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Haibane Renmei: The Beginning of the World

... When God awoke, the haibane were already floating in the sky ...

Haibane Renmei: The Beginning of the World


Sumika, Nemu, & Rakka

There was a book with that title in the library a long time ago but it's discarded now. An old & crumbling book. Only the first few pages were legible. Sumika & Nemu racked their brains to come up with the rest of the story. The title was the only hint Rakka needed ...

When God took into his hand the halo glowing over his head & held it high, it became the sun.

God waved his staff & the nothingness was ripped into two. One part forming the sky. And the other the land.

However, His hand was not straight. Thus creating mountains & valleys.

God said, "it was a mistake. But it's just as well."

When God drew pictures on the land, grass & trees grew & birds & animals came to life.

God then envisioned creatures that looked almost like Himself. But these creatures were too similar to Himself & that gave him some concern.

So He colored their wings charcoal gray & made holes in their halos & named them haibane. Then He tucked them away in the back of his mind.

After that, God started over & created human beings that did not have wings or halos. And this time He was satified with His creation. Completely content God ...

God, despite his omnipotence, fell asleep. The haibane, who were destined to be erased, were able to escape from his mind. When God awoke, the haibane were already floating in the sky.

However, ever tolerant of mistakes, even his own, God decided to let the charcoal feathers & their tiny world be.

So that is why the town of Gurie is still floating somewhere today. Somewhere that is neither on the land nor the sea.

The haibane of  Old Home. L-R: Hikari, Nemu, Reki, Rakka, Kuu, & Kana.


Don't know if anyone ever posted this before so I gave it a go. Episode 5 of Haibane Renmei is almost a stand-alone ep. I pop it in the player every so often just to view the above "Genesis" segment.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Puella Magi Madoka Magica: NOT the Usual Fluff

What I originally thought to be kiddy tripe turns out to be an interesting show.
L-R: Kyubey (on shoulder) with magical girls Madoka Kaname,
Sayaka Miki, Mami Tomoe, Kyoko Sakura, & Homura Akemi.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica: NOT the Usual Fluff


Jay Agan

Normally I steer clear of the magical girl sub-genre. That sachariny, cutesy-patootsie garbage makes me beyond ill. I had fun in the 90s making fun of the insipid Sailor Moon show on Fox Kids  on my days off but that's about it.

I scoffed when an aquaintance suggested Puella Magi Madoka Magica to me (Another has been trying to get me to watch ... gasp! ... My Little Pony, Friendship Is Magic! That's another gory story entirely ... ). After months of on/off again passive derision & just plain avoidance I fell across the Wikipedia review & episode guide & later decided to give it a try when I "discovered" Crunchityroll.

Gotta admit. This ain't the usual cup o' bubbly barf you'd expect.


Sailor Moon ... Hell Girl ... Neon Genesis/End of Evangelion ... Bedazzled ... Wishmaster ... Throw in a bit of Peter Max & Terry Gilliam ... And you have ...

A semi-deep, non-superficial tale of young ladies making Faustian bargains with what at first appears to be a benevolent spirit but in reality a satanic manipulator & user. Why satanic? One episode has a scene reminiscent of Christs' temptation wherein the "demonic" Kyubey or "Incubator" tries to cajole the protagonist Madoka into "drinking the Kool-Aid". Promising wonderful things if only she'd give in.

The arrangement seems wonderful at first: Become a "magical girl" trope in order to fight evil & your one fondest wish will be granted. Such a deal! Over the course of several episodes Kyubey gradually reveals the rest of the contract as nothing more than a scam to use selected humans as "energy sources" for his races' use. Oh yeah. It's also shown that after time, the ultimate fate of all magical girls, in spite of steps taken to prevent, is to gradually sink into a state of despair & trans-form into "witches", the very enemies they're fighting, which are also being used for the same purpose.

By the way ... Unlike most of those insipid "magical girl" shows, one can get killed in the course of fighting evil ... Painfully so.

In short, one is sucked into a sick, little game manipulated by the Incubators for their own ends.

Samuel Goldwyn once said: "A verbal contract isn't worth the paper it's printed on."

Whenever making agreements/covenants with seemingly benevolent entities (Especially the cute, puppy/kitty looking kind!) be sure you get it in writing & have your lawyer go over the fine print FIRST. Otherwise ... NO DEAL!

What I thought to be a kool touch was the Homura characters' supplementing her powers
with conventional weapons. Using her "time stopping" ability, Colt .45s, a Desert Eagle
& a shotgun are taken from the locker room of a local Yakusa hangout. She's later seen
making & using pipe bombs!

A couple of spoilers: Madoka, the main protagonist, doesn't become a magical girl until the last of the twelve episode series (This may seem aggravating at first but the pay-off is worth it!). When she does, she "folds the situation in on itself". Watch & see.

Too bad Aniplex doesn't know how to  market anime very well, otherwise I'll just have to wait a good looooong while for it to come out in a box set ... On Amazon ... Sale price ... USED! This releasing a series in overpriced 3 to 4 episode dribs n' drabs just doesn't cut it with me. I WILL get this one when conditions are right.

Article (only) copyright © 1-24-2013 Jay Agan

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Girls und Panzer/Kellys' Heroes

Don't know who did this but I like it! L-R: Clint "Kelly" Eastwood,
Kay/Kei, Miho Nishizumi, & Donald "Oddball" Sutherland.

Girls und Panzer/Kellys' Heroes

Just finished Girls und Panzer on Crunchity Roll. At least what there is of it. Seems they delayed broadcast of the last two episodes in Japan until March. Guess they're trying to work out a plausable ending. No matter how it turns out, I WILL get this when it's released in a box set.

I'll admit, if it wasn't for the AFVs & the tank battles I wouldn't have given it even a passing glance. As an amateur (very) historian & a past wargamer, the WWll trappings had me engrossed in the show.

Without the unique premise (Tank warfare as part of a schools' martial arts program.) it's just another cutesy/moe' high school girl anime with all the tropes/stereotypes/situations common to countless others of its kind. Usually with a reluctant young lady finding her identity through teamwork & doing her best. We've seen it all before.

I do like the two Kellys' Heroes references. In episode 05, one of the girls infiltrates the American teams' school to get the lowdown on their strategy for an upcoming match (An obvious WWll allegory.). When challenged to identify herself, she replies as "Oddball, Sargeant third class" in reference to Donald Sutherlands' character in the movie. In episode 10, the freshman team (Lee/Grant tank.) are seen viewing Kellys' Heroes during a pre-match gathering. They weep openly when the Tiger gets hit from behind as did I ... ahem ... Actually I ... I didn't. No! Really! ... I didn't! ... Honest!

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Well Isn't THAT Special! Barack & the Kiddies

Obama exploiting children for political gain.
Because he cares soooooo much!

Well Isn't THAT Special! Barack & the Kiddies

This reminds me of a minor non-incident from the mid 90s'. A Columbus (Ohio) city councilman decided to raise a little stink (He was a little stinker.) over those dreaded "ASSAULT WEAPONS(!)". Seems Rickenbacker air base was being used at the time by several civilian corporations as an entry point for foriegn goods (Some kind of NAFTA deal, I think.).

One company was shipping in older Russian small arms to sell to American wholesalers/distributors. This was back when the then cash strapped Russians were selling anything that could shoot & the U.S. was a more than ready market at the time. I remember well the brochures that came into the gun store/range I was working at the time. There was even litturature from Georgian & Armenian companies with goodies to sell.

Well this doofus got inspired by his pre-teen son & went on a toot about these old commie guns, making it sound as if mountains of full-auto AK47s were being shipped in for the express purpose of spreading murder & mayhem. The good statesman got some press milage/publicity courtesy of the poodle press & riled up the sheeple somewhat. Turns out the guns were mostly old bolt action Nagants & low capacity (10 round, fixed box.) SKS semi-autos.

Oh yeah! What was it that inspired the politico? Something in the line of this:

"Gee daddy ... If guns are so bad ... why are they coming here?"

Out of the mouths of babes? ... No doubt the poor kid grew up to be twice the ideological fool his daddy is.

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Interesting Search Words #26

Interesting Search Words #26

Well, it's been over a year since I started this column/series. I started it in mind to provide article fodder/filler & it's been a complete success. It practically writes itself! Lots of hits, mostly from "picture snatchers" but ... a hit's a hit. I'm definitely going to continue writing these.

Now ... Without further adieu ...

1. lucky star konata miyuki yaoi - I think you have your hentai sub-genres confused.

"Oh Tamura-san! ... What does yaoi mean?"

"Uuuuwaah! ... That ... depends ... on which one you mean ...!"

2. dishonored hentai - I would think so, yes.

3. little mole communist - We LOVE our president! Yes we do!

Ya gotta love the guy!

 4. why did shinji calm down after seeing kawaru - Because he was very confused
... & so are you.

Yes .. It's EPIC ... But not the real thing.

5. sakaki azumanga hot - Tall is always HOT!

Maybe I'll take up scuba diving ...

6. rei yuki - That anything like Nagato Ayanami?

Be disturbed ... Be VERY disturbed ...

7. minami iwasaki yutaka kobayakawa - Hiyori? ... You've got to stop drawing your friends like that!

This ... is how they're supposed to be drawn ...

8. haruhi suzumiya meme - The eternal meme ... She is God ... She is God ... She is God ...

Haruhi art on a protest sign in Gaza. Translation anyone?

9.asuka making shinji wear girls clothes - Yes ... very confused.

There are girlfriends. And then there are ... girlfriends.

10. rei ayanami porn doll - I hope you get TANGED in the worst way!

She later ripped his arm off!

11. skooby doo anime style - 'N here ya go!

I really hated that show. I could change my mind if they did this.

So that's it fer now. Stop by in a couple weeks ...

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

About Alex Jones

About Alex Jones

I'm sure a lot of you have seen the CNN "conversation" between Alex Jones & Piers Morgan. Some may have been appalled, others cheering. While it might have hurt "the cause", I lean somewhat toward the latter.

Yes, Mr. Jones could have toned it down a bit. He could have been more eloquent & less emotional. He could have been more "civil & respectable". But ... You know ... Mr. Jones didn't do what a lot of us haven't thought of: Get in the face of one of those coiffed/manicured & smug Henson-like media puppets & give him a piece of ones' mind. I understand Mr. Jones' frustration probably more than Mr. Jones himself.

Mr. Morgan has made a more than good living with that GENUINE British accent & air of FAUX superiority. Somehow many of the lemming-like American people enjoy what the blue/white collar Briton & others of the "chattering classes" have had to endure for literally centuries from their own parasitic aristocracy.

One should keep in mind that Mr. Morgan does nothing more than what a trained poodle does at the command of his masters.

While Alex Jones was correct about the Second Amendment not being about duck hunting, he should also have pointed out it also had nothing to do with crime either ... A smoke screen Mr. Morgan kept falling back on.

Mr. Jones should have kept pointing out that it was about protection from overreaching government. Not duck hunting. Not crime. Not "the children". The possibility of government tyranny is more to be feared than a madman with a gun. To wit: Government gone wrong has caused more death in the world than all the "free lancers" combined. Think about it.

By the way ... I'm AGAINST Mr. Morgan being deported. He should be "forced" (Note the quotes.) to stay & "languish" in a free America (Provided, of course, it stays that way.).

The CNN segment here.

Love him or hate him, here's Mr. Jones INFOWARS website.

Wikipedia article on Alex Jones here.

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*Arm Flail* GUNS! *Arm Flail*

Don't worry. It's all being done with the BEST of intentions.
Just ask the one in the upper LEFT hand corner.

*Arm Flail* GUNS! *Arm Flail*


Weatherly Hardy

For the clever folk who assert that "The Framers had muskets in mind when they wrote the Second Amendment.", I suggest that the Framers had parity in mind. The Government had muskets; the citizenry had muskets. That parity rolled forward through history. Today, the government has amazingly high-powered stuff. So should the citizenry. That is the only way to assure protection from tyranny, which in the historical context of the Second Amendment, is its raison d'etre.

Copyright © 1-8-2013 Weatherly Hardy

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Azumanga Daioh: Holysonofawhattheheck!

Azumanga Daioh: Holysonofawhattheheck!

Geez! What got inta' her!? L-R: Prostrate Kagura, intervening Osaka, wet her
pants Tomo, ticked off Sakaki, unknown collateral-damage-to-be, head through
cieling Yomi & traumatized Chiyo-chan. Don't know what the "dialogue" means.
Anyone wanna translate? Pic Credit: I don't think this is J C Staff.

Found this on Google Image search, thought I'd share ...

One can only wonder what it is that set her off. A prank gone wrong? Yomi has been known to OCCASIONALY pull one. Tomo's always at it. And Kagura, though she may go along with it, at least knows when to back off ... But now?

Seeing as how it's Tomo being saved for last, it's probably her (un)doing. Like most bullies, she's too dumb to know you can only push someone ... so .. far ... Then they snap.

As for Sakaki ... (Sigh ...) It's always the quiet ones.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

When Fun Is Outlawed ...

When Fun Is Outlawed ...

When fun is outlawed, only outlaws will have fun.

Trust not in saviors or politicians of whatever faction/party. What they do is NOT "for the children" or for you or for the "greater good". They make a big show about "the children" but it is only to panic you into going along with their schemes to make you helpless in the face of evil. They don't give a damn about you or the children. The "greater good" is whatever it is they want to spend your money & waste your time on.

You have better things to do with your life & substance than to waste it on their various "visions of the future". What you enjoy ... THEY HATE.

The only future there is is your own. The only freedom you have is what you take & excercise. USE IT AND GUARD IT!

National Rifle Association web page here.

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Congressional Directory here. Keep an eye on them! Tell them what you think.

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