Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Dave Brat Defeats Eric Cantor: The Martini Glasses Go CRASH!

Dave Brat, WINNER!

Dave Brat Defeats Eric Cantor: The Martini Glasses Go CRASH!

Tuesday 6-10-14

Across the nation, in one country club after another, elitist cries of fright and dismay accompanied the sound of thousands upon thousands of martini glasses hitting the floor. The House Majority Leader, Eric "The Anointed One" Cantor was soundly defeated in the Republicrat primary by "Tea Partier" Dave Brat in the race for the 7th Congressional District of Virginia.

Never before in the history of this country has the House Majority Leader of either party EVER been defeated in a primary.

Cantor could still do a lot of damage between now and when he leaves.

Cantor had all the backing. All the money. All the publicity money could buy. He outspent Brat by a margin of at least twenty to one ... And still lost with only 44% of the vote.

With the expense of about a hundred grand in his campaign, Brat breezed to victory with 56% of the vote.

This has shaken the Republicrat party elites to the very core and pit of their favorite adult beverage garnish. Mr. Cantor certainly has been choking on the toothpick and olive.

The fight isn't over yet. Mr. Brats' campaign so far has been financed by small contributions and he'll need more going into the main campaign against whatever socialist non-entity the Demicans have running against him.

His web site can be reached here.

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