Monday, March 26, 2012

Haibane Renmei: Awww Rats!

This is only a parody of Haibane Renmei The show is not like this.
L-R Kuu, Rakka, Hikari, Reki, Nemu, Kana

                                            Haibane Renmei: Awww Rats!

      So I get back home after an overniter with the folks that was preceeded by attendance at Revoluticon (More on that later this week.). As is my want I tour the four Half Price Books stores in Columbus before getting back to Delaware. After visiting a "friend" (More on him & another "friend" in the afore-mentioned not yet article. By the way, the "friends" are still friends.), I make a stop at the Half Price on Lane Avenue. With Half Price, Big Lots, & Amazon (used), I can feed my movie/cartoon/anime habit on substantially less than otherwise.

      Some weeks back I purchased & reviewed an anime called Haibane Renmei. I'm glad I got it & still glad I got it when I did. I didn't think I would ever see this out of "print" show again at such a comparitively low price that I paid & certainly not on the shelves at Half Price which is pretty much catch as catch can. But there it was & at ,,,,, half the price I got it: Matching disc cases, slipcover & all!

      Had I but known ..... but then, you can't predict the future & as I've "said" before, I'm glad I got it when I got it. All the same ..... Grumble! Grumble!

      Oh yes, anime fans. If you haven't seen Haibane Renmei, I suggest you do.

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  1. I don't get the Bono to Go link... :(

    1. The owner/operator of Bono Pizza is one of the "friends" mentioned in the article.