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The Big "What If" of Haruhi Suzumiya: A Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Fan Fiction

The Big "What If" of Haruhi Suzumiya

A Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Fan Fiction


C V Ford

I was warned. Much more than twice & not just by Taniguchi. Others who attended East Junior with Haruhi clued me in on her past as well as personality. Her odd behavior & outlook certainly made her stand out.

Call it curiosity, masochism or, admittedly, just plain libido, I was attracted to her ... at first. As Taniguchi said, she certainly wasn't hard to look at. But ... A pretty face can hide a warped mind blinding one to it & ...

One indication of strangeness was her undressing in front of everyone for gym, even before the guys left for another room to change. Modesty didn't seem much to her. That & the feelings of others.

The alternate daily hairstyles (The initial icebreaker between us.) I found intriguing as well as endearing. Cutting her hair shorter right after my inquiring about it was certainly off putting (An attempt to put distance between us or just to spite me?). It didn't hurt her looks any, but I really missed the ponytail she would put it in for gym.

There was also the fact she, at one time or another, joined every school club/sports team then walk away from it after a few days at most. Super talented, great at sports & just about everything else, all the teams/clubs did what they could to get her to stay on. She'd have none of it.

Taniguchi in particular, filled me in on her (very) checkered romantic past. Absolutely nil. She'd be "with" someone on an average of a few days at most then, like the clubs/teams, drop the guy like a live grenade. Said she found guys uninteresting as they weren't the sci-fi types she was looking for. Thought life more interesting if some were the aliens, time travellors, espers & sliders she only read about.

Friends & classmates thought it interesting I could actually get SOMETHING of a conversation out of Haruhi. Taniguchi was especially intrigued & Ryoko Asakura, due to her concern as our class rep, wanted me as a go between for info on her.

For a fleeting moment, I thought the class seating rearrangement would put a halt to our non- relationship (She was more than just starting to get on my nerves.) but no such luck. The only good thing coming of it was we were now in back next to the windows thus some scenery ... her presence still seated behind.

It was at the start of a typical day of mandatory education/indoctrination I engaged her in some of our customary before class small talk. Getting around to the subject of the schools' clubs I asked her to tip me off if she ran across any that were interesting.

She went off on a tirade about none of them being remotely worth her while, even citing a couple examples being nothing more than collections of fans & freaks (Look who's talking!). Then bemoaning the fact there weren't any strange/cool clubs & humanity being a bland joke in general.

I explained that that was the way it was ... but ... While most folks were pretty much satisfied with their lot, there are & have been those few who weren't & did something about it. It's always a minority of a minority responsible for any real human progress. Their thought, invention, building, struggle, & achievment were the reasons we have all the things we enjoy in the present.

As for the general run of humanity ... well ...

"... ordinary people are probably better off living their ordinary little lives in an ordinary manner-"

"Shut up!"

"Uh ..."

"Hmmph!" She turned looking out the window.

From our previous conversations & observing her with others, I knew she could be rude, even verbally abusive. It bothered some & was certainly getting to me at times. It never ocurred to me she could be abusive physically as well. Maybe it was she wasn't ever close enough with anyone before to get that far. It's said "familiarity breeds contempt" & maybe we had gotten "familiar" enough for something to happen. All I know is what happened next was totally unexpected & sudden.

About two thirds of the way through first period English I felt a set of fingers close around the back of my collar & a hellacious yank compressing my throat, pulling me backwards. Next was the pain as the back of my head whacked the desk behind. Man! That REALLY hurt!

The only other time I recieved a blow to the back of the head was from a bully in middle school who was giving Kunikida a hard way to go. Without thinking, I spun around & we went at it. Wether it was he not being as tough as he wanted everyone to think or I was tougher than I thought or both ... A teacher had to separate us. He never tried anything with us after.

The source of pain being a woman this time kept my fists from flying as I jumped up & faced her.

"What the hell's wrong with you! I oughta'-"

"I got an idea!"

"Like I should care! You-"

"I can't believe I didn't realize it before! It's so obvious!"

And she so oblivious!

"Now look!"

"If it doesn't exist I should just make it myself!"

"Make what yourself? I don't-"

"Make a club!"

My thoughts turned to one of a different kind.

"Look! Can it will ya? It's-"

"What's with you!? This is what we're talkin' about! You should be happy about this development."

I slowly undid a fist & put the hand on her shoulder. "Look ... I know where you're coming from but ..." I turned toward the rest of the classroom before us & gestured, "we're in the middle of class!"

Teacher & fellow students, Taniguchi & Kunukida nervously amused, the rest only nervous, watched as we got back in our seats.

"Uh ... sorry ... ," to the class.

Haruhi only muttered something under her breath.

I was in a muttering mood myself. That crack to the back of my head was already having its' after effects. If you've ever had that happen to you, you know what I'm talking about. It's not so much the pain from the initial blow as it is the shock shooting lengthwise through your brain & colliding with the front of your skull. Leaving a not so dull, lingering ache between the frontal lobes & the top & backs of your eyes. This deep headache was going to last at least all day. That damn Haruhi! Where did she get off DOING that!? She was damn lucky I didn't haul off & ...

I undid my tie & unbuttoned the shirt collar in hopes of relieving some of the pressure building in my head.


Class over, the teacher left after the customary bow. I turned, starting toward the door for some air when ...

Haruhi instantly grabbed my tie & started running, obviously with the intention of dragging me off somewhere. The tie whipped out as I tried grabbing it, my hand shooting up & deflecting the end into my left eye.


She slammed to a halt, dumfounded, looking at the loose tie in her hand completely ignoring me clutching my eye & bent over.

Holysonofawhatthe ... ! Unbelievable! In the space of less than half an hour I'm injured twice by this fantastically callous jerk! You STUPID ... unheeding ... little ... !

I straightened up, looking at her with my one good eye. The one hit was tearing up fast!

Haruhi looked up from the tie proclaiming, "you're gonna help!"

Like hell I was gonna do anything but give her more than a piece of my mind! In baseball, it's three strikes for an out but I wasn't going to wait for the third. I grabbed her by the arm, hauling her, protesting, to the corner behind her desk. Still holding my left eye, I looked with my one good one into hers.

"I ... have no interest ... whatsoever ... in your club ... or anything else you have on your mind. I was warned about you. You ... are a rude ... obnoxious ... self centered ... ABUSIVE ... little ... b---h. And I want ... absolutely ... nothing ... NOTHING! ... at ALL ... to do with you.

"Listen ... & listen good. From now on ... Unless we have to be in the same classroom together ... DON'T ... come near me. Unless we're forced to work on something together here at school ... DON'T ... even think ... of talking to me. Any thought ... idea ... whatever you have rattling around in that head of yours ... is of NO concern to me. Keep away! You're poison ... And as for your club or whatever, you can take it and ..."

I turned my back on a shocked but also obviously PO-ed Haruhi ...

I turned my back on a shocked but also obviously PO-ed Haruhi & started toward the other door with every intention of having the school nurse take a look at my eye. It was really hurting & watering so bad as to be running down my cheek!

I waved an approaching Ryoko off so she rushed to Haruhi now stalking out of the classroom, trying to communicate with her. Taniguchi with Kunikida stood waiting.

"Looks like we're gonna have to get you to the nurse Kyon!"

Way ahead of you Taniguchi.

"Wow Kyon!" Kunikida exclaimed. "For a moment there I thought you were gonna punch her lights out!"

For a moment there, I thought I was. We stepped out in the hall, fast walking to the infirmary.

"Kyon ole buddy ... YOU ... have made history. I don't think anyone has EVER told her off. But then ... I don't think anyone has ever gotten close enough really to know what she's like. Too bad it was you ..."

Thanks Taniguchi. You're a real morale builder.

"Guess this rules out any future possibilities in her direction."

Goes without saying!

"Well Kyon," Kunikida piped in. "There's other weird fish in the sea."

Et tu Kunikida?

"Kyon! Wait up!"

We turned to see Ryoko catching up, concern written all over her more than pretty face.

She walked with us to the nurses' office, lamenting she couldn't get a word out of Haruhi. Like I cared!

I informed her of what happened & reiterated what I told the menace ... In a much nicer way of course. Caring & sweet as well as the prettiest in the school, her personality in more than sharp contrast to Suzumiya. Doubtful SHE could hurt anyone ... not even unintentionally.


The nurse took one look at me, slapped a patch on the eye & personally drove me to the emergency room. Two doctors examined me, exclaiming how lucky I was in avoiding any really serious damage to the eye. After applying medicine & a new patch they sent me home with a prescription & a note for school the next day. The rest of the day off from school ... At least I got SOMETHING out of it!

Getting home, I got lots of sympathy from Mom & some from Dad on his returning home from work. After school, little sister refrained from pestering me about anything, even bringing me goodies as I tranquilized in front of the TV. I later called Taniguchi & Kunikida informing them I would live. They, in turn, relayed thankfully light homework assignments, easily done.

After a great dinner of omelette rice & some of my other favorites (Mom was going all out to make me feel better.) I turned in early.

I was puzzled how such a beautiful girl
could have such a warped personality ...

I thought about Haruhi before falling off. I was puzzled how such a beautiful girl could have such a warped personality. It made no sense to me ... her acting the way she does & her callous treatment of others.

Well, as far as I was concerned, any possibilities in that direction ... what might have been ... were over before they started. I figured it best to find out sooner than down the road where it could have been much worse.


Another day of mandatory education/indoctrination, I stepped into the classroom. Something didn't feel ... right.

I knew the day already wasn't going to go as well as I would have liked. I woke with a dull headache with my left eye hurting somewhat. Some kind of head cold I guess ...

Yamane sat in his usual place behind mine, head buried in some book.

Looking up, he must have noticed my expression as he asked, "something wrong Kyon?"

"Not sure", I replied getting to my desk. "Something wierd ... out of place."


"I get in here & seeing you sitting there ... I can't help but think ... Maybe someone else should be sitting there & not you."

A girl maybe?

"Nope ... As we both know, been here since we drew names/numbers a few weeks ago."

"Y'know? Come to think of it." I scanned the room as more people filed in. "The whole seating arrangement here doesn't seem ... right."

I looked diagonally three rows over, two from the front.

"This ... is ... really ..."

"Really what?"

"Shouldn't a girl be sitting there instead of ... ?"

Yamane gave a puzzled smile. "Sure you ain't flipping out or something?"

"Or something ... Like some kind of weird form of ... deja-vu."

"Hey! Maybe you're experiencing a 'butterfly wave' of some kind."

"A ...? Yeah ... sure ..." I noted the book he held up. Yamane always was absorbed with sci-fi of one kind or another. Couldn't fault him for it. Until recently I was into it myself until I got bored/disillusioned with it. Still picked up the odd related manga every now & then though.

"Kinda' like an I go back in time, shoot my grandfather paradox kind of thing?"

"Yeah, & everything needing correcting does so up to the present with major or lingering after effects."

"No ... Doubt it's anything like that. Just not feeling good right now. Bit under the weather ..."

"Be cool if it was."

How could it be cool if something like that DID happen? There'd be no way of knowing.

"That book about anything like that?"


"Any good?"

"Not as good as the last one."

"Your last one, that was-"

"The Melancholy of Yukari Tanizaki."

"Oh yeah, about a crazy, weird teacher with an attitude who happens to be God & doesn't know it?"

"That's the one," beamed Yamane. "It's up to her friends on the faculty to make sure she never finds out. If she does, the universe goes in the tank!"

Yeah. As if ...

"You oughta' get back into this stuff Kyon. Nothing like firing the imagination."

No ... I was steadily losing my sense of wonder. Reality closing in & plenty enough for me right now.

As cool as it would be if stuff like that were real, my knowing it would never be pretty much put a damper on the enthusiasm I once had for it. Besides, if stuff like that was the normal state of affairs ...

How would anyone know it was cool! Be as mundane & commonplace as things are now. Just as well ...

Storyline (only) copyright © 4-26-13 C V Ford

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At the Track

At the Track ...


Weatherly Hardy

There are two main time-tracks understood in the world. One derives from a Creator, the other from naturalistic process. This distinction is necessary, because on the one hand, a Creator has built meaning and purpose into His creation, whereas any meaning or purpose in, say, an evolutionary track, must be invented ultimately by any sapience wot comes along. The created sapience owes fealty to the Creator, and obedience, and even love; one need show no sense of gratitude or appreciation, or affection for the impersonal forces driving the evolutionary track.

It is significant that Charles Darwin, he who popularised TENS (the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection) was a lapsed Unitarian/Anglican. (A note: Bishop Usher's 6000-year age of the earth need not apply. The issue is a non-starter, Biblically speaking.) It is important to understand the VAST difference between the two tracks. The Creation provides a framework for understanding cosmology, as well as our own place in the Universe. It establishes an order and purpose for humankind. It especially establishes family, the much touted foundation of society. The silly notion of male and female producing offspring as a family is showcased here. Adam and Eve. Other rhyming names need not.... The Creation Model sets up men and women as families, and defines marriage based upon the Creator's commands and covenants. "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh." (Gen. 2:24)

From place names to ancient peoples, the Bible has been proven time and again to be accurate. That is a fair reason to consider its other claims as being so, as well. So what's the point? Marriage is not some sociological accident in antiquity, but derives from a covenant-making God's instruction. With this model, there is coherence, and the growth of mankind through history. There is purpose for the Genesis-model family, beyond (but including) the satisfying of sexual desire. The very structure of society grows from this beginning, and without it, there is no coherent society. Indeed, we are told by Paul: "For this reason I bow my knees to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, 15 from whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named..." (Eph. 3)  The world has it backwards. We did not name God "Father" because we wanted a "sky Daddy" to love us. Our families, rather, are named from His Fatherhood.

This is why Marriage=Man+Woman is important, and should be inviolate. Certainly, same-sex couples can adopt, or have surrogates, or in vitro fertilization, and may be loving parents, but it is not according to Hoyle, and is not the foundation provided in the Creation model. The sterile man and wife we-want-it-all marriages are as faulty. (This is no Quiverfull screed ... but fruitfulness IS the norm, not the exception in the Biblical model.)

The problem now is that Government in its mercy has taken over the role of arbiter of What Is Correct. Much as I dislike using the term, from the beginning, marriage has been the purview of religion; it is covenant-based (which is why adultery was punished so severely: death ends a covenant; this includes killing the breaker of a covenant.) Now it is the stuff of bureaucrats and lawyers. Requiring a state license is as legitimate to the purpose of marriage as collecting a tax on the communion elements every Sunday morning. With its oversight, the beneficent State grants privileges and allowances with the marriage license. Those not so entitled are jealous, and want the same benefits as man-and-wife, but they do not fit the model, the original pattern. What to do? Make everyone see it their way, and see how unFAIR it all is. Had marriage remained the realm of the church (now), this would be far less of a problem, but the bottom line is, if we change the definition, we can all pretend we are all equivalent, and it will be FAIR.

"When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, "it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less."

The naturalist, TENS model offers no such coherence. Whether it is quanta bumping into one another, or whole societies, it is all the accident of Brownian motion writ large: no plan, no purpose, beyond what we Humpty Dumpty for ourselves, and then the definitions don't matter anyway (and no, I do not think I am caricaturing the model). The anyone marrying anyone is not a matter of slippery slopes; it is a matter if it doesn't matter. We are the rule-makers, and we are the deities of dreams.

I wish that I could be more clear in my expression of this. I am still working it out, but despite the various sideroads branching off, there is either the covenant history track, or the accident of nature track. The choice of which model you follow determines your understanding of the Universe, meaning and purpose. Marriage is only one part of it, but if we get that part wrong, the future suffers, as will we.

Copyright © 3/26/2013 Weatherly Hardy

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So Messed Up: A Hell Girl/Azumanga Daioh Fan Fiction

Credit: Dark LP from Zerochan.

So Messed Up

A Hell Girl/Azumanga Daioh Crossover Fan Fiction


C V Ford

Kikuri gazed fascinatedly on the large web at porches' end for what seemed hours. Her childs' mind unable to get around her obsessive attachment to the creature residing within. The large spider had been absent for over a day, her concern evident.

A movement some distance to the left turned her attention from the web directing it down the cart trail. Coming up the path she could see Miss Ai & ...

"Oh!" She cried in semi-sadistic glee. "Old lady's back!"

Hone Onna grimaced. Though glad the assignment over sooner than expected, she now had to cope with the attentions of "little miss nasty" & her pre-juvenile antics.

"Don't you have someone else to play with Kikuri ... -CHAN?" Putting emphasis on the pause & honorific. "I think I saw Yamawaro down the road a moment ago-"

"Waro! Waro! Waro! Waro!" The imp sped past down the cart trail, arms "airplaning" & disappeared past the turn.

"Truly the daughter of darkness," observed Wanyudo reclining on the porches' other end.

"You may not be far off on that," replied the bone woman.

Ai looked on disapprovingly though agreed inwardly. At times the child was quite a couple handsful & could be more trouble than she was worth.

Ren, seated on the steps, made an observation. "As we're all still here, I take it she didn't go through with it."

Ai hesitated. Yes. True, but more complicated.

"Her hatred was more than enough to summon me ... something ... else."

The trio looked on as she stepped inside. Mayhap e-mail had another request.


Kaorin stepped briskly into the schools' main entrance, swinging her satchel in lighthearted rythym to her tread. A great weight had been lifted. She would not commit herself to the proposed bargain & the source of her years long torment would live ... And so would she.

The possibility of eternity in hell hadn't deterred her. She had been through a self inflicted one for almost three years. With over a nights' worth of considerable thought & soul searching, she faced the reality of it being of her own making & came to terms. With determination, it could be dealt with.

Rounding corner, she espied the slack jawed apparition staring her way from down the other end of the hall.

"As for you," she thought. "You're damn lucky something like you isn't worth such pain. There's too many like you for me to tear myself up over. A few more months til graduation & I'm out of here ... And you'll be out of my life ... forever."

Marching past the creepy litt teacher, she made it an obvious point to ignore his earnest/lame greeting. Her thoughts turned to the object of her years long obsession, a tear forming.

No. Though what she wanted would never be, she wouldn't ... COULDN'T ... bring herself to pull the string on Sakaki ... ever.

Storyline (only) copyright © 4-19-2013 C V Ford


Authors' note: No ... I am not into "yuri-shipping". I just thought the plot twist to be interesting. This is a sorta' kinda' prequel to my story Not So Oblivious. Check it out!

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Gun Control: It's Not THE CHILDREN, It's THE AGENDA

Gun Control: It's Not THE CHILDREN, It's THE AGENDA

The media/poodle press does what it can to get as much milage out of a mantra as possible. In this case it's one known as THE CHILDREN(!). Especially when it comes to gun control. Lets first examine how it's used.

1. An incantation, spell, buzz/magic word for:
     A. Manipulating the emotions & channeling the actions of survivors/victims of gun violence (& parents if any.).
     B. Manipulating the emotions & channeling the actions of the low/no info masses.
     C. An easy short circuit of logic/reason in avoidance of the real issue of freedom vs false security.
     D. A verbal bludgeon in neutralizing those opposed to gun control (Or for that matter, overt regulation/censorship of movies, games, internet, reading materials, etc.).
            I. Portray opposition as hostile to children.
           II. Make opposition apologize, back peddle, cede the arguement, etc.

THE CHILDREN has nothing at all to do with children & everything to do with manipulation. It is only another term used in pigeonholing the individual into conformity. Can be associated with other collectivist terms such as: THE COMMUNITY, SOCIETY, THE GREATER GOOD, etc.

The several kinds of people using this term are:

1. Members of the low/no info masses.

2. Actual survivors/victims & some of their parents/relatives.

3. Media personalities. Who don't give a damn about children except as bodies to dance on in the exploitation of the emotions of the first two groupings. This done to further image & increase ratings/market share. As the song goes, "It's interesting when people die, give us dirty laundry".

4.Politicians, "crusaders", & other would be guardians/shapers of ones' soul. Now they actually DO care about the children. So much so they're willing to see more children die in order to further their agenda.

Which brings me to what THE CHILDREN  actually is: THE AGENDA.

Just what is ... THE AGENDA?

Its' goal : To make the individual powerless in the face of evil thus making the individual dependent on government for protection as well as for everything else.

Its' means: To curtail & eventually disposess the individual of tools, skills, & knowledge that enhance self reliance.

So ... When some celebrity/whore, politician or "man on the street" blathers away on the media about THE CHILDREN, don't fall for the krap. When one of the low/no info masses is trying to score "talking points" on you with THE CHILDREN, the closest you should come to backpedaling is to say: "Yes, I do care about children but ... " then explain what THE CHILDREN is about. More than likely you'll be up against a meat puppet trying to reaffirm what his masters have already made up his mind for. You'll know it when he resorts to repetition/chanting of his media mantras.

It goes without saying that if you know what a jerk said meat puppet is, it's best not to waste your time with him. A game you win by not playing. Besides, on the off chance you do "convert" him, he'll then be a liability for our side instead of theirs. Forget him ...

As an aside, a few days back, a CNN flack declared rhetorically in regard to opposition in Congress "... I don't see how these senators can look into the eyes of a child or a greiving parent & take the position they do." To which I could reply, "I don't see how these media whores & politicians can look into the eyes of a child or greiving parent & manipulate/use them the way they do. I can't sink that low."

If this rambling article makes me look like one heartless son of a bitch, so be it.

Just sayin' ...

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Ohayou Welcomes You: A Hell Girl Fan Fiction

Ohayou Welcomes You

A Hell Girl Fan Fiction


C V Ford

Manipulating the paddle-tiller, the pale, seemingly young one sighed as she surveyed the area about. This was not the usual & she should have felt glad when the God of Hell informed her that the "clients'" special request was granted. And yet ...

The doomed one bolted upright from the boats' keel & no further. Arms & legs held firmly in place by the litch talons emerging from the vessels' very wood grain. He knew his fate was sealed on gazing into the unblinking pale countenance of his captor. His inability to speak soon overcome & speak he did.

"This! ... Impossible! ... You ... This ... can't be real!"

"I ... am as real as any-"

"No! ... You're not! Your're-"


"A fantasy! A television show ... a cartoon ... I ... even wrote ..."

His memories reassembled, congealing back to completeness & he reviewed. Coming back to him. Yes ... A fan of anime. Perhaps too much so ... Wrote fan fiction on various shows. Put them on his blog & "self published" on fanfiction dot net ... LOTS of them.

"But if you're ... WHY ME!?"

Things focused even clearer. Yes. He remembered now. He wrote a story about this very character & series. Like all his others he put some care into it & was thus well written ... unlike many of the works of other would-be authors on the net.

As luck would have it, he ran afoul of just such an author who had earlier written a story with a superficially similar plot & story line. In a private message, the writer had all but accused him of plagiarism.

Looking at the earlier work he noted that while the plotline was VERY roughly alike, it was nowhere nearly as well written, detailed & involved as his. In some places half coherent, in others tedious & tepid. Not to mention the bad grammer & punctuation/spelling mistakes. The interlaced, "obligatory" yuri subplot was of no help either.

Unknowingly, he had succeeded where the other had failed. The high view count along with the many reviews, faves, alerts, C2s & followings he got attested to that in contrast to the others' miniscule results.

In answer, he replied he had no knowledge of the previous work AND had no intention of deleting his story from the communal site. When the other repeated his original "charge", it was jokingly suggested the fellow summon up Hell Girl & "pull the string on me".

And now ... Wait!

He looked away from the kimono clad pale one & scanned the water about. This was not the shows' dark, stagnant, rock studded expanse with floating paper lanterns lighting the way. A huge, rolling waterway was before him. Ships could be seen in the distance. Tankers, freighters, ore carriers. Not far off, a bell buoy tolled its' call in tune with the waves. Gulls soaring overhead ...  Just like in his story.

Following the flight of the birds, his eyes rested on a sight chilling him farther inward than his very marrow allowed ... To the inverse depths of his now beyond damned soul.

As in his story ... He now ... more than knew ... Knew there were places making Hell seem mild. Making perdition even seem like Heaven in comparison.

"No! ... No! ... Nooooooo! ... You can't! ... Even the god of Hell can't be this cruel! You-"

"This ... is vengeance ... So I am to ferry you to-"

"Not that! ... Not this! ... I ... Anything .... ANYTHING but ... CLEVELAND!"

Storyline (only) copyright © 4-12-13 C V Ford

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Methodology of the Anti-Gun Media

Methodology of the Anti-Gun Media

Got this while perusing the 4chan website some time after the Newtown/Sandy Hook incident. As it makes more than enough sense, I'm posting it here:

I am now exposing the methodology of the anti gun media Anonymous 12/22/12(Sat)21:12 No.13862261

Ok, /k/ommandos:

So here's what's going on right now in the US Media: ideological subversion. There is a pattern and a method at work here, and it's a pattern and method we need to educate yourselves about. It's no secret that the mass media (with the exception of Fox News, regardless of your feelings toward that network) is pushing for gun control. The majority of Americans are opposed to gun control, and the Left cannot stand this fact. We are the majority.

So what exactly is the mass media doing and how are they doing it? There's a simple answer to this question. The various news networks and publications are telling Americans what and how to think.

Here is the method they are utilizing:

1. Build an emotional shitstorm through sensationalism and bombarding us with constant reminders of the Sandy Hook Massacre, even though there is plenty of other news.

2. Present the Left's argument for gun control before the Left's politicians do. This gives the appearance of a grassroots movement.

3. Build a false narrative. For example: Evil child-killing assault weapons with glock clips, and shoulder things that go up are finding their way into the hands of murderers with ease, and are triggering gun crimes.

4. Demonize and ridicule the NRA, GOA, Republican Party, Libertarians, and anyone else who opposes gun control. Very Alinskyite.

5. Fake a consensus. Stock panels with antigunners and foreigners who don't understand America's heritage of freedom. If you want a good example of this, take a look at CNN's panel discussion a few nights ago. Three of the panelists had British accents. ( )

6. Present gun control as the only solution to the problem of violence.

7. Claim that gun control is "progress" and that the Constitution is outdated and requires revisions.

4chan 12-22-12

Yeah ... That's how they "think".

Remember folks, in spite of what CNN et al thinks, you have minds of your own. Use them.

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Twice the Child of Hell: A Hell Girl/Azumanga Daioh Crossover Fanfic

... Miss Ai looked out over the twilit scarlet expanse ...

Twice the Child of Hell

A Hell Girl/Azumanga Daioh Crossover Fanfic


C V Ford

From the porch steps, Miss Ai looked out over the twilit scarlet expanse, lightly heaving an aprehensive sigh. It had been almost a week with nary a request/assignment. Almost unheard of considering the broken world & humankinds' thirst for vengeance.

A "miracle" ... almost. Miracles weren't allowed here.

As much as she & the others welcomed this unexpected rest, the knowledge of a sooner or later abrupt ending put a damper on enjoyment. The tension of "waiting for it" increased on every uneventful days' passing.

"The stress is obviously affecting the Miss," remarked Ren as he joined Honne Onna under the tree across the cart trail. "The longer this spell lasts, the more trouble it seems."

"Speaking of which," the Bone Woman replied. "Here comes trouble ..."

"Cliche ... but apt," as the relic spirit glanced down the trail.

Coming up the tree shrouded path, Yamawaro with Kikuri ... carrying something.

"Oh ... wonderful." It wasn't she disliked cats. The geisha actually loved them. But as it was with Kikuri ...

"So where have you young ones been?" Called Wanyudo from the far end of the porch.

"The princess decided to go THERE. I couldn't let her go by herself ..."

"If she jumped off a cliff," Hone Onna muttered, "would you ... never mind."

Ren grinned, "that's two cliches."

Ai cocked her head slightly, pointing at the gray furred bundle in Kikuris' arms.

"It followed us home!" The little imp enthused. "Can we keep it?"

"And ... three!" Ren declared.

"We were going down a side street when we saw this really tall girl petting it. As we passed, it spun around & bit her then ran off. Kikuri ran after & caught it. I think some blood was drawn."

"By the cat or the kid?" Asked the geisha.

Ren suppressed a laugh while Wanyudo smiled from the porch.

Was it ... SMILING at her?

Ai was about to answer Kikuri in the negative when the cat deftly leaped from the little girls' arms to where the Hell Girl now sat on the porch steps. The creature peered up into her eyes & scrutinized. Was it ... SMILING at her?

She reached over & proceeded to stroke the animals' soft fur. It started rubbing up against her leg, purring loudly.

"Be careful Miss Ai," Yamawaro warned. "He's a biter."

They all watched for half a minute as Ai gave the cat the attention it sought.

"Usually any creature wandering here doesn't stay very long," Ren thought aloud. "I wonder ..."

The cat brusquely turned its attention from Ai, walking to the front door & peered in.

"Kitteee hee, hee, hee!" Kikuri ran past Ai after the cat. On its' part, the animal lowered into a playful crouch as if to spring & did ... Into the little girls' arms. She hugged the creature close.

"They seem made for each other," stated Wanyudo.

"Too much so," observed Hone-Onna. "This may not bode well."

Ren looked over at the Bone Woman. "How can you-"

An all too familiar phrase sounded from within the interior of the cottage.

"Ai ... You have a message."

In resignation, Ai answered. "Thank you grandmother."

The geisha answered Ren. "See?"

Storyline (only) copyright © 4-3-13 C V Ford

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Disclaimer: The preceding is a NON-PROFIT work of fan fiction for entertainment purposes only. I make no claim to ownership of the copyrighted names/characters, places, & events mentioned in this work. They are the sole properties of their respective owners. Please, by all means support the owners of such properties in the purchase & enjoyment of their products.