Friday, May 13, 2016

Karol Traven ... Fan Fiction Writer?

 Karol Traven ... Fan Fiction Writer?

I don't watch TV. My set (It has a CRT ... A cathode ray tube!) is used for my video collection. As the banner at the top of this blog states, it's not hooked to cable or antenna. Nothing on worth watching.

I have no idea what The Good Wife is about and don't really care to know.

I did however read an article on Mr. Travens' blog about the series conclusion to this shows' season run and linking it to Star Trek. I found it entertaining.

Now being a non-viewer, I couldn't tell if Mr. Traven was putting the reader on by pulling a "Bob Newhart" or not. If he was, then I see some potential for him as a writer of fan fiction. He should rewrite it in story form, make up an account on and post it.

I'd certainly read it.

Mr. Travens' Ex-Army blog here. Quibcags everywhere!

Fan Fiction dot net website here.

Go to Jay's Tee Vee blog main page here. Beam me there Scotty! No need to use the transporter if there's articles already under this 'un. Yer already there.

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