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Ann Coulter HATES Soccer! OH! ... The Horror!

Ann Coulter HATES Soccer! OH! ... The Horror!

I read the article. I thought it was quite funny. Even funnier is the "backlash" she may have received from writing it.

So far I've heard one sportscaster complain and one internet pundit get his panties in a bunch over it. A quick Google search revealed over 12 million hits about it. No doubt, not all of them favorable.

The fact the article was in jest makes the "whining" about it all that funnier. So many folks out their with little or no sense of humor.

I myself never gave a tinkers' damn about soccer ... or any other team sport for that matter.

There are far more important things going on in the world than people bouncing/kicking a ball around. The sportscasters and do-nothing spectators who think the world of it, I'm sure have their opinions. She has hers, I have mine.

I'm quite willing to let you have yours too.

Jus' sayin' ...

Coulter/soccer article here.

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Why Highschool of the Dead Is Better Than The Walking Dead

I find this character much more intriguing than
that sullen creature on The Walking Dead.

Why Highschool of the Dead Is Better Than The Walking Dead

Off the Top of My Head ...

First, let's get this straight. NEITHER show is treading new ground. IT'S ALL BEEN DONE BEFORE. The recently dead rise, walk the earth and eat the living. DONE TO DEATH AND BEYOND. I really don't understand the popularity of such shows except that perhaps "zombies" are comparitively cheap to portray than other monsters and thus dough is saved in making this krap.

I only have THREE, yes, three such movies/shows in my collection. The original Night of the Living Dead from '68, Return of the Living Dead (Funny AND disturbing and I'm not talking Linnea Quigley!), and High School of the Dead. An ... Uh oh! ... ANIME!

I don't need any more. The rest is garbage ... Including The Walking Dead.

High School of the Dead, yes again, an anime, is the latest I have. You Tubed it before and picked it up on impulse as a used copy at Half Price Books. Certainly wasn't going to pay full price for it. It was the combo of the genres that got to me.

The fan service? Admittedly, that had a part. It's so exagerated and over the top that I'm still deciding wether to take THAT seriously or not. Is it meant to titillate or satorise? Probably both.

As for it being better than The Walking Dead, here goes ...

1. Brevity - HOTD is 12 half hour episodes. That's it. TWD is an hour each, into it's 5th season and never seems to end. Shoot! Tell your dang story and move on!

2. Character development - In HOTD you have just enough of it without getting into a Marvel Comics treatment/analysis. Also the "main" characters stick around and aren't killed off just after you've gotten attatched to them as in TWD.

3. Lack of "message" or agenda - HOTD being a product of a monoracial/monocultural society, reflects that. Unlike TWD, it doesn't have a "polite", PC/diversity driven, pro-feminist undertone in an effort to appeal to the masses of asses.

The problem with most mass media sci-fi/horror made here is that it's nothing more than stories about todays social issues "set in outer space" or whatever fantastical backdrop the show is trying to depict.

4. HOTD doesn't take itself seriously. - Or rather its fans don't. I've run into TWD "believers" who think "theirs" is GOSPEL.

Seriously. Folks who scoffed loud and long at me when I was into the survivalist movement back in the '80s are now giving me "tips" on staying alive ... Tips they got from TWD!

I comment that anyone going around eliminating opponents, undead or otherwise, with a sword or a Black 'n Decker, get what they deserve. If you're close enough to touch someone, they're close enought to touch YOU. If they're within arms length, you have failed to defend yourself. Shoot 'em!

"OH NO!" They chide. "The object is to survive. You must save your ammo."

The time to "save" your ammo is when you're out shopping at the hardware store, NOT when you're fighting for your life. THAT'S the time to "waste" ammo (It's not waste when you make every shot count however.).

"OOOOO! But you can't shoot them! The sound will attract more!"

Now were sorta' kinda' getting in to the realm of "Who would win in a fight? Superman or Mighty Mouse?" Superman of course. He's a real person!

Sigh ... Both HOTD and TWD are FANTASIES. Neither one should be taken seriously. Neither one should be considered a guide to tactical combat or crisis management. As much as we like our shows ... zombies are impossible.

That and anyone taking their tactical ques from movies/shows and utilizing them in an actual street situation are asking for a world of hurt.

5. Honesty - HOTD is a cartoon that doesn't present itself as anything else. TWD is a pretentious load a' bull trying to pass itself off as some kind of existential tour de force.

Being honest with myself, I'll go with the former.

Jus' sayin ...

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DUCKZILLA! Surging up from the depths of the sea on a tidal wave of terror!


"The arrogance of man is thinking nature is in our control and not the other way around."- Ken Watanabe as Dr. Ishiro Serizawa in, Godzilla (Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures, 2014).

No more is this brought home to me than when I'm at work and I see the ducks swimming in the fountain out front.

Stupid ducks.

Just sayin' ...

A Few Things Godzilla here.

The New Godzilla? Forget it! here.

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In Gods' Good Time: Chapter Seven of an Angel Beats Fan Fiction Story

Shiina crouched in the darkness just inside the forests' edge ...

In Gods' Good Time


C V Ford

Chapter 7: Night Run!

Shiina crouched in the darkness just inside the forests' edge. She didn't mind Yuris' command to watch over the foreigners' apartment. Though she wanted in on the nights' operation, she had a personal stake in surveiling the residential building and the gaijin within. The American could be clever and matching wits might be a challenge.

The apartment was third floor (top), southeast corner, overlooking the campus. An excellent observation point, almost as good as the principals' former office.

She tensed as the sound of gunfire southeast towards the cafeteria area started up. Angel was on the move and fellow members of the tri-S doing what they could to impede her in their grabbing the meal tickets.

The ninja girl wanted badly to be with them but knew of the importance of her own task. They had no idea whose side the outsider was on thus needed watching while the op commenced. If he interfered ... she knew what to do.

As she was the only one scoping out the building (Yuri attending the op in her stead.), she couldn't cover all sides at once. She chose to keep primarily to the east side alternating up and down covering front and back. Shiina knew there was a chance he could get out unseen ...


And unknowingly, Jack did just that, slipping out a side door on the buildings' WEST side being just missed by Shiina as she slipped back to the east. Bandolier clipped on, rifle in hand, the man clinging to the shadows of the structure, proceeded to the southeast corner.

The space between the building and forest on the far side of the paved paths' entrance was wide. He'd have to chance it and did.


Shiina , at the northeast corner looked down the buildings' length, just catching a glimpse of a stealthy figure dashing across and diving into the trees. The race was on!


"WHY ... the ... hell ... am ... I ... DOING ... this!?"

The thought ran through Jacks' head as he scuttled through trees and brush, running to the sound of the guns. The intelligent thing was to stay on the floor at "home" waiting it out. Yet, here he was, dashing about the foliage towards the battle. Did the new found youth also entail an accompanying lack of intelligence or immaturity? Young, dumb, and full of ... He only knew he had to be there, if anything, see what it was about.

Keeping in the tree line, he skirted past the maintenance buildings. Turning the corner of the pool building he headed south toward Class B and the second entrance bridge beyond which the sound of firing was coming from. The cafeteria ...


Shiina couldn't believe the speed the foreigner put on ...

That old guy is fast! Shiina couldn't believe the speed the foreigner put on. This was not going to be short work. Yuri was right ... the crazy American WAS armed! With the biggest looking rifle she'd ever seen. Like something out of what the others called ... movies. Nothing like the "plastic" the Battlefront carried.


He skidded to a stop at the edge of the trees looking out on the road a few feet away leading from the second entrance bridge. The firing had stopped and now the sound of many running feet approaching.

In a crouch, Jack tensed, readying himself but not poised to fire. He had no idea who was coming and wasn't sure if friend or foe. It was only a look-see anyway.


A few feet away with blades drawn, Shiina poised, ready to spring. She noted him only holding the rifle at the ready but not in a firing posture. As if only wanting to observe. If he did take aim, she was confident he would be dead meat.


Duffy, surprised yet not surprised at what appeared. As semi-expected, it was some of the group that he had been in mutual observance of the last couple days. Some carrying bags of ... confetti?

Halberd wielder, sword guy, big guy this time with what looked to be an MG42, the "ticky" blindfolded fellow with a pistol. Several others carrying a variety of firearms including an RPK and other military weapons. Certainly explained the full-auto fire. A new one appeared ...

"Gotta' be the 'Dragon Lady'," he thought.

The young woman, bringing up the rear, seeing no one left behind ...

The young woman, bringing up the rear, seeing no one left behind, wearing a white beret and wielding an aluminum/stainless Beretta 92.

He watched as they disappeared around the far corner of Class B, waiting a few seconds before leaving concealment for a look down the way they had come. Curious as to what they were running from.

Rifle at the ready, he peered down the paved roadway over the bridge, making out a white, silvery 'emminence' approaching. The emminence slowly materialized  into a petit apparition.

An apparition with quite deadly looking blades out the sleeves of her khaki blazer.

An apparition with quite deadly looking blades out the sleeves of her khaki blazer.

For Jack Duffy, everything had gone from Twilight Zone to simply bad science fiction.

"Next thing ya' know, she'll be deflecting bullets with those knives," he mused.

As the diminutive "specter" came near, Jack pushed in the safety and slowly set the Garand on the ground. Sidling away from the rifle, he held out his hands in a firm but peaceful gesture. He still had the .45 after all.

The blades slowly drew into the sleeves, 'force field' still on. Smart girl.

"Uh ... Ms. Tachibana?"

The white haired visage blinked once.

"Kanade? ... Are we ... still ... 'friends'?"

She gave a slow nod.

"Heard shooting ... came running. Wanna' tell me what it's about?"

"Some of the students," she paused, "are not ... cooperative."

With that, she slowly backed away a safe distance, turned, walking back the way she came.

"Same answer from before," he thought then asked aloud to no one in particular: "Just WHAT have I been sucked into?"

Some scraps of paper flitting in the breeze caught his eye. Picking a couple up, he examined.

"Meal tickets ... From the cafeteria ... What gives?"

Cradling the rifle, Duffy went back the way HE came, missing Shiina by a few feet. In semi-disbelief, she saw the whole thing. Yuri was definitely going to be MOST interested.


"He was actually talking to her?" Oyama stared amazed.

"Oh, yeah!" The leader exclaimed. "Noda and I hung back behind the corner of B, saw everything."

"Too bad we weren't close enough to hear," said Noda.

"Couldn't have been much as long as it took," Yuri continued. "Not like they were friends. More like an uneasy truce."

"Would be a help if we knew for sure," said Hinata.

"I'd say they're together!" Noda declared. "They didn't fight so they must be working with each other."

"May be ... ," Yuri speculated, "but maybe not ..."

"Maybe not."

All eyes went to Shiinas' usual corner of the room ...

A hush fell over the room. Someone had spoken but who? All eyes went to Shiinas' usual corner of the room and ... as no one had ever usually seen her leave or enter, everyone was surprised/not surprised seeing her there.

"I wasn't more than twenty feet away, saw and heard everything."

"What DID they say?" Inquired the leader.

"He acted real surprised, like he didn't expect her at all. Asked if they were still uh ... 'friends' but as if uncertain as to where they stood with each other. Angel was her usual impassive self."

Everyone in the room felt the import of what the ninja girl said. She was a young lady of very few words. In saying anything it had to be worthy of note.

"Said he heard shooting and came to look. Wanted to know what was going on."

"She SAY anything?"

"Only about us being ... um ... uncooperative."

A laugh or two emerged from the group but stopped as Shiina frowned.

"That's when you saw her leave."

"I say we GET him! They gotta' be both in on it somehow ..."

"I say we GET him!" Noda declared. "They gotta' be both in on it somehow."

The murmur running through the room was quelled when Yuri asked, "anything else Shiina?"

"I was going to attack if he was about to shoot anyone, but all he did was watch you go by." She focused on Yuri and Noda. "He seemed just as surprised to see you as you were of him. He was in an excellent position to cause you all grief but didn't."

"O ... Kay," Yuri started. "We've got an unknown quantity here. Someone who may or may not be an enemy. A foreigner ... with his own weapons and who knows what else ... Actions could be thought of as suspicious ..."

"Really no more suspicious than any of us when we arrived." All eyes on Takamatsu. "It's easy to imagine what he must be thinking."

"A foreigner?" Noda. "Come on!"

"Who knows WHAT they think," Fujimaki put in.

 "Anti Christ! Superstar!" TK

"He may not be hostile," said Matsushita. "He DID try to talk to US first."

"Then he got ahold of Angel," Noda interrupted.

"Only because we were ordered-," the big guy nodded to Yuri, "-not to say anything ... and I pointed Angel out to him."

"You seemed a might impressed."

"No adult talked to me like I was one. You could say I was impressed."

"The fact of the matter is," said Hinata, "he TRIED to communicate first. Twice in fact. He did say he wanted to talk to you, Yuri."

"Not only did we shun him," Takamatsu interjected, "but we put the word out for everyone else to do the same. He knows someone, US, are watching him ... and now knows we're armed. If he isn't on anyones' side he soon will be ... Angels'. And the fault would be ours."

"Could be he already is," Fujimaki surmised.

"Explains how he got the gun." Noda.

"We've ... never known Angel to work with ANYONE," Oyama put in sitting next to the impatient Fujimaki, "and guns just aren't her thing."

"So," Yuri took on the air of conclusion. "We've got other things right now. We have to get most of the meal tickets to the Guild and pick up more ammo. We watch him one more day. If he tries to talk, be polite ... tell him ... we're about to get in touch with him. I'd like to- ... Fujimaki! ... Quit ranking on Oyama and pay attention!"

The swordsman stopped 'soft knuckling' Oyamas' head and removed his arm from around the unfortunates' neck.

"I'll have a talk with this Duffy-san the next 24 hours."

"I'll have a talk with this Duffy-san the next 24 hours."

To be continued ...

Storyline and original characters (only) copyright © 5-1-14 C V Ford


In Gods' Good Time chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

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Dave Brat Defeats Eric Cantor: The Martini Glasses Go CRASH!

Dave Brat, WINNER!

Dave Brat Defeats Eric Cantor: The Martini Glasses Go CRASH!

Tuesday 6-10-14

Across the nation, in one country club after another, elitist cries of fright and dismay accompanied the sound of thousands upon thousands of martini glasses hitting the floor. The House Majority Leader, Eric "The Anointed One" Cantor was soundly defeated in the Republicrat primary by "Tea Partier" Dave Brat in the race for the 7th Congressional District of Virginia.

Never before in the history of this country has the House Majority Leader of either party EVER been defeated in a primary.

Cantor could still do a lot of damage between now and when he leaves.

Cantor had all the backing. All the money. All the publicity money could buy. He outspent Brat by a margin of at least twenty to one ... And still lost with only 44% of the vote.

With the expense of about a hundred grand in his campaign, Brat breezed to victory with 56% of the vote.

This has shaken the Republicrat party elites to the very core and pit of their favorite adult beverage garnish. Mr. Cantor certainly has been choking on the toothpick and olive.

The fight isn't over yet. Mr. Brats' campaign so far has been financed by small contributions and he'll need more going into the main campaign against whatever socialist non-entity the Demicans have running against him.

His web site can be reached here.

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In Gods' Good Time: Chapter Six of an Angel Beats Fan Fiction Story

The kids were having their aforementioned "bust up", letting off steam.

In Gods' Good Time: Chapter Six of an Angel Beats Fan Fiction Story


C V Ford


Chapter 6: Answers

He didn't sleep long and with one eye open at that. At 5 AM it was up and out. This time in a clockwise direction of the schoolgrounds' perimeter. Jack counted on his observers to be typical young people in not getting up earlier than they had to, especially since he would be passing the dorms early on. Seemed to have paid off. Only the odd maintenance staffer could be seen about the various buildings.

Another climb of the cel tower and optical scan revealing the same from yesterday. Unless supplies were by air or somehow delivered underground , there was no way the place would continue to function for long.

Leaving the tower area, he continued cross country instead of the gravel path. Not noticing the stealthy, silent observer in the foliage and early morning gloom. It was an affair of honor for Shiina now and if Yuri gave the word ... she'd strike.

Jack took his time walking the school perimeter, taking in every detail he could. The other two gravel paths ended about a hundred yards into the woods leading to only more trees and "rabbit trails".

It was almost 9 AM when he dragged himself back to his apartment. Grabbing some cereal, he took a not so quick nap. It was almost noon when he awoke.

He thought it better to start asking questions of the Battlefront and who better than the members themselves? One sure place to find some was the cafeteria and it was there he headed.

Reactions from passing students seemed the same. Either complete indifference, or stares and hushed remarks to one another. Most among the "normal" uniforms. Obviously not all the "sentients" were Battlefront members.

He found them easily enough. Sitting at the same few tables as the day before, "dragon lady" not in evidence. Tired of the furtiveness of before he decided on the direct approach ... which was to go up to the "biggest and baddest" and/or most authoritative looking as that would most likely be the "leader" at the moment. In this case the large framed Matsushita.

A hush fell across the group as they saw the approaching foreigner. They hadn't expected this.

"Excuse me," Jack cleared his throat and did a slight bow. "Matsushita-san is it?"

The large teen was taken somewhat aback. He was not used to being addressed in a polite manner by an adult.

Other Battlefront members either smiling nervously or mouths hanging open, watched. The Utari girl, deadpan expressionless. Jack kept a mental eye on Fujimaki the sword bearer.

And the blonde ... Was that a mic extension on the side of her face? Yes ... she was wearing a headset of some kind ... Wireless mic ... radio?

"As you may have noticed," Duffy started, "I'm not from around here-"

An understatement that elicited some intakes of breath and nervous giggles.

" -and I was wondering if you or someone else could clue me in as to what all this is about."

Matsushita 5th Dan was at a loss for words. He quickly recovered as he noticed someone else approaching.

Pointing past Jack he said, "I think SHE might help you."

Jack turned slightly as front members let out more gasps and giggles.

Coming directly towards them was a small, petite, elfin figure. White hair, yellow eyes, with a look of calm authority. It was evident she was not with this bunch. Clad in "normal" uniform, bright khaki blazer, black skirt, she seemed quiet and yet, in her own dainty way ... strong.

The diminutive one looked up at the foreigner.

"You shouldn't be here."

Even more hesitant chuckles from behind and louder.

Duffy held up his lanyard ID. "This says different but I'm inclined to agree ... If you have answers, I have questions."

She motioned to a table several over from the Battlefronts' where they sat across from one another.

The kid made for a very poor Rod Serling (1). At least ol' Rod let one partly in on the "joke" at the beginning of each episode. Jack found quickly she answered best when given direct questions. Here for a tense 24+ hours and finally some answers set in stone. He decided on starting with the news mans' five ws'.

"Who ... are you?"

"Kanade Tachibana"

"What ... are you in relation to this place?"

"Student Council President."

"What ... IS this place?"

"Heavens' Academy."

"I take it this is a school."


"Other than the obvious, what ... IS this place for?"

"For those who cooperate, it can bring rewards."

"Rewards? ... as in ..."

"To pass on."

"What do you mean by ... uh ... 'to pass on'?"

"Transcendance ... destiny ..."

"Oh ... great!" Jack thought. "Kid's spacey as a-"

He decided to cut to the chase.

"WHY am I here?"

"I do not know ... Only you would know that."

An idea hit him. A School is for education so ...

"Why ... ," he gestured to the cafeteria scene about him, "are THEY here?"

"Rewards ..."

Not THAT again!

"Uh ... how ... did ... I ... uh ... THEY ... get here?"

"They died."

"Now we're getting somewhere ... ," Duffy thought, " ... Not!"

The Q & A session continued, resulting in Duffys' being informed of a bad situation. The girl patiently giving answers he did not at all like.

"Is this Heaven/hell?"

"In spite of the schools' name, I am not sure."

"No one gets sick here? ... Really? Does anyone grow old here?"

"No one has been here long enough to find out."

That gave him a chill.

"How does one leave?"

"They just ... go."

"Go as in ... vanish? Disappear?"


"Terrific!" He thought. "The 'rapture'!"


"Their fate. Destiny."



"Seeing as this may be a Buddhist/Shinto kind of arrangement ... does reincarnation come into the picture?"


Because of her emotionless style of delivery, Jack wondered if she might be one of
the "zombies", yet he detected something behind the yellow eyes saying different

The man was really yearning for a talk with the smiling smoker in the Kuppenheimer (2) suit. It wasn't like pulling teeth so much as knowing which ones to pull. Even then, this dead pan Tachibana kid was not an outpouring of info. Because of her emotionless style of delivery, Jack wondered if she might be one of the "zombies", yet he detected something behind the yellow eyes saying different.

All through their non-discussion, sidelong glances revealed the Front people either staring intently at them or engaged in subdued conversation. Some, including Matsushita and Fujimaki, watching in a rather hostile manner toward the girl.

And yes ... that ... Yusa ... was talking into that headset, her hand up to her ear as if pressing a transmit button.

"You don't seem to be well liked by that bunch. What's up with that?"

"Some students," she paused as if picking words carefully, "... are not cooperative."

"Cooperative ... ? In what way?"

"Acceptance." The eyes blinked once. "I must go now. Afternoon classes will soon start and I have other tasks."

"I have further questions. Is there any way we can get in touch later?"

"I will be ... around."

With that, the girl excused herself and left.

Watching her leave, he checked his notes doing a quick summary. Wether he "died" or not he couldn't be sure but there was no denying he was in an alien place/situation. He also couldn't deny the events of the past couple days and that he was in the best physical shape he hadn't been in many years. Though this wasn't Heaven, it certainly wasn't the colossal mideival torture chamber he envisioned hell to be, a cackling Vincent Price (3) and all.

He got up from the table and strode over to where the Battlefront contingent was seated. He now had a lot more info than before but felt a different perspective useful.

"Get what you want?" A half smirk on 5th Dans' face and snickers all around.

"Perhaps. Can I ask a favor of you?" Keeping a level tone in his voice. He heeded the words of John Wayne (4): 'Talk low ... and slow ... and don't say much.'

"Uh ..."

"I would like to speak with Ms. Nakamura if that could be arranged."

Excusing himself Jack left the same way as Tachibana. Front members either somewhat amazed or talking among themselves.

"That sure took some nerve!" Fujimaki exclaimed. "I oughta'-"

"Yuri said do nothing for now but watch," the big fellow said. "Nerve? I like that in an opponent."

NERV ... ous was more like it. Duffy wasn't happy with the situation but felt the direct approach best for the moment. There were more of them than he and a show of weakness could only make things worse ... perhaps ... fatal?



If even half of what the Tachibana kid said was true ... A fight with anyone would be pointless. You'd only come back.

These Battlefront kids seemed organized but were they dangerous? Nothing on that blog indicated they were hostile in a physically menacing way, only suspicious and ... strange. All the same ... calling themselves the "Battlefront" ... like some resistance group.

Armed with new questions and a "better" understanding of his present situation, he decided another talk with the principal worth a try.  It wasn't. He received a repeat of the nice speech on the benefits of education and youth profiting thereby. When asked direct questions about the schools' exact location and the logistics in supply, etc. the "robot" would at best refer to vague generalities. After he politely exited, Jack concluded the principal was no more in charge of the place than he was.

Who was? SOMEONE had to be. The place couldn't just run itself. Tachibana? Those kids of the Battlefront? If factions were "ruling" why didn't the place degenerate into total destructive anarchy long ago? All Jack sould see about him was the calm orderliness of a large academy ... and about that ... a forested wilderness.

Nothing but the school station and grounds maintenance on the airwaves ... What "internet" there was was extremely limited ...

And something else: In the two days so far, no aircraft were to be seen. No winged specks in the distance, not even a vapor trail. Jack hadn't seen anything like that since the two weeks right after 9-11. Eerie. If this kept up, he could only conclude he WAS on another planet ... or an afterlife ... of sorts.


"He actually walked up and addressed you directly? Called you by name?" Though Yusa relayed everything she could to Yuri during the encounter, the Front leader was still, to say the least, surprised.

"And he seems to know who you are," Matsushita replied. "He'd like to talk with you."

"Talk ...," she kept the emotion down.

"Mentioned you by name," Fujimaki piped in. "Said he had questions, you might have answers."

"None of you ...," Yuri panned over the room meeting the gaze of all who had been there." ... said a thing to him, right?"

"Ignorance golden! Silence bliss!" TK

"Not a thing," answered Matsushita. "He looked like he was about to ask something when Angel showed up. I only pointed her out to him and he seemed satisfied. They must have talked for over a half hour."

"You watched the whole time?"

"Couldn't do anything else. 'Sides, you told us only to observe."

"Yeah ... That I did," the young woman leaned back in the desk chair, hand under nose, stroking chin.

"Notice any new objects he was carrying?"

"Well, he had the binocs Shiina mentioned from before and-"

"Did you see him writing while asking Angel anything?"

"Wait a sec," Fujimaki said. "The notebook he has-"


"It didn't look anything like school stationary."

"What'd it look like?"

"The usual spiral kind except ... the cover was different. Blue with printing in Romanji. English maybe ..."

"Hostile, nervous?"

"Polite ... courteous. Firm though. Didn't sound like he was looking for a fight ... another thing-"


"He spoke perfect Japanese but ... ," Fujimaki looked perplexed.

"Go on."

"His  mouth ... didn't ... match the words ... like ... a ..."

"Like a what?"

"Well ... ," the sword bearer faltering. "Like a foreign movie without the words on the bottom ... Uh..."

"Bad dubbing," Oyama interrupted. "As if you're watching a badly voice-dubbed foreign film."

Fujimaki frowned. The little dweeb could be a bit too smart at times ...

"At least there's no subtitles to read It'd be kind of rude looking down ... to read ... while ... "

The kid trailed off. His lame attempt at a joke going nowhere. He was glad he was too far from Yuri to get a whack. He dreaded the 'ranking' he'd get from Fujimaki later.

"Nothing surprises me anymore," said Yuri. "What was he like talking with Angel?"

 "Always writing," said Hinata. "He looked kind of confused and intense with some of her answers."

"Too bad we weren't close enough to hear them," the big one said. "Woulda' been interesting."

"I'm sure she gave him an earful ... in her own limited way," Yuri thought aloud.

"Does any of this affect tonights' operation?" Asked Takamatsu.

"No. We proceed as planned with tonights guerilla concert/tornado hit. At 20 hundred hours ... It's Operation ... Start!"

As the front members conversed among themselves, Yuri leaned forward, elbows on desk and hands clasped to her face. She went down a mental list:

A foreigner, American, wearing his own street clothes not maintenance uniform, has binoculars and non-school stationary. How could he get those? He COULDN'T have arrived with any of his past-life possessions , could he? ... What if he brought other stuff? ... Other ... stuff ...

A chill went up her spine.

From what she read and heard of Americans and their ultra weird country ... Americans really liked their guns. So much so they even have laws supporting ownership ... He couldn't ...?

"Shiina?" She called for the brooding one.

"She's out doing her shadow routine with the foreigner," answered Takamatsu. "She checks with Yusa per your instructions."

Yuri put in a call to Yusa.

"Tell her when you see her to get on up here. Urgent ... We need to talk."


Getting "home", the man wasted no time. Getting the frequency counter and scanner, he proceeded re-searching the frequencies above 30 mhz. He knew it would take awhile as he was sure any communication between Yusa and Nakamura would be, unlike the school station, sporadic. In over an hour, the freq counter registered a number near the 500-670 wireless mic range.

He looked the frequency up. While it was above the 400-500 school utilities span in the general area of the "hi" wireless mic range as expected, it was actually "out of band" above 670.

The man figured they must have "appropriated" a wireless mic or two and "tweaked" them for tuning above programmed freq. Possibly Takayama doing the alteration. He found several days later that was the case.

Getting the Uniden handheld scanner he set the receiver to the exact "channel".

"Must be 'ponytails'," he thought as he heard the feminine monotone relating observations to whom he assumed to be 'Dragon Lady'.

At the first mention of Yuris' name he was sure.

"Sounds kinda' like Pam Ferdins' Lucy from the Charlie Brown specials," he thought on hearing the responding authoritative voice.

As it was, he was only semi-surprised some of the back and forth had to do with him. They had even found out his name!. Every so often it was mentioned he couldn't be spotted and probably was at his apartment. This raised an eyebrow only slightly. This more than confirmed the three seen outside the day before.

He monitored intently. It was a comfort knowing they had no knowledge of his ability to listen in on their communications.

Seemed he was not the main subject of conversation. Over the course of the next several hours of irregular, long time between signal exchanges, he deduced something "big" in the making for that night. Some sort of "operation" not having anything at all to do with him. Something about a concert.

It didn't sound like a school sponsored event. An elaborate prank of some kind? Disruption? Vandalism?

And who/what was this "Angel"? The "fellow student" mentioned in that blog? The Tachibana girl from earlier?

The only other very few references to him seemed in regard to his location. A Shiina being mentioned only once.

"She-na?" He questioned to himself. The name itself brought to mind Irish McCallas'(4) character in that old TV show. "Could it be the girl I saw outside with Matsushita and Fujimaki yesterday?"


Radio traffic picked up before 8 PM. Yes, as was discussed before, a concert ... or something ... was in the offing and students gathering in the cafeteria. The kids were having their aforementioned "bust-up", letting off steam. From the sounds of Yusas' reportage, it seemed half the school in attendance and all the "Battlefront" either present or had taken up "positions" outside.

Every so often, "music" drifted up from the direction of the cafeteria several hundred yards distant.

"No sign of Angel so far ... or the Gaijin," a chuckle. "Maybe he's not into J-Pop. How's it in there Yusa?"

"Gi-De-Mo isn't exactly what I'd call J-Pop, Yuri ... The audience is at its peak. Get the fans on?"

"Let's wait a few minutes more and ... Wait a sec!"

"Is it?"

"It is ... Hit the fans! ... Get the others to snatch up as much as they can then meet us at rendezvous point. Things 'r about to get hot!"


Turning from the scanner, Jack checked over the Rock Island Armory made M1 Garand. A proven design George Patton declared to be "the greatest battle implement ever devised". His father, a veteran of the Korean War, swore by it. Duffy sweated over more than a pay check or two getting it. Though cleaned after the last time fired, he gave it a good once over, making sure everything functioned properly.

He reasoned since this was "Japan" there shouldn't be any guns here other than his. Since who/what saw fit for his "goodies" to accompany him to this strange place, there had to be a good reason to have them along. Knowing there was a possibly hostile element watching, Jack was taking no chances. He set the rifle on the table and glanced at the clock. 8:25 PM.

As he reviewed the related items on the table, a long unheard but familiar sound from his days of working at a gunstore/target range hit his ears ... small arms fire?

To be continued ...


1. Rod Serling (1924-1975) was the host of The Twilight Zone, a half hour mystery/sci-fi/supernatural TV anthology lasting four seasons, 1959-64.

2. Kuppenheimer is a prestigious mens clothing firm that was one of the suppliers of Mr. Serlings' suits for the show.

3. To older readers/movie fans, Vincent Price (1911-1993) needs no introduction. Actor, bon vivant, gourmet, writer, promoter/dealer/critic of the fine arts, he was Hollywoods' renaissance man. Most noted for his horror film roles the second half of his movie career.

4. John Wayne (1907-1979) was a film actor (Best known for his "westerns".) noted for his slow talking acting style that went along well with the character(s) he played. Straight, to the point, honest, slow to anger. Never starting a fight but more than ready to finish it.

5. Irish McCalla (1928-2002) was the title character in a one season TV show, Shena Queen of the Jungle (1956).

This ends the weekly chapter installations. Future chapters will be every two weeks. Even though the next ten chapters are already written, I'd like to "buy" some time and have more written in the future.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Your Dead Kids Don’t Trump My Constitutional Rights

Your Dead Kids Don’t Trump My Constitutional Rights

It’s a tragedy.

I am sorry you lost your child. I myself have a son and daughter and the one thing I never want to go through, is what you are going through now. But:

As harsh as this sounds – your dead kids don’t trump my Constitutional rights.

Richard Martinez, whose son (Christopher) was among the murdered, choked back tears at a news conference, blaming politicians the next day: “The talk about gun rights. What about Chris’ right to live?” Martinez said – and much more.

There are no critical words for a grieving father. He can say whatever he wants and blame whoever he’d like – it’s okay by me. You can’t take a step in his shoes – at least I can’t.

But the words and images of Mr. Martinez blaming “the proliferation of guns”, lobbyists, politicians, etc.; will be exploited by gun-grab extremists as are all tragedies involving gun violence and the mentally ill by the anti-Second Amendment Left.

As a father, husband and a man, it is my responsibility to protect my family. I will stand up for that right vehemently. Please believe me, as a father I share your grief and I will pray for you and your family, as I do whenever I hear about senseless tragedies such as this.

For the rest of Joe Wurzelbachers' open letter go here.

Yes, the above DOES sound harsh. I myself would not have "addressed" this letter to the parents, friends, etc. of  Elliot Rodgers' victims or of any others. But it does pretty much state what I think of children being used as an "excuse" to take what is mine thus disarming me in the face of evil.

And it certainly does state my feelings towards those who would exploit tragedy for ratings and market share. Mr. Morgan and other vultures at CNN and other low/no-info outlets ... I'm talking to you ...

Joe For America blog here.

Methodology of the Anti Gun Media here.

Gun Control It's Not the Children It's the Agenda here.

Gabrielle Giffords: Professional Martyr, Predatory Victim here.

Be sure to check out the "I Second the Motion" pro-gun links section to the right of this page.

Go to Jays' Tee Vee blog main page here.