Saturday, December 22, 2012

NRA Comes Out Swinging

NRA Comes Out Swinging

I must admit. I was a little worried. I thought the National Rifle Association would fold & join in the call for more gun bans & the like. I thought Wayne LaPierre & the organisation would take a "new direction", turn on its membership & betray gun owners in general. I thought they would fall in line & do what the haters of the Second Ammendment in particular & the Constitution in general may have been hoping for: Concede the arguement & try to save itself by becoming "more relevant" & "in step" with what the media puts across as a "general concensus" of popular opinion.

In short, surrender & go along to get along by siding with them.

I was wrong. I let the bull crap get to me. I even phoned the NRA & "threatened" that I would remove its' link from this blog if they changed direction. That's what happens when one listens to too much CNN & other establishment propaganda outlets. O me of little faith.

What did happen was, after a week of restraint while the establishment media, their allies among the politicians, celebrities, special interests & other parasite elements ghoulishly exploited the Newtown incident, the NRA came out & stood firm.

The above mentioned sheep in wolves clothing now hate the NRA even more than before ... For being the NRA.

I have, after an absence of many years, decided to rejoin the NRA. Suggest those of you who are sympathetic to do the same.

Wayne LaPierres' 12-21-12 press conference speech & NRA homepage here.

Join the NRA here.

Go to Jays' Tee Vee blog main page here.

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