Monday, May 30, 2016

I Don't Read Comic Books Anymore

It's gotta' be evil if the Red Skull says it!
Tolerance, by the way, is how far you can
stress or bend a part before it breaks.

I Don't Read Comic Books Anymore

Or, for that matter, watch cartoons much ... Unless it's anime.

In the space of a week I find they're trying to make Captain America a queer and now this crap:

Remember kiddies ... a REAL American wouldn't say things like this. A real American
wants any and all featherless bipeds capable of pulling a lever in a voting booth to
come here and partake of as much free goodies and political power they can get here
in the great Wal-Mart to the north.

It reminds me of the All In the Family TV show. Every so often Archie says something that makes perfect sense among all the scripted negative propaganda he spouts, but ... since it's Archie saying it ... IT'S GOTTA' BE WRONG!

A better show at the time was Wait 'Til Your Father Gets Home. A two season adult oriented cartoon by the Hanna/Barbera team. About "middle of the road" Harry Boyles' (Tom Bosley) trials and tribulations of then present day America.

True, the right was really put down in that show what with crazy neighbor Ralphs' (Jack Burns) racist/anti-semite vigilante group and Harrys' youngest as a grasping little capitalist.

The show also showed what a couple of boorish little hypocrites his left leaning teenage son and daughter were.

The show was "balanced". I liked that.

This present situation kind of reminds me when AC/DC ... er ... DC Comics had Batman running around promoting gun control. More than likely because it would have looked really lame with Superman doing it.

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Friday, May 13, 2016

Karol Traven ... Fan Fiction Writer?

 Karol Traven ... Fan Fiction Writer?

I don't watch TV. My set (It has a CRT ... A cathode ray tube!) is used for my video collection. As the banner at the top of this blog states, it's not hooked to cable or antenna. Nothing on worth watching.

I have no idea what The Good Wife is about and don't really care to know.

I did however read an article on Mr. Travens' blog about the series conclusion to this shows' season run and linking it to Star Trek. I found it entertaining.

Now being a non-viewer, I couldn't tell if Mr. Traven was putting the reader on by pulling a "Bob Newhart" or not. If he was, then I see some potential for him as a writer of fan fiction. He should rewrite it in story form, make up an account on and post it.

I'd certainly read it.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

So Trump's Not A "Conservative"? ... So What?

So Trump's Not A "Conservative"? ... So What?

I guess it all depends on what you mean by conservative.

If by conservative you mean someone like Paul Ryan who punks out when our muslim-in-chief says BOO! or Boehner being said mussies' bitch then I guess Trump's not a conservative.

If by conservative you mean it to be in agreement on EVERYTHING you think goes with the "cache' " then I guess Trump's not a conservative.

If by conservative you mean neo-conservative (Liberal-Lite masquerading as conservatism.) then I guess Trump's not a conservative.

If by conservative you mean being one of those "little old ladies of both sexes who want their tomorrows to be like their yesterdays only more so" then I guess Trump's not a conservative.

Rob Knowles has an article on the Constitution dot com blog titled: Trump Has 'Evolved' on These Four Major Issues Since Cruz Dropped Out.

Here are the "Four Major Issues":

"Trump changed his position on raising the minimum wage"

I myself am against the minimum wage on principle. In practice ... Well ... having been on the receiving end of a few asshole employers in my time, I just ... KNOW ... that if the minimum wage was abolished, a LOT of the above would really try to stick it to their workers in one form or another.

Face it. If the bastards had their way, we'd all be housed in tents, put to work at age 3, a bowl of steam for lunch and fed to the rest at age 35.

And don't give me that krap about quitting and working somewhere else. That really "goes" in a recession, doesn't it? If I knew I'd be working somewhere else the next day, I would. Usually circumstances are that you're stuck for the time being. Yeah, I'm looking but don't try "cheering" me up with doctrinaire "libertarian" bullkrap.

"Trump walked back his tax plan"

He was talking about his plan not being ironclad in the face of negotiating with Congress. There will always be give and take in any dealing and not everything will come out exactly as stated originally. What were you thinking people? That Trump is a magic genie who'll SHAZZAM "heaven on earth" into being? Grow up!

"Trump will no longer be self funding"


"Trump hired a former Goldman Sachs man to help him funraise"

I'm surprised Mr. Trump has gotten as far as he has on self funding his campaign. Yeah, he's a billionaire but even that has limits. Doesn't bother me in the least he's now looking for outside help. And yes, he's still going to spend some of his own money on his campaign. Not many politicians do that.

Some idiots have told me Mr. Trump has no business being in politics because he's a businessman. To which I reply "Politicians have no business being in business because they're politicians."

When I saw the "headline" about "Four Major Issues" I thought it was about gun control, homeland security, border security, etc. Instead it's about comparatively nothing.

For those "purists" who won't vote for Mr. Trump:

I'm not going to say "A vote for a third party candidate is a vote for Clinton." You've heard that before and in your smug, "principled", pure little hearts you KNOW you're right as right can be for ever and ever amen.

No I won't say that ... rather:

You bitches deserve the bitch ...

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Monday, May 2, 2016

Drudge Report Headlines!

"Enter freely and 'uv you own 'vill ... BLEAH! BLEAH!"
Sorry Bela ... Mr. Lee ...

Drudge Report Headlines!


Yesterday it was "The emperor has no clothes", now its: YOU SUCK!

I actually like Ted but I think he'd be more valuable in the senate during a Trump administration.


And off to the side-

3. CRUZ DAD: 'I Implore Every Member of Body of Christ to Vote According to Word of God' ...

I hope this doesn't mean a vote for Cruz is a vote for Jesus!

People ask if I believe the word of God (The bible.) to be the inerrant word of God. Yes I do ... I just don't necessarily believe someone elses' INTERPRETATION of the inerrant word of God to be the inerrant WORD OF GOD.

It was a long time before I learned His name was Jesus and not ... JE-ZUS!

Darn rapture bunnies!


I'm luvvin' it! Not Carly getting hurt though. Just the spectacle of the whole presidential election thing. Ms. Fiorina would make a great VP. Just not under Mr. Cruz.

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