the "proofs" that Oswald REALLY COULDN'T have killed Kennedy was the "cheap, junky, ITALIAN" rifle he used.

Mannlicher/Carcano Model 38s 6.5mm. Not as bad a rifle as it's "cracked down" to be.
Yes, it was "cheap". Around twenty bucks (In 1963 dollars.). Cheap in comparison to the M1 Garand (90 bucks! Just try getting a Garand for that price today!) advertised just above it in the Kleins Sporting Goods (Then a subsidiary of Pepsi Cola.) ad that Oswald ordered (Under an assumed name.) from. As for it being "junky", bullcrap! I've owned two in the past. They both worked just fine.

Some years back the Hysterectomy ... uh ... History Channel aired a program "proving" how Oswald couldn't have possibly killed Kennedy by getting a couple of malfunctioning examples and badly stored ammo. I switched channels after I saw where that was going. If one is to go "hunting" one is to make sure his weapon is functioning properly. Any malfunctions or defects are to be corrected or repaired by taking it to a competant gunsmith. Oswald obviously did if that was the case. As I've said before, mine worked great from the start.

As an aside, the Italian military got a lot of bad press during WW2 due to its shortcomings and early defeats. This and their having been on the losing side are the main causes of its bad reputation. The Italian soldiers and their small arms were as good as anybodys'. A LOT of Allied combatants were taken out by these "comic reliefs" and their "crappy" rifles. Before the surrender in 1943 they actually scored victories (Without German assistance.) in the dust up in North Afrika. When reading various histories of that campaign it's interesting to note at times, mention of AXIS victories in the desert instead of German or Afrika Korps (MOST of the forces under Rommels' command were Italian.). Some authors don't like to admit that sometimes the allies got their butts handed to them by the "eye ties".

I understand there were a couple tests/studies as to wether or not one could score two plus hits on a moving target at that range, angle etc. One after the assassination and one done in the '90s. Both had at least one of the shooters consistently scoring all three on target and concluded it could be done. Conspiracy or not, Oswald was the shooter (He "connected" with two shots.).

The Mindset

Yeah. Oswald claimed not to have shot Kennedy. But ...

1. He attempted to kill right winger Edwin Walker some time before.

2. He was quite willing and successful in gunning down officer J. D. Tippet at close range.

Yeah, "guilt by association", I know. All the same ...


Was there a conspiracy? Who knows? Even more important ... Who actually REALLY cares? I don't and never did (My 9 year olds' concern at the time was there were no cartoons on TV that November weekend. Man! ... Was I ticked off!).

As for the fascination and claims of conspiracy on peoples' minds, in the words of one gun writer: "No one wants to believe that a lone loser bought a cheap rifle from Pepsi Cola and stopped Camelot."

Face it. The past "Dallas orgy" was for entertainment purposes only, though most probably won't admit that.

As the title of this article says, this stuff is "off the top 'o my head" and NOT to be taken as "authoritative" or the last word. Just some rambling musings on my part.

Just sayin' ...

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Friday, November 22, 2013

What Is He Talking About, Again?

Credit: San-ru.

What Is He Talking About, Again?


Weatherly Hardy

C.S.Lewis wrote in one of his volumes about the problem of "Christ and...", that is, the tendency to ignore the sufficiency of Jesus and his atonement, and then insisting that something else can/may be added to the mix to improve it, rather like sprinkling a touch of gunpowder onto a nuclear bomb. I have run into this personally when being invited to become a Mason. "It helps you to be a better Christian!"

Glad someone found a way to fix inadequacies in the grace of God! I'm sure the Almighty lost some sleep 'til they bailed 'im out on that one.

Occultists through the ages have found sundry schemes and scams to add nitro to the chugging engine of the Faith Once Delivered, generally Gnostic in nature (the apocryphal, pseudipigraphal bits of first century fanfic like the "Gospel of Thomas). Gnosticism revolves around the idea that to really be (fill in spiritual preference HERE____________), you need to access the Hidden Knowledge that Few Attain. Christian faith is not alone in this problem. Jewish Qabbalism is a magical mystery religion that purports to reveal the gnosis to its followers, what's really going on in the law and the prophets! The gematria, the mystic geometry of words in the Hebrew Scriptures, is a result of this thinking. Add a computer, and an End-Timey-Wimey Rapture bunny attitude, and you get the Bible Code. Hear what Wikipedia saith:

The Bible code (Hebrew: צפנים בתנ"ך‎), also known as the Torah code, is a purported set of secret messages encoded within the Hebrew text of the Torah. This hidden code has been described as a method by which specific letters from the text can be selected to reveal an otherwise obscured message. Although Bible codes have been postulated and studied for centuries, the subject has been popularized in modern times by Michael Drosnin's book The Bible Code and the movie The Omega Code.

Careful, your shopping list may be revealed for all to see in the pages of Torah, if you choose the right skips.

The Japanese fascination with the almost Christian, the Christian Other, is of interest to me. The Santa Claus on a Cross, itself apocryphal, sort of codifies the thing. Anime series like Anno's "Neon Genesis Evangelion" (probably my favorite series. Jay, pass the Tang!) reveal the Vita-mixed understanding Japanese popular culture has of Things Christian. Christ and is the order of the day. An eeee-vil cabal, Seele (say-lay) is wishing to immanentize the Eschaton, much as the irreligious Left was worried that Reagan wanted to do, between his finger on The Button and his support of Israel. They thought that by starting Nuclear War, Pres. Reagan would force Jesus' hand and bring about the Second Coming of Christ. Sweet Hal Lindsay on a stick! But there it was.

Seele wants to bring about a more Nirvana-esque end, where everyone melts into single consciousness, utilising the Qabbalistic Angels that almost destroyed the world years before.

This does not sound like any Chick Tract I've ever heard of.

"Evangelion" includes a roster of the named angels from Jewish mystical tradition, and the Christian symbolism, down to cross-shaped explosions, fills the series, but no Atonement, no Jesus, just Qabbalism with a coat of Christian imagery, and unpleasant people doing unpleasant things. But stylishly.

"OH NO! ... It's ... It's Jack Chick!"

I have been watching "Cyber Team in Akihabara", and it too is rife with cultic pseudo-Christian themes and imagery. The 500-year-old Christian Rosenkreuz (the founder of the Rosicrucian order), disguised as a school principal, seeks to bring about conditions which shall ensure his immortality. The ensuing assemblage of robotic battle suits and mysticism is murkier than "Evangelion's" mix of Jungian psychology and Christian/Qabbala syncretism. And it has middle schoolers as the heroines, because apparently the Japanese believe that only middle school girls are capable of saving the world.

I would wistfully suggest letting the Christian faith and teaching be allowed to be what it is, with healings, works of power, faith, hope, love, forgiveness and such, rather than the freaky-deaky cultic stuff that Japan finds to be so sexiful. I mean, Superbook and Flying House, right? Just not bashing you with a 25-pound King James, but letting the life be lived, contrasted with whatever the baddies are doing. And giant robots, 'cause they're cool!

Giant robots with crosses.

Copyright © 6-23-13 Weatherly Hardy

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Obama did NOT lie! It's NOT his Fault!

NOT TRUE! NOT TRUE! He's incapable of lying!

Obama did NOT lie! It's NOT his Fault!

Yes, he DID say if you liked your policy, plan and doctor you could stick with them. Yes, he DID say your costs wouldn't increase one thin dime. Yes, he DID say you had nothing to worry about. Yes, he DID say those things ... AND HE WASN'T LYING! In fact, he was quite sincere when he said them. He meant everything he said AND STILL DOES.

You see, the problem lies not with the president but with YOU. You, who are not into politics (Left or right.) have little understanding how the politicians' mind works: Just because a politician says something is thus and so doesn't mean it actually is. Their minds work differently and YOU must take that into consideration.

YOUr problem lies in the fact that YOU were taught that words have EXACT meaning and that everyone is bound by the rules of definition and grammar: Yes means yes, no means no, up means up, on is the opposite of off, etc.

With politicians it's different. When one enters into the rarified, lofty realm of knowing what's best for others as well as themselves, things change. Not only do the rules of grammar not apply, but those of reality as well. Physicists and others of the hard sciences have delved into this problem for centuries and have so far come up with no answers. The best that can be done is to accept the "fact" that in the nth dimension of politics (One step beyond the outer limits of the twilight zone.), reality does not apply.

So it should come as no mystery as to why Mr. Obama and others say what they say and do what they do. When one trods into that singularity of moral grayness known as politics/government one is bound to be a mite off center and that what comes out of their mouths may not be quite the same as what's going on in their addled little heads.

To have "broadly interpreted" what he said at face value and believed it, is just downright narrow minded and selfish on your part. To believe you're entitled to the truth and nothing but the truth, so help you allah, is to have unrealistic expectations ... Expectations leading only to disappointment and perhaps misery. And the only one to blame is, not Mr. Obama and others but YOUrself! All he did was say something. YOU didn't HAVE to believe it, did you? No one forced you to, did they?

So don't be too hard on the poor little dears. It's not their fault you take them and Mr. Obama at their word. It's not their fault you believe words have meaning and actions have consequences.

You have no one to blame but YOUrself. THE FAULT LIES WITH YOU!

In the words of Otter from the film Animal House: "You f----d up ... YOU TRUSTED US!"

So get off YOUr high horse of righteous indignation and get back to work. These things need to be paid for and acting butt hurt doesn't help matters any ...

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Benghazi: This Graphic Says It ALL

Benghazi: This Graphic Says It ALL

SOMEONE screwed up and someone(s) died for it. That SOMEONE doesn't want to own up to it. Even if that skirt that SOMEONE is hiding behind is a harpy and a harridan it still doesn't hide the fact that SOMEONE is a coward.

As for you Ms. Clinton, I am not impressed. Taking the fall for someone else does not make you noble. It makes you an accessory. To me, it's doubtful you did it without gaining some kind of political benefit from it. There is nothing altruistic about you.

Needless to say, I am not convinced.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Things Fall Apart. The Center Does Not Hold.

Things Fall Apart. The Center Does Not Hold.


Weatherly Hardy

The 'Vark's Spleen, She Is Vented.

This is an opinion piece. Please to note that no harm is wished upon anyone. It merely examines cultural change in my lifetime. It should be read in the context of my extant writing, opinions, and clear motivators, as well as in the setting of my life as you know me to be. That I see a need for this preamble is a more strident indictment of our society and culture than it is a flag about my stated opinions below.


Things Fall Apart. The Center Does Not Hold.

Nothing is the same anymore. Candy bars do not taste right. Baby Ruth tastes like Payday with chocolate and a soupçon of industrial waste. Tattoos and piercings, formerly the decoration of the Lower Classes, have now become Chic and Trendy (although if Dear Leader continues his work, the Chic and Trendy will become the lower class). Love of country was de rigueur, now it is aberrant and atavistic. Aberration itself is the New Normal. Joe Haldeman's The Forever War deals with a soldier who goes on multiple missions to space wars on board vessels that travel at relativistic speeds. He doesn't age, but generations pass on earth, and with them, the cultural distinctives of those generations. Eventually he comes back to an Earth where homosexuality predominates, and his preference for women earns him the moniker "The Old Queer".

"Anime series often have a homosexual character displaying
 unrequited feelings for the main character for comic relief. We
know 'what ain't quite right,' and humor reveals it."
Fred Luo and Gene Starwind from the series, Outlaw Star.

I know somewhat how he felt. I live in a culture that has given up sane standards of behavior, and has jettisoned consistency. I come from a time when there was the Correct, and there was the Aberrant. The Aberrant was viewed as alien, mistrusted, and often ridiculed. What a difference a couple of generations (and PR.) makes. What was once villified as the Sin Not to be Named has become a Civic Virtue, and Normal. A decades-long public relations campaign has paid off. For as long as, the homosexual, the mincing, lisping fageler, has been a mainstay of funmaking. Practically every country ridicules homosexual activity and 'lifestyle.' Anime series often have a homosexual character displaying unrequited feelings for the main character for comic relief. We know 'what ain't quite right,' and humor reveals it. As to cultural inconsistency, our alleged science-mad society completely ignores the Darwinist and Gouldian evolutionary dogmas to accept homosexuality as anything other than what those very dogmas would maintain: that homosexual behavior is an evolutionary dead-end, and should be avoided for The Good of the Human Race.

What has brought us here? Only a massive and universal  PR campaign to render three-to-five percent of the population as fit for human society. Not merely fit, but lionized. What is a tiny minority of the body politic has become a great mouth, a whine machine demanding that all of Western culture be bent to the minority's will. This is ultimately where democracy fails: it is not the quantity, it is the decibels, and bruvvah, they have been loud. They have invented rights where none before existed, and in so doing diminished the rights of the majority. Where new "rights" are invented, new mechanisms must be developed to administer those rights, and the price tag for such instrumentality is borne by the majority through taxation. "What will equal marriage rights do? How will they affect you?"

In the Bottom Line.

Now let it not be assumed that I am some throwback crank with an 'anti' axe to grind. I've paid my dues. I've lived amongst them. My father was a homosexual (he pauses, waiting for the inevitable stupid comment like "Well, you're here....")  Let's say that I was the result of a foray into an alternative lifestyle. By living in such company, I harbor no illusions about homosexual behavior. I have seen the crudity and demeaning nature of "the lifestyle", and have been pawed as a teen by "friends" of my father. There is nothing better for your self-esteem than to see one's father's exploits on the high school bathroom wall. I have a good number of friends who are homosexual, and they tend to be the crudest people of my acquaintance. I say this not to point the bony finger of indignation, but to give the lie to the high pretensions of those who most loudly promote the homosexual agenda.

On the flip side, I must say that I am live-and-let-live. I do not enthrall all of my reader with tales of The Sensuous 'Vark. The Dread Dormomoo's and my connubial deliberations are off-limits. Please make your private practises Not My Business. I do not participate in Straight Pride Parades. I DO poke fun at "End The Silence" days, because, really, hasn't it been rabbited on about for decades, now? I recognise that the anti-bully message is largely "don't bully effeminate boys". But neither do I throw stones, or insult them, or militate against the marching minority. Please, just leave me alone. Keep your hands to yourself, especially, hands off my wallet.

Copyright © 11-9-13 Weatherly Hardy

Note: The "Dread Dormomoo" mentioned above is Mrs. Hardy. The Hardys seem to be Dr. Strange fans.

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Friday, November 8, 2013

A Most Interesting Quote Regarding What Is Gay

A Most Interesting Quote Regarding What Is Gay

God exists right here with us, but in a dimension of reality outside of space and time, beyond the sense capabilities of all but the most pure ascetics and some young children (and as an aside, I do believe, with Dostoyevsky, that young children, due to their innocence, are given the gift of seeing beyond that which exists in space and time, and that many young children live at least partially in Eden, which also explains the homosexual and Satanic obsession with defiling young children).

The Logos and Metaphysics: A Lecture on Solovyov, Empiricism and Spinoza (2006) : Voice of Reason Broadcast Network here. Your server may not be able to connect with this article.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Most Useless, Pathetic, Little Man

A Most Useless, Pathetic, Little Man

Bullies are cowards. They will not give trouble to anyone unless they have an advantage over their target. They don't have to be male or bigger in size or strength ... Just bigger in "position".

A good example would be in customer relations. When you're behind a cash register you're the target of every bully, piss ant, and self important jerk coming off the street. They know you can't talk back for fear of being fired.

Having to wear a "Star Trek red" shirt as part of the company uniform doesn't help the situation either. Nor, for that matter, if the place you're working at has a pharmacy. You meet all sorts of interesting under/over medicated folks. Since they're usually too lazy to write the company, they'll settle on you ... the imagined rep of the "conspiracy" keeping them "down" and "small".

Wether this guy was over/under medicated, I can't say. But he sure could have used some tranquilization ... right between the eyes.

It was a rather busy day at a cut rate mid-west would-be Wal Mart I was working at when this jerk showed up. I was having lotsa trouble with the credit card reader the last few days (Our "techs" finally figured the "swiper" needed a cleaning.). So far folks had been patient. Not this guy.

After about a minute trying to get the card reader to work with a customer ahead of him in line, he "lost it" and loudly demanded to see the manager. The manager shows up and the jerk goes into a tirade about already having to wait twenty minutes in line (Bulls--t! He wasn't there even five!) and how the universe had him at its' center. Oh yes, it was ALL my fault.

After the manager calmed him down, we somehow managed to have the machine "take" the previous customers' card (She waited quite patiently.) and got "Mr. Personality" squared away. Not wanting to go through the hassle of the malfunctioning card reader, he wrote out a check. YES! ... a check ... With his name, address AND phone number.

Now if one is going to be a bully, one should be a smart bully. Those are rather rare. If you're going to take up assholism as a hobby, you shouldn't leave personal info with those you hassle.

Good thing for him I have a cooling off period before exacting vengeance. Gives me time to ponder wether or not such little people are worth targeting. So far, I have never felt the need (later) to "get back" at anyone. Lucky for him. I've found the "revenge how to" books by George Hayduke (Screw Unto Others, etc.) and others to be interesting reads.

Pretty much what I've been through ... except I'm not blonde ... and I'm a guy.

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Friday, November 1, 2013

Hey Loliconers! Here's One For Ya!

Hey Loliconers! Here's One For Ya!

Saudi Islamists Gang Rape 3 Year Old Girl "Rupturing Her Insides"

Excerpt from an article by

Janna Brock

10-30-13 freedomoutpost.com

The act of rape is one of the most horrific crimes that can be inflicted on a person. For grown men to willingly and savagely rape a child, who's insides are so tiny and delicate, and literally crush them, is beyond comprehension. They should be executed for their crime. Even if the child lives, her insides are already ravaged, and if she hasn't woken up yet, who knows how much pain her delicate body will be in when and if she does wake up.


Real life doesn't work out QUITE the same way as it does in your doujin fantasies, does it? Maybe you "fans" should be looking to something else to help get your rocks off.

The rest of the article on freedomoutpost.com here. An anti Islam article to be sure but this pretty much applies. Just thought you "enthusiasts" out there might find it interesting.

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