Friday, April 12, 2013

Ohayou Welcomes You: A Hell Girl Fan Fiction

Ohayou Welcomes You

A Hell Girl Fan Fiction


C V Ford

Manipulating the paddle-tiller, the pale, seemingly young one sighed as she surveyed the area about. This was not the usual & she should have felt glad when the God of Hell informed her that the "clients'" special request was granted. And yet ...

The doomed one bolted upright from the boats' keel & no further. Arms & legs held firmly in place by the litch talons emerging from the vessels' very wood grain. He knew his fate was sealed on gazing into the unblinking pale countenance of his captor. His inability to speak soon overcome & speak he did.

"This! ... Impossible! ... You ... This ... can't be real!"

"I ... am as real as any-"

"No! ... You're not! Your're-"


"A fantasy! A television show ... a cartoon ... I ... even wrote ..."

His memories reassembled, congealing back to completeness & he reviewed. Coming back to him. Yes ... A fan of anime. Perhaps too much so ... Wrote fan fiction on various shows. Put them on his blog & "self published" on fanfiction dot net ... LOTS of them.

"But if you're ... WHY ME!?"

Things focused even clearer. Yes. He remembered now. He wrote a story about this very character & series. Like all his others he put some care into it & was thus well written ... unlike many of the works of other would-be authors on the net.

As luck would have it, he ran afoul of just such an author who had earlier written a story with a superficially similar plot & story line. In a private message, the writer had all but accused him of plagiarism.

Looking at the earlier work he noted that while the plotline was VERY roughly alike, it was nowhere nearly as well written, detailed & involved as his. In some places half coherent, in others tedious & tepid. Not to mention the bad grammer & punctuation/spelling mistakes. The interlaced, "obligatory" yuri subplot was of no help either.

Unknowingly, he had succeeded where the other had failed. The high view count along with the many reviews, faves, alerts, C2s & followings he got attested to that in contrast to the others' miniscule results.

In answer, he replied he had no knowledge of the previous work AND had no intention of deleting his story from the communal site. When the other repeated his original "charge", it was jokingly suggested the fellow summon up Hell Girl & "pull the string on me".

And now ... Wait!

He looked away from the kimono clad pale one & scanned the water about. This was not the shows' dark, stagnant, rock studded expanse with floating paper lanterns lighting the way. A huge, rolling waterway was before him. Ships could be seen in the distance. Tankers, freighters, ore carriers. Not far off, a bell buoy tolled its' call in tune with the waves. Gulls soaring overhead ...  Just like in his story.

Following the flight of the birds, his eyes rested on a sight chilling him farther inward than his very marrow allowed ... To the inverse depths of his now beyond damned soul.

As in his story ... He now ... more than knew ... Knew there were places making Hell seem mild. Making perdition even seem like Heaven in comparison.

"No! ... No! ... Nooooooo! ... You can't! ... Even the god of Hell can't be this cruel! You-"

"This ... is vengeance ... So I am to ferry you to-"

"Not that! ... Not this! ... I ... Anything .... ANYTHING but ... CLEVELAND!"

Storyline (only) copyright © 4-12-13 C V Ford

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Disclaimer: The preceding is a NON-PROFIT work of fan fiction for entertainment purposes only. I make no claim to ownership of the copyrighted names/characters, places, & events mentioned in this work. They are the sole properties of  their respective owners. Please, by all means support the owners of such properties in the purchase & enjoyment of their works.

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