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Lost HER Muzak: A Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction Story

Lost HER Muzak: A Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction Story


C V Ford


Slipping the cassette into the SDAT, Asuka snapped the lid into place. Picking up its' former occupant, she examined it with a mild disdain.

"Hmmph!" She hmmphed. "This dipwad has no real taste in music at all. Kyu Sakamoto? I swear ... These Japanese have no idea what real music is like.

"Though ... that 'Sukiyaki' sure fits him to a T!" (1)

Leaving his room, the redhead sat at the kitchen table and started leafing through the magazine thereon. Smiling to herself, thinking of the fun soon to be had.

She found the old cassette in a box full of them at a thrift shop toward the outskirts of Tokyo 3. A second thought wouldn't have been given if one of them hadn't grabbed her attention. Her quick blue eyes caught a glimpse of the label.


Snapping it up, she gave it a quick once over. German songs? Yes ... The songs were in German all right. Of a kind not exactly fun, party music. A reminder of home albeit a quite negative one.

On her first hmmph of the day she was about to put it back when an idea for pranking lit up her mind.

"Why not? Be an 'interesting' change from that krap he zones out to on that relic of his! Be interesting to see what his reaction would be."

Looking at the kitchen clock Asuka noted the time.

"About due back from those synch tests. Any minute and-"

As if on cue.

"I'm home!"

"Quiet dork brain! Misato's still sleeping. She's on duty tonight y'know."

"Right!" Shinji whispered, noting a groan coming from Misatos' room.

Having already showered at NERV test labs, Ikari headed toward his room.

"Okay," Asuka 'revving' up. "Three ... two ... one ... Cue the angry mob ... "

Of course it took a bit longer than that and was worth the wait.

"What the- Hey!"

Stomping out of his room, SDAT in hand, through the hall and living room to find a giggling Asuka hiding her face in the magazine.

"Y'know Asuka? I've often wondered about you," Shinji holding up the tape player, "and this pretty much confirms my suspicions."


"Y'know what I mean ... Sadisma-chan ... your manner, the way you act toward me when no one else is around. The way you-"

The magazine hit the table with a resounding slap.

"I beg your VERY inadequate pardon!"

"I mean ... You're German, right?"

"I'm also Japanese!" Rising from the table, blue eyes flashing. "Just what are you not so subtly implying?! Just what-"


Clad in characteristic skimpy cut-offs, the now harbinger of death that was Misato stood framed in the kitchen doorway. Lopsided leer/smile in contrast to downturned eyebrows.

"Oh ... Misato," greeted Shinji, embarrassed look. "You're up early, I mean-"

"Damn straight I'm up early. Who needs an alarm clock when-"

"These older folks so do need their sleep Shinji," explained the redhead in mock seriousness.

"Can it, you! All right ... kiddies! Just what is it this time. Just WHAT i-," cut off by herself in mid utterance, the Operations Chiefs' eyes on what Shinji held, she hissed, " ... Esss ... DAT!"

"Ist dass ... er ... DAT ein S Dat?" Asuka laughing. "Oh ja!"

"Uh ... erm ... " Not finding words, Ikari started lowering his arms as a prelude to hiding the player behind his back.

"Oh no ya' don't!" Katsuragi exclaimed grabbing the portable from Shinjis' grasp.

"Let's see ... uh ... hear what's on this thing now."

The young man, eyes rolling, stared up at the ceiling as Misato popped the ear buds in, a smirking Asuka looking on.

"Let's see what she makes of that," thought the redhead as the major hit rewind, backing the tape up a few inches.

"Heyyy! This isn't so bad."

Both the youngsters gaped at Misato, then each other, then back at the major.

"Kinda' military, right? I could march to this!" She proclaimed stepping in place.

"Don't know a lick of German but this sounds goood."

"You don't know!?" Both teens in unison.

"Know what?" Questioned Misato removing the ear buds.

"We just went over that in history class last week," Shinji started to explain.

"You'd think she'd know ... ," Asuka grinning from the safety of the tables' far side. "... considering how OLD she is."

Slowly Katsuragi turned, step by step, inch by inch.

"Watch it, kid!" Misato ominously warned, plucking out the earbuds. "I may have been born when cassettes were still going strong but that doesn't make me old! I'm only TWENTY NINE fer cryin' out loud!"

Instantly calming, the major paused, putting on a big grin toward Asuka.

"So's Kajiiiiii ..."

"Hmmph!" Arms now crossed, Asuka hmmphed her umpteenth hmmph of the day.

"So just what is it about this I should know?"

"Uh ... have a seat Misato," Shinji invited.

Sitting down, the NERV tac ops chief set the player on the table. Still on, the device played the last verse of the initial song on the tape, sound from the earbuds barely reaching the conversationalists:

Die Fahne hoch die Reihen fest geschlossen,

S. A. marschiert mit ruhrig festem Schritt,

Kam'raden die Rotfront und Reaktion erschossen,

Marschier'n im Geist in unsern Reihen mit.


Storyline (only) copyright © 7-3-15 C V Ford

The lyrics are from the first and fourth verses of the Horst Wessel Song, the anthem of the National Socialist German Workers Party, aka the NAZI Party.

1. Ue o Muite ArukĊu (namida ga kobore nai you ni) - (1963) - I Will Walk Looking Up (so the tears won't fall). Sung by Kyu Sakamoto. Lyrics by Rokusuke Ei and music by Hachidai Nakamura.

Americans "renamed" the song Sukiyaki as it was easier to associate even though the food hasn't a thing to do with the song.

This song figures greatly in the Studio Ghibli anime film, From Up on Poppy Hill.

You Tube link for song and still scenes of From Up On Poppy Hill  here.

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Disclaimer: The preceding is a NON-PROFIT work of fan fiction for entertainment purposes only. I make no claim to ownership of the copyrighted names/characters, places, lyrics and events mentioned in this work. They are the sole properties of  their respective owners. Please, by all means support the owners of such properties in the purchase and enjoyment of their works.

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Angel Beats Hells' Kitchen OVA: I Don't Think I'll Bother

"Tense" moment involving Nodas' grudge with
Otonashi. My guess is Noda gets killed first.

Angel Beats Hells' Kitchen OVA: I Don't Think I'll Bother

I was awaiting this with baited breath until I skimmed the reviews. The one in the Wikipedia episode list goes:

Set between episodes two and three, during Golden Week, Yuri arranges for the SSS to go on a deadly picnic, which involves most of the members trying to kill each other with various traps and gadgets. Sensing an opportunity, Girls Dead Monster members Miyuki and Shiori conspire to kill Iwasawa and seize control of the band from her. As the boys largely fall victim to various traps, leaving just Otonashi alive, Miyuki and Shiori attempt to lead Iwasawa into various pitfalls, but she survives each one while remaining completely oblivious. They attempt to use their last trap, a dreadful concoction, with the help of Shiina, but it instead lands on Hisako, who transforms into a bloodthirsty monster that not even Angel can stop. Sometime later, Miyuki and Shiori explain the events of the picnic to Yui and how they inspired the band to take on their current name.

Hmm ... sounds even goofier than the first OVA.

My estimate of Yuri has gone down a bit. She seems to be something of a sadistic little b---h in having your friends kill each other off.

While yes, in the Angel Beats world death has been reduced to the status of a punch in the nose, one would think at least a few in the Battlefront would be plotting to kill off Yuri or at least lock her up in a "contemplation" room where she couldn't harm anyone. This is the kind of "leader" I would NOT follow.

I'll just rate this as a curiosity and not consider it part of Angel Beats. Pretty much the way I'm getting to view the Evangelion "rebuild" films.

Just sayin' ...

Angel Beats: Not a Haruhi Clone here:

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Bake My Cake You Damn Breeders! ... Or Else ...

Pretty much what the Supreme Court has put us into.

Bake My Cake You Damn Breeders! ... Or Else ...

135,000 dollar "legal" blackmail penalty for not baking a cake. Coming to a bakery or any other small business near you.

Further details here.

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The Dukes of Hazzard: What An Offensive Show!

A show about three straight WHITE kids "fightin' the system"
and ramming around in an environmentally unsound vehicle with
a "racist" symbol painted on it. Now THAT'S offensive!

The Dukes of Hazzard: What An Offensive Show!

I originally disliked this show (With the exception of Catherine Bach/Daisy Duke.) as I thought it denigrated the south and white people in general. I never thought it to be a symbol of ethnic pride and love of ancestry.

Now ...

I'm still not crazy about the show but TV Lands' cancellation of the show has put it in a different light for me.

When you think about it ... The show REALLY IS OFFENSIVE!


There's that AWFUL car those rednecks in the show ride around in.

It has a Confederate battle flag painted on its' roof ... RACISM!

It's named The General Lee ... MORE RACISM!. (Forget the fact that General Robert E. Lee was anti slavery and freed those working on the plantation as soon as he inherited them and the property.).

And if that's not enough, the horn plays the first twelve notes of ... get this ...
DIxie. That's right ... EVEN MORE RACISM!

It's a modified 1969 Dodge Charger ... ENVIRONMENTALLY UNSOUND!

It's painted orange ... Halloween colors scare kids. At least the liberals' kids.


The Bo and Luke Duke characters are straight, WHITE men who work for a living ... Thus racist, homophobic and just plain lowest of the low. I mean ... What else could they be?


Daisy Duke enjoys being a girl which no doubt gets the feminists' panties in a bunch.

No doubt some gay men get scared just by looking at her. Can't have that.


Their foiling and subversion of corrupt authority figures and their scams threaten the sensibilities of those who respect and revere the STATE.

Yes ... Truely an offensive show.

Just sayin' ...

Wikipedia article on The Dukes of Hazzard here.

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I Posted a Confederate Flag ... HATE ME!

The despicable symbol of haters, bigots, bible thumpers, gun owners and late
to early '60s/'70s Dodge Charger owners everywhere. Oh that DAISY DUKE!

I Posted a Confederate Flag ... HATE ME!

Now why would I do that? Heck, all that chest pounding and shedding of crocodile tears makes me want to rebel. And I'm revolting enough as it is! Just ask anyone who knows me.

Right after that humanoid POS shot and killed those church goers in Charleston, our beloved Prez, Hilary Clinton, and the rest of the political/media/celeb circus chimed in trying to keep a perfect tragedy from going to waste, making political hay and screaming for gun control.

Yeah, I do have definite views on race and history. But ... A scumbag's a scumbag (In and out of media and politics.) and innocent people are innocent, I don't care what you look like.

Well, since that attack on gun ownership by the do-gooders, media whores, politicians and "those who care" SO MUCH fell a bit flat, they decided to go after the Confederate battle flag instead.

By the way, for all those who keep misnaming the Confederate battle flag as the "stars 'n bars", here's the actual one:

Note the stars. Note the bars.

I swear, some folks are so messed up they think Daisy Duke is David Dukes' daughter.

Just sayin' ...

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