Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Evangelion 3.Whatever

Yup! That's the jacket!

Evangelion 3.Whatever

I'm sure you've heard by now that Evangelion 3.0 premiered in Japan. Madman Entertainment of Austrailia has already snapped up the rights for marketing it there. Wonder how soon Funimation will pick up on this.

Saw the trailer to it. Looks good, though mostly a montage of Unit 02 in flight. Interesting shot of the Mari character piloting hers (Whatever that may be at the time. Now I know why "Mari Illustrious Makinami kitty smile" comes up in my blog search word stats.).

An interesting shot of Asuka adjusting a light jacket being worn over the plugsuit. Not having seen the flick, I imagine it has something to do with the TEST suit from the previous film. Seems she has a sense of shame & embarassment & doesn't care for walking around with half her posterior hanging out. No doubt the hentai kiddies have had a field day with that since 2.0.

I'll never understand the fetish for eyepatches. A cute trick with it would be to switch it from one to the other in a scene or two. Makes for a little mind messing with the fans.

Yeah ... Fanservice. I understand why it's there. Hope they don't overdo it. If I want that sort of thing I know where to get it. As for a movie ... Tell me a story instead.

Just saw this clip from the film. Looks like 3.0 will be a major departure from the series we know & love/loath. Little too much choppy editing for my taste. Kaouru as always, ... creepy.

I understand Evangelion 3.0 is on the TENTATIVE viewing room schedule at Armageddicon (It says You Can (Not) Redo on the list so I ASSUME that's it.) later this month. If so, I'm already there! Probably in Japanese without subs but I'll endure.
One I'd definitely see! And get the disc ... & the Manga ...
& the light novels ... & the figurines ... & the shirt ...

In unrelated news, I replaced my six disc "non set" of Geneon/Pioneer discs of Haibane Renmei with the two disc set from Funimation. A certain "Alabanian" will get the old ones if he shows up at the aforementioned con.

May the angels all protect us
From fates too vile & horrendous
Cause our country's so stupendous

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