Friday, October 1, 2010

Scooby Dooby Doo, I Hate You ...

Scooby Dooby Doo, I Hate You ...


Jay Agan

I remember when this came on CBS in '69. Thought it was kinda kool first. As a fairly nondemanding adolescent, I'd look at anything. After a few episodes I noticed: Each ep was the same. Painfully so.

Scooby ran a half hour with commercials. Take the ads out:    

1. 5 mins of set-up/intro.The spooky place, telling the legend/crime/curse/treasure/talisman/warning(s)/consequences, etc.

2. 10 mins of slapstick with the moron & even more moronic dog, involving fear, food, & foolishness.

3. One min+ of aforesaid klutz & canine blundering into the monster/wizard/maniac/ghost, etc. & "subduing" him.

4. 4 min of Velma wrapping it up & revealing it wasn't anything supernatural/extraterrestrial at all. Usually with the mandatory unmasking of a local personality or authority figure. "It was Sheriff Smith/Mayor Dudley/Farmer Brown, etc. all along."

"Yeah! And if it weren't fer you kids n' that snoopy dawg 'o yours, I'da gotn' away with it too!"

Yeah ( sigh), whatever. It was like this every excruciating episode. This krap went on for years. Hanna/Barbera tried "spicing it up" with animated versions of celebrities & lengthening it to an hour. Didn't help a bit. And we never did find out what Fred & Daphne were doing "off camera" for most of the time.

I initially saw through this after 4 or 5 eps (took me long enough) & quit. The rest of the country didn't. You'd think this show would have gotten stale pretty fast for everyone else. It didn't. The kiddies ate it up, wouldn't spit it out, letting it fester in their little guts, calcifying their tiny brains.

Many of the things wrong with this country, I blame on previous generations watching Scooby Doo.

And all this time you thought it was sex, drugs, rock n' roll.

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  1. Scooby Dooby doo, I hate this hateful article, most kids are fairly picky about what they watch, they don't make Scooby Doo to ruin kids's minds, they make it to satisfy the mystery want of kids.

    1. Hanna Barbera came up with the shows' "formula" in the hopes it would attract sponsers thus money/publicity for their studios. The "formula" worked.

      Having been, even then, a veteran viewer of more movies/shows than most kids of my generation, my "mystery want" was quite a bit more demanding at the time.