Friday, December 28, 2012

Gun Control: It's Not "For the Children"

Gun Control: It's Not "For the Children"

Due to the incident in Connecticut the public has been subjected to a virtual tsunami of "compassion" from the various propaganda outlets. I've never believed for a moment that the expressed concern for the victims of madmen by the talking heads & polititians/parasites to be motivated by anything other than media ratings & expansion of government power. "For the children" is nothing more than a smoke screen for pushing agendas. These creatures dance on the bodies of both the living & the dead for purposes having nothing to do with protecting/promoting anything other than their own interests.

For the media harlots it's a way to popularity & higher ratings. Many of these courtesans (Right as well as left.) work in collusion with their idealogical allies in government. It's advocacy/yellow journalism at it's worst. Instead of just reporting the news, they promote collectivist causes.

For the politicians, it is to manipulate the sheep into going along with their visions of "a better world". That better world being where the individual is helpless & dependant upon government.

Neither of the two actually care about the safety of children or of the general welfare of the country except in terms of how their influence can be expanded. No doubt they're hoping for more Sandy Hooks to exploit.

In the words of Rahm Emmanuel during a November 2008 Wall Street Journal forum:
"You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before."

He & other politicians may deny such a statement does not apply to tragic situations but ... Politics is politics & politicians are politicians. Trust them not.


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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Interesting Search Words #25

Interesting Search Words #25

"Waow! Ah kin see alla way ta Elkmawnt Alabania! ... IN STEREO!"

Was searchin' the searchin' search words in the blogs' search words data & found these wot searchin' searchers searched with to get here.

1. chuck norris evangelion hamtaro - What the ... That sounds like one interesting anime series!

2. haruhi kyons mole - Actually it's Mikurus'.

3. fujiwara haruhi - No, it's Suzumiya Haruhi.

4. evangelion crying shinji - Yeah? ... So what else is new.

Penny Dreadful & the Unknown Whiner. Uh ... dude? She
happens to be your mom ... Sorta.

5. whats with andy hentai - He's a perv, that's what.

6. anime pictures for bunnies - Isn't that "anime pictures OF bunnies"?

7. anime + playboy bunny - I'm sure this is what 6 meant.

Kay, leader of the Saunders University High School
tank force in the Girls und Panzer anime.

Would like to mention I've just been recently turned on to the Girls und Panzer anime. The intricate detail of the vehicles is unbelievable & the tank battles are really fun to watch. If you can get around the fact the AFVs are operated by a buncha' schoolgirl tropes, no one getting killed/injured, & the fantastic speeds of the WW2 era machines, you'll find it enjoyable. Have every intention of getting this one on disc when it invades our shores. Sentai (Aka "Not ADVision".) will be marketing it here.

8. haruji kyon kiss - Yeah. They gotz the smoochies 'n huggies ...

"What are you ... some kinda' idiot? I oughta' ... MRRPH!"

"Kiss me again you fool! NOW, DARN IT!"

9. kasuga ayumu fan - Is this about Osaka fans or "Osaka & the fan"?

"A a a a a a a a a a a a a a a ah!"
She's easily amused.

10. shinji ikari fish eye - Doesn't worry me any where near as much as the thought of Rei giving it to me.

She later finds out tanging is MUCH easier.

Sorry this took so long in coming. As you can see from some previous articles, the darn politicians had me a little busy. Seez ya later!

OFFICIAL Girls und Panzer trailer here. Yeah ... Cute, bubbly barf. However ...

Fan made UNOFFICIAL trailer here. This got me interested! Rammstein!

Sample Girls und Panzer tank battle here. Lotsa other related clips on You Tube. Have fun!

Wikipedias' Girls und Panzer article here.

Fan made unofficial Angel Beats trailer here. Just thought I'd throw this in. My review here.

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The Head Trip of Haruhi Suzumiya Parts 1, 2, & 3.

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

NRA Comes Out Swinging

NRA Comes Out Swinging

I must admit. I was a little worried. I thought the National Rifle Association would fold & join in the call for more gun bans & the like. I thought Wayne LaPierre & the organisation would take a "new direction", turn on its membership & betray gun owners in general. I thought they would fall in line & do what the haters of the Second Ammendment in particular & the Constitution in general may have been hoping for: Concede the arguement & try to save itself by becoming "more relevant" & "in step" with what the media puts across as a "general concensus" of popular opinion.

In short, surrender & go along to get along by siding with them.

I was wrong. I let the bull crap get to me. I even phoned the NRA & "threatened" that I would remove its' link from this blog if they changed direction. That's what happens when one listens to too much CNN & other establishment propaganda outlets. O me of little faith.

What did happen was, after a week of restraint while the establishment media, their allies among the politicians, celebrities, special interests & other parasite elements ghoulishly exploited the Newtown incident, the NRA came out & stood firm.

The above mentioned sheep in wolves clothing now hate the NRA even more than before ... For being the NRA.

I have, after an absence of many years, decided to rejoin the NRA. Suggest those of you who are sympathetic to do the same.

Wayne LaPierres' 12-21-12 press conference speech & NRA homepage here.

Join the NRA here.

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

An Open Letter to Women Who Have Had an Abortion

Everyone who supported slavery was free.
Everyone who supports abortion was born.
That's how oppression works.

An Open Letter to Women Who Have Had an Abortion

I write these words chiefly to women and girls who have had an abortion. Still, it is my humble hope and honest prayer that anyone weighing this life-versus-death choice might also read them with an open mind and a hearing heart.

I share these truths in love. Some of you already know them. Others deny them. Yet truths they remain.

It is through obedience to Christ and in the authority of His Spirit that I write you this letter. It may be difficult to read, but I pray you will read it.

First, let us dispense with the oft-asserted notion that, lest one is a woman – more particularly, lest one has faced an unwanted pregnancy – one has nothing to say about abortion.

Abortion profoundly impacts us all. When you became pregnant, the
child growing within you was, without exception, one of two sexes – male or female. Abortion affects men, women, boys and girls of every race, color and creed. Before we were born we all, to varying degrees, lived under some threat that "choice" might kill us.

Aren’t you glad your mother chose not to kill you? I am.

Know this about your choice: Yes, you are still a mother. Yes, you have killed your child. And yes, there is forgiveness, love, redemption and healing available through Christ Jesus alone.

These are hard truths.

Your inner voice was right. You have indeed committed a sin most grave. Those "pro-choice" flowers you were sold, though alluring, were, as you suspected, too good to be true.

Instead, you purchased a bouquet of lies awash in the foul stench of death. You were told that for a few hundred dollars you could buy freedom, only to be bound by a horrible thing that, in this life, cannot be undone.

But with eternal life, it can be undone. Your blood-covered hands can be washed clean by the blood-covered hands of Christ the Savior. You need only ask, receive and believe.

Abortion kills God’s children and hurts women and men alike. Your child has an earthly father, too, regardless of whether he took responsibility. Abortion makes men fathers of dead sons and daughters.

I’m the father of five beautiful children, three of whom are with me and two of whom are in heaven. My wife and I lost our first child together in miscarriage; but long before that, my first child died at the hands of an abortionist.

As a teenager, I was not living as God intends. On a sunny fall day when I was 15 I heard a knock at our Gunnison, Colo., home. With a full house, it was I, by chance (or not), who answered the door.

There stood a girl – we’ll call her Lisa – with tears streaming down her face. I hadn’t seen her for months. She hadn’t been in school. As a volley of muffled cheers came from the living room in celebration of a John Elway touchdown, I opened my mouth to speak. Lisa interrupted me.

"My mom thought it was right for me to tell you," she said, "that I had an abortion and the kid was yours."

Her mom sat in the car behind her glaring at me. I’ll never forget the expression on her face. It was a jarring blend of contempt, anger and pain. Lisa turned and walked away. I said nothing. I wish I could say I felt shame, but, mostly, I was just relieved that my parents didn’t know.

I never saw Lisa again. She moved away shortly thereafter. It was many years later that God showed me the magnitude of that day. I had sinned against Lisa. I had mistreated one of His precious daughters. From it, a child was conceived, and, due at least in part to my negligence and callous treatment of Lisa, that child died.

A sin that led to a precious life was compounded by sins that led to a tragic death.

I mourn the loss of my first child. I can’t know for sure, but I’ve always envisioned a girl. Today, she’d be about 27. Perhaps I’d be a grandfather by now.

I’ve never been able to find Lisa, but I wish I could. I’d ask her to forgive me for the horrible way I treated her. If she didn’t already know, I’d tell her of Christ’s love for both of us and our child in heaven. I’d tell her that forgiveness, redemption and salvation are available to all who ask and believe upon Jesus. Please know that I don’t write this letter to hurt you.

Know that I don’t judge you. How could I? I hurt with you.

The enemy of the world is a liar. He is wicked beyond comprehension. You were lied to. Satan loves death. In the context of abortion, he deceptively calls it "choice." But it’s only death.

There is no freedom in death, except for those whose names are written in the Book of Life.

God is good beyond comprehension. He wants to write your name in the book of life.

Jesus promised: "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light" (Matt. 11:28-30).

Of both you and your lost child God says this: "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart. . ." (Jer. 1:5).

Come to Jesus and He will comfort you. Come to Jesus and He will forgive you. Come to Jesus and He will use for good that which was intended for evil. Even your abortion.

Come to know Christ, and one day, in that place where sin is dead and life eternal, the baby you never knew – that child who knows you, loves you and has already forgiven you – will rush to your arms and say to you: "Mommy, I’ve been waiting for you. Welcome home."

Matt Barber (@jmattbarber on Twitter) is an attorney concentrating in constitutional law. He serves as Vice President of Liberty Counsel Action. (This information is provided for identification purposes only.)

Godfather Politics original source link here.

Godfather Politics here.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Of Dancing On the Bodies & Crocodile Tears

The reason why the great wall of China was built was
because the No Trespassing signs just didn't cut it.

Of Dancing On the Bodies & Crocodile Tears

Unless you've been hiding under a rock or lay comatose in a hospital somewhere the last few days, you've probably heard of the recent incident in Connecticut. Needless to say, the media & politicians have been making a LOT of political hay of it. Even "our" president has shed some tears of dubious authenticity.

On Fox News late Sunday, just before the start of a televised memorial service (Wherin the "annointed one" campaigned about "doing something".) the elitist Charles Krauthammer opined about this being a "watershed" on the Second Ammendment. He went on further to say that this also affected the First & Fifth ammendments as well & that any "measures" would impinge upon them. Then he said that maybe Americans might be willing to "this time" accept such impingements.

In the words of Benjamin Franklin: "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." Interesting how that "damn piece of paper" (The Constitution.) can be such a pain in the posterior to those with "a vision for tomorrow".

So ... Write, e-mail, fax, PHONE your representative & Senators in Congress. Tell them in no uncertain terms to vote AGAINST not only any & all gun control legislation but also AGAINST any & all legislation concerning censoring/curtailment of media, the written word, games, internet, etc. The rights & property you save may be your own.

I know what I'd pick ...

"In other news" Senators Mark Warner & Joe Manchin (Both Demicans) have "broken ranks" with pro-gun senators & have called for "bans" on "assault weapons". One can only imagine what it was that caused them to sell out their respective constituencies. As it is the nature of the politician/parasite to feed at the public trough as long as possible, I doubt their betrayals were due to any rosey rhetoric or fits of compassion & more in the line of gaining "political capitol" of some kind. They profit at your expense.

Virginia voters should note that Mr. Warner is up for re-election in 2014 (Hint! Hint!).

Just sayin'.

Be sure to check out the web sites listed in the "I Second the Motion" section on the right hand side of this page.

Contact your representative & senators here.

Why single issue voting on the gun issue is neither short sighted or myopic here.

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Friday, December 14, 2012

The 24 Types of Authoritarians

The 24 Types of Authoritarians

With sports wonk Bob Costas "legislating" from his mouth on CNN (Communist News Network) recently, this little cartoon was brought to mind. Check it out & see if you've "met" any other of his whacky "co-religionists".

I'll admit ... I do identify with a couple of them. Which one(s) are you?

Costas: "Hey! I'm a Cel ... eb ... ri ... teeee! I'VE GOT SOMETHING TO SAY!"

As the Brits would say: "Sod off Bobby!"

In unrelated "news", I wouldn't worry about the "fiscal cliff" overmuch. In regards to the national debt & deficit, I'm sure the Republicrats/Demicans will eventually come to a compromise on kicking the can down the road & leaving the responsibility to others ...

As for tax & spending cuts, I think the Republicrats should just:

Boehner & the bunch should turn their backs on the "annointed one"
 & when the crap hits, let the Demicans "own" it.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Uncle Wolf, A Haibane Renmei Fanfiction

Gurie/Glie street scene drawing by
the Haibane artist Wolf ... or is it?

Uncle Wolf

A Haibane Renmei Fan Fiction


C V Ford

"Why are your wings so dark Uncle Wolf?"

"Hachi!" The older Hana exclaimed. "You shouldn't ask questions like that!"

"I jus' wanna know ..."

Wolf smiled as he tucked the large sketchpad under his arm. Hachi being a new arrival of only three weeks & a young feather at that, it was only natural she would ask. As for him, he stopped letting it bother him long ago. A glance at his wings revealed to him their black mottled, gray scheme. An improvement (He hoped.) over what they were several years before.

Looking at the child he replied. "Well ... before I came here ... I must have been BAD, I guess."

"How bad!?"


"Why ... Almost as bad as ... ," he slowly turned in a crouch & pointed. "YOU!"

Another young feather, a boy this time, jumped back.

"No way!" The kid was smiling. He'd obviously been through this before. "I grew out nice charcoal grey feathers!"

"Stop it! NOW! All of you!"

Everyone looked up to see Hikari approaching from the kitchen.

"Awww ... Kids just being kids Hikari ..."

"Some of them BIG kids too!"

"I tried to stop it Hikari but ..."

"It's all right Hana. I heard everything." Half smiling, Hikari looked at Wolf. "It's almost time for their afternoon nap. You shouldn't get them so riled up."

"Just a little fun. I like kids ... sorry ... "

Hikari gave a little laugh. "You should be ... So ... leaving?"

"I have all the little details I need. I can start on the main event in a day or so. Besides ... If I stay any longer I'll be sketching portraits of everyone."

"Looks like you already have," Hikari noted looking at the thick sketchbook.

"That's probably what kept me here all yesterday too."

"That's exactly what it was! I saw ..."

"It's OK Hana. We know Wolf gets as much fun out of everything he can," the ponytailed blonde reassured. Looking back at Wolf, "they really like the drawings you made of them yesterday ... hung them all over the classroom. You DID get all the details you needed didn't you?"

"Took awhile ... but yes."

"With LOTS of interruptions?"

"Couldn't be helped ... They were all over me ..."

"They're more than a handful."

"By the way, thank you for the wonderful lunch."

"No trouble at all. I always like working with food. Makes me wish I was back at the bakery."

"Yes ... They miss you there. Like you said, these kids are more than a handful ... ," he said turning toward Gurie. "And with that ... I shall leave."

As were the past lives of individual Haibane,
the group of buildings history was vague at best.

Saying their goodbyes, Wolf strode off in the direction of Gurie proper. It had been a wonderful day & a half of Autumn at Old Home. The young feathers weren't any trouble with their interrupting & he was more than happy for the distraction of drawing anything other than the task at hand. He was that good. A few days before, he was hit with an inspiration of how to commit the old dorm/fort to canvas. He would do it gratis, not as it was now or new, but before it started to fall apart. He would depict the crumbled wall as whole & other things not so dilapidated. As it was in its heyday, whatever purpose the place was originally for, no one knew. As were the past lives of individual Haibane, the group of buildings history was vague at best.

The towns' clock tower loomed in the distance. As he walked back to town he pondered the previous five years of his existance in this strange, walled-in shadowland.

He was cocoon born with the blackest of wings thus causing most at Abandoned Factory to shun him almost immediately. On his Acceptance at the temple the Washi informed him of his sinbound state. As far as the communicator could make out, had he not come here, he would have had much to answer for & a tremendous understatement at that.

Suppressing an initial wave of rage & rebelliousness, he resolved if he couldn't atone for something he had no idea of, he would at least try to live a life different from before as far as he knew. Though not proud of his wings' coloration, he wouldn't hide it either. Even when later offered a temporary remedy from Old Home. He would walk in the light of day & having people accept him as he was, chips falling where they may. It caused some strife at Abandoned Factory at first but as he stood up for himself, giving as good as he got & then some, the others grudgingly accepted him or steered clear.

Being an avid reader as well as a stickler for organisation & tidiness, he soon secured employment as an assistant librarian. The position vacated by an older Haibane of Old Home leaving to care for the young feathers due to another taking her Day of Flight.

He also found he had a more than adequate artistic talent. Though he dabbled in sculpture it was in drawing & painting he excelled. So much so, the sight of a black winged Haibane with sketchbook or easel became familiar in & around Gurie. Townsfolk on seeing his work, eventually came to him with comissions, a most welcome supplement to his librarians' wage. Mostly portraits & landscapes, several wall murals about town also attested to his skill.

He later took to frequenting the cafe & two taverns where he could be found in vigorous conversation over coffee (later beer) & checkers expounding about art, philosophy, & local affairs. So much had he become a local fixture, most everyone knew him by name. The children, Haibane & human alike, took to calling him Uncle Wolf.

His given name, reflecting his cocoon dream, was Suibou, meaning downfall ... ruin. Not caring for it he broke with tradition & settled on Worufu or Wolf. A name appealing to him for reasons he could not fathom but took to it he did.

Like a former resident of Old Home, he painted
some works having to do with that dream ... 

The dream itself, now haunting him less, had him engaged in futile warfare involving strange weapons & fantastic machines. It would be interspersed with visions of being before vast crowds or smaller groups of officious looking men in strange uniforms, speaking on the nature of struggle ... or of things darker. Like a former resident of Old Home, he painted some works having to do with that dream &, like the other, they were vague shadows at best ... of an even vaguer shadow.

In the middle of his third year he did something unprecedented for a Haibane, raising not a few eyebrows. He moved out of Abandoned Factory. Between his librarians' pay & artistic endeavors he was able to afford a modest three room flat above the used clothing store of which he made into his private studio. The Washi reluctantly allowed for this as it loosely fit that part of the Haibane creed about self reliance & non-dependance on the community.

On being warned by the communicator of the possibility of too much involvement in human affairs, Wolf assured him. He was well aware that aside from civil law & some social interaction, the ways of Haibane & human were mutually exclusive.

It was to his apartment he was now headed. To drop off his sketchwork before repairing to the cafe where he was sure a hot coffee & an even hotter game of checkers awaited. Instead of taking the outside steps up he decided on entry through the shop instead. Business to discuss.

Boroya & Wolf were friends long before their relationship of landlord/tennant began. The merchants' grandmother engaged Wolf in doing a canvas of the chapel where she was married long ago. Through old photographs supplied by Boroya & some research, Wolf decided on doing a bonus picture of the structures' interior as well ... Decked out as it had been on the day of the ceremony.

How the dear old lady fretted over what she thought to be a long wait over a single painting. Wolf reassuring her it was well worth the wait. When she was presented with not one but two well executed works ... She was astounded to say the least.

He agonised over how much he should have charged but in the end, left it up to her as to their worth. Out of politeness, he refrained from even glancing at his pay-book & courteously took his leave. A couple blocks later with curiosity getting the better, he withdrew the booklet & looked.

After picking his jaw up from the pavement, he rushed back exclaiming she paid way too much. She insisted he earned every mite of it & wished she could pay more. He felt bad about it until Boroya later told him she could well afford it.

The amount would have kept him in rent & food for almost two months.

"Back so soon?" Asked the clothing monger on seeing the artist enter.

"Only needed to get a few more details down & that was it. I start on the canvas after work tomorrow. Right now, I think I owe you something."

"Yes," replied the landlord. "Tomorrow's the first of the month."

"There's also ... ," Wolf added pointing, "... that."

On the wall by the counter hung a large, like new uniform great coat of the kind worn by the gatekeepers. The portly former owner insisted it to be a size too small. Wolf felt it would make for an excellent overcoat for the soon to be winter.

"I noticed you had your eye on that for awhile." Boroya got the coat down handing it to the artist. "Here you go."

"And here YOU go," Wolf replied giving an already prepared sheet from his paybook, with rent & coat price scribbled on. Gathering it up, he headed for the stairs. "Just gonna drop everything off & I'm gone."

"Woah ... Wait a minute!"

"Oh?" Wolf turned back seeing the sheet handed back.

"You did it again."

"What the ... Oh geez! Just when I think I've stopped doing that, it happens again."

Taking the sheet he crossed out the errant signature. Entering the correct one he handed it back.

In his dealings with the Haibane, Boroya knew more about them than most residents of the town. Sometimes even surprising Wolf with his knowledge.

"You know," he speculated looking at the first signature. "I still think this might have been your name before coming here. You must have signed a LOT of things with it for it to have ... uh ... 'followed' you."

"Nothing bad I hope."

"I wouldn't worry."

Boroya watched as the artist ascended the stairs, halo & black mottled gray wings swaying softly. Looking down at the sheet in his hand he contemplated the superceded mark.

"Curious name," he thought. "This ... Adolf ... What COULD it mean?"

He knew there was no way of knowing, not even by the Renmei itself. Deep down, something told him it was probably for the best that no one EVER could.

Storyline copyright © 12-12-2012 Jay Agan

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Disclaimer: The preceding is a NON-PROFIT work of fan fiction for entertainment purposes only. I make no claim to ownership of the copyrighted names/characters, illustrations, places, some dialogue & events mentioned in this work. They are the sole properties of  Radix & Funimation. Please, by all means support the owners of such properties in the purchase & enjoyment of their products.

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Evangelion 3.Whatever

Yup! That's the jacket!

Evangelion 3.Whatever

I'm sure you've heard by now that Evangelion 3.0 premiered in Japan. Madman Entertainment of Austrailia has already snapped up the rights for marketing it there. Wonder how soon Funimation will pick up on this.

Saw the trailer to it. Looks good, though mostly a montage of Unit 02 in flight. Interesting shot of the Mari character piloting hers (Whatever that may be at the time. Now I know why "Mari Illustrious Makinami kitty smile" comes up in my blog search word stats.).

An interesting shot of Asuka adjusting a light jacket being worn over the plugsuit. Not having seen the flick, I imagine it has something to do with the TEST suit from the previous film. Seems she has a sense of shame & embarassment & doesn't care for walking around with half her posterior hanging out. No doubt the hentai kiddies have had a field day with that since 2.0.

I'll never understand the fetish for eyepatches. A cute trick with it would be to switch it from one to the other in a scene or two. Makes for a little mind messing with the fans.

Yeah ... Fanservice. I understand why it's there. Hope they don't overdo it. If I want that sort of thing I know where to get it. As for a movie ... Tell me a story instead.

Just saw this clip from the film. Looks like 3.0 will be a major departure from the series we know & love/loath. Little too much choppy editing for my taste. Kaouru as always, ... creepy.

I understand Evangelion 3.0 is on the TENTATIVE viewing room schedule at Armageddicon (It says You Can (Not) Redo on the list so I ASSUME that's it.) later this month. If so, I'm already there! Probably in Japanese without subs but I'll endure.
One I'd definitely see! And get the disc ... & the Manga ...
& the light novels ... & the figurines ... & the shirt ...

In unrelated news, I replaced my six disc "non set" of Geneon/Pioneer discs of Haibane Renmei with the two disc set from Funimation. A certain "Alabanian" will get the old ones if he shows up at the aforementioned con.

May the angels all protect us
From fates too vile & horrendous
Cause our country's so stupendous

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