Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Most Useless, Pathetic, Little Man

A Most Useless, Pathetic, Little Man

Bullies are cowards. They will not give trouble to anyone unless they have an advantage over their target. They don't have to be male or bigger in size or strength ... Just bigger in "position".

A good example would be in customer relations. When you're behind a cash register you're the target of every bully, piss ant, and self important jerk coming off the street. They know you can't talk back for fear of being fired.

Having to wear a "Star Trek red" shirt as part of the company uniform doesn't help the situation either. Nor, for that matter, if the place you're working at has a pharmacy. You meet all sorts of interesting under/over medicated folks. Since they're usually too lazy to write the company, they'll settle on you ... the imagined rep of the "conspiracy" keeping them "down" and "small".

Wether this guy was over/under medicated, I can't say. But he sure could have used some tranquilization ... right between the eyes.

It was a rather busy day at a cut rate mid-west would-be Wal Mart I was working at when this jerk showed up. I was having lotsa trouble with the credit card reader the last few days (Our "techs" finally figured the "swiper" needed a cleaning.). So far folks had been patient. Not this guy.

After about a minute trying to get the card reader to work with a customer ahead of him in line, he "lost it" and loudly demanded to see the manager. The manager shows up and the jerk goes into a tirade about already having to wait twenty minutes in line (Bulls--t! He wasn't there even five!) and how the universe had him at its' center. Oh yes, it was ALL my fault.

After the manager calmed him down, we somehow managed to have the machine "take" the previous customers' card (She waited quite patiently.) and got "Mr. Personality" squared away. Not wanting to go through the hassle of the malfunctioning card reader, he wrote out a check. YES! ... a check ... With his name, address AND phone number.

Now if one is going to be a bully, one should be a smart bully. Those are rather rare. If you're going to take up assholism as a hobby, you shouldn't leave personal info with those you hassle.

Good thing for him I have a cooling off period before exacting vengeance. Gives me time to ponder wether or not such little people are worth targeting. So far, I have never felt the need (later) to "get back" at anyone. Lucky for him. I've found the "revenge how to" books by George Hayduke (Screw Unto Others, etc.) and others to be interesting reads.

Pretty much what I've been through ... except I'm not blonde ... and I'm a guy.

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