Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Nichijou: Pierce the Heavens With Your Mighty Scream!

The Nichijou "gang of four". L-R Mai Minakami, Mio Naganohara,
Yuko "Yukko" Aioi, & Nano Shinonome.

Nichijou: Pierce the Heavens With Your Mighty Scream!

I'm going to have to get this one when it FINALLY hits our shores (Thanks to Bandai Entertainment DROPPING THE FREAKIN' BALL{!}, we're not gonna be able to get it for the time being.). From what I've seen of this show on You Tube, it's a definite must get. Crunchyroll doesn't seem to have it for online viewing as yet so I'll have to search else where (Suggestions ... hmmmmm?.).

Nichijou or My Normal Life is anything but that. The show seems more like the surreal side of Azumanga Daioh on steroids & Red Bull. The quirky, offbeat madness has convinced me to take this one in. The following three You Tube clips alone got me more than interested.

Funniest Scene I Have Ever Seen In Anime - A bit of irreverence. Short version here. Longer version with "context" here (The priest looks kinda' like the Monopoly guy.).

Feel The Pain here - Not quite as funny. Probably because this has happened to me ... more than ... once ... No ... really ...

Feel The Pain 2 - The short version (here) had me on the floor (Long version here.). Those stupid dogs! That even stupider (Is that a word?) Yukko! Poor Mio! The Professor is wise. Sakamoto the cat is along for the drag ... er ... ride.

Oh yeah! Here's a bonus link to an independent anime called Fumikos' Confession. Has nothing at all to do with the above but I thought you'd enjoy. That's one heck of a fall!

Wikipedia review of Nichjou here.

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Cynicism: Gets Me Through the Day

I'm glad I don't drink ...

Cynicism: Gets Me Through the Day

About three years ago:

I just get off work. Almost one AM & heading home. Some of the college kiddies are staggering home after a little bar hopping. I see two girls going down the other side of the street. One crying on the shoulder of the other consoling.

"Look on the bright side. At least you found out early what an a-----e he is. Just think what it would have been like later ... blah blah blah ..."

My heart went out to the kid. I wanted to console her too. Something like:

"She's right hon. It could have been much worse. By the same token, had he been a nice guy, you would have immediately dropped him like a live grenade & gone running to the nearest a-----e!"

Women like krap because it gives them something to "make better". Sheeeeesh!

It's a sad world but I'm a happy puppy ...

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Country (Music) Hate

Country Hate

A song by

Jay Agan


The truck broke down, the dog just died
Sister works in the cathouse too.
Mom's in prison, Dad took off
I think I will too.

Country music is the pits
White boy singin' blues.
Ballads all depressing
'Bout ya can't win but lose.

Oh (Repeat chorus.)

NASCAR doesn't interest me
Makes me yawn 'n squirm.
Nothing less exciting
Than one big left hand turn.

Oh (Repeat chorus.)

Hard hat days, honky tonk nights
This life just gets me down.
Don't wanna go on livin'
Like some nose pickin' redneck clown.

Oh (Repeat chorus twice.)


Copyright © 2-20-2013 Jay Agan

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Neon Genesis Evangelion: This About Says It All

Nothing wrong with that guy that a good tanging wouldn't cure ...

Neon Genesis Evangelion: This About Says It All

Found this "out there" on the net & thought I'd post it.

For those who haven't gotten around to seeing the series & End of Evangelion, I suggest you do so. As an explanation would be too long & has been done much better than I could by others, I'll refer you to this excellent little summation on You Tube.

As for Gendo Ikari:

Just what can be said (Without using too much profanity.) about a creature like that? In the process of trying to rejoin with his catastrophically altruistic wife (I find her to be as much a villain as Gendo.) he ...

1. Uses two women very badly in order to gain his ends.

2. Expends not two but three clones of his wife as smokescreen & cannon fodder (Is it any wonder the third one turns on him?).

3. Puts the life of his own son on the line & very nearly damns the kids' soul.

And then there's that trifling matter of physically annihilating all of humanity & merging all souls into a single heaven/hell/nirvana/overmind.

I have every intention of owning all four of the "rebuild" films but ... I have the feeling that the Neon Genesis Evangelion series & End of Evangelion will be considered by most to be the definitive & canonical of the franchise.

Evangelion Explanation In 7 Minutes here.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: OOOOO! Goodies In the Mail! here.

End of Evangelion: This Is (Really) Disturbing here.

Beyond Wrong & Wonderful: An End of Evangelion/Azumanga Daioh Crossover Fanfiction here.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dang! Part 7: Robinson Crusoe on Mars

Dang! Part 7: Robinson Crusoe on Mars


Jay Agan

Sometime, early in 1990. The Drexel North theater was having its' annual 24 hour sci-fi movie marathon. 13, count 'em, THIRTEEN pieces (Movies!) of my favorite kind of schlock. Being "between jobs" (unemployed) & having nothing better to do (Job hunting!? You gotta be kidding!) I decided to attend.

There I was. Packed together with several hundered fellow boisterous sardines in a very small space. From high noon Saturday to high noon Sunday, it was wall to wall wonder & weidness of various levels with the fun set at high.

Heaven is a movie theater.

A couple highlights:

About a third of the way through, we were treated to Forbidden Planet & a beutiful print at that. To see such a classic, pristine & on the big screen ... took my breath away.

Some of the younger set thought it was a new movie. After all, that was Leslie Nielsen on the screen, right? I mean, he does look so young in this flick ... Great make up job!

They had a difficult time believing me when I told them the movie was one of Nielsens' earliest & was released in 1956.

"Yer kidding!? Right?"

"Nope! The only thing in this theater older than that movie right now is me!"

The biggest & best highlight of the occasion came right after the first film started.

Cue the music.

Roll opening credits.

Several breathtaking panoramic shots of the spacecraft "flying" top speed to the red planet.

Title fills the screen.


An iffy title for a more than great movie. Cheers hit the roof. The marathon was on. We had arrived!

Illustration by Computer Genius on Deviantart.

RCOM chronicles the endeavors of a stranded astronaut (Paul Mantee) in his struggle to survive the elements (It was thought Mars possibly had a thin, breathable atmosphere when this film was made.) & the crushing lonelyness. His only companion, a lab monkey named Mona. He's later joined by a slave-escapee (Victor Lundin) from an alien mining expedition.

The fourth member of the cast, who dies early from a crash landing, was played by a then unknown (1963) actor going by the name of Adam West.

Yes ... THAT Adam West!

O.K. So the opening music abruptly ends as the spacecraft (Mars Gravity Probe One) hurtles at the audience, practically through the screen & ... There's Adam West at the controls.

Hey! It's Batman & Robin! Mnnnn ... not quite.

Suddenly, a rather irritating, rotund fellow (Many anime & movie con goers have personally met this person. His name is THAT GUY!.) a few rows back, shouts:


The whole theater, me with it, EXPLODES in thunderous cheers & applause.

I wonder if Mr. West truely realizes the extent of the tremendous impact he's made on pop culture ...

Article copyright © 2-14-2013 Jay Agan

A more accurate rendition of Mars Gravity Probe 1/Eleanor M by Computer Genius here.

Wikipedia article on Forbidden Planet here.

Wikipedia article on Robinson Crusoe On Mars here.

The Drexel North, A Place on High Street here.

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Distinction (or) a Rantly Screed

A Distinction (or) a Rantly Screed


Weatherly Hardy

Our Rights are not granted by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The rights we have are granted by God (or understood as Natural Law by the non-deists out there), and our founding documents merely enumerate them, and set limits on government's ability to infringe upon or limit them.

As much as we appreciate the valiant souls who have fought and died for our Country, they DID NOT "give us our rights", as a popular Facebook picture states. They protect and secure them, as should we all, according to our abilities.

Pretty much says it all ...

Copyright © 1-25-2013 Weatherly Hardy

Aardvarks Plumbline (Mr. Hardys' blog.) here.

Aardvark Tees (Mr. Hardys' company. Shirts!) here.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Fellow American: A Lucky Star/Lucky Channel Fanfiction

Not what's in the following fanfic but I thought it appropriate.
Translation on the Kanji & Hirugana anyone?

My Fellow American: A Lucky Star/Lucky Channel Fanfiction


C V Ford

"Luckeeeeeeeee Channel! ... Hiya Luckeeeeeees! ... Glad you could drop by to see me. I'm Akira Kogami ... "

"And I'm Minoru Shiraishi!"

"And lucky you all are today. For the first time EVER, we have a special guest."

"And special she is. A most interesting character on the Lucky Star program."

"And that would be?"

"Why Akira-san, she's none other than Patricia Martin ... And here she is!"

"Hello everyone ... I'm very pleased to meet all of you."

"So tell us about her Minoru."

"As our viewers all know by now, Patti-san ... I can call you Patty can't I?"

"Oh go right ahead."

"Thank you. As you all know-"

<"Don't get too familiar with the guest Shiraishi.">

"Patti-san is an American exchange student living/studying here in Japan immersing herself in the many aspects of our culture."

"Anime/manga is culture?"

"Oh yes Akira-san! I've been a devoted student of anime/manga. These are artforms totally unique to Japan. Nothing anywhere near like them anywhere else. I've learned so much of Japanese culture from them which has helped me in SO MANY ways."

"Is that so?"

"Yes Patti-san. Tell us how much it has enriched your life."

<"Still getting too familiar Shiraishi!">

"Well ... It has certainly helped build my language skills-"

<"Which explains why you sound so slangey & weird at times">

"-thus helping me in new discoveries."

"So ... And what uh ... discoveries would they be?"

"Yes! Tell us about anything new you may have learned!"

<"Still trying to chalk up brownies, aren't you?">

"Well, my most recent find concerns you Minoru."

<"Too informal! She's actually calling him by his given name!">

"Uh ... Me! ... I ..."

"Oh yes! ... It's about something you mentioned in our pre-program interview a few days ago that got me to thinking, so I decided to check up on it the moment I got back to my apartment that evening."

"And what would that be?"

<"Yeah ... Just what would THAT be? Shiraishi's about as fascinating as uncooked ramen ...">

"Remember when you told me that you were born in Los Angeles?"

<"Huh? ... He never mentioned anything like THAT to ME!>

"Uh ... Yeah. My parents were there a couple years for the company my dad works for ... Mom was going to be sent back here to have me but I was premature."

<"That explains a LOT. I thought it was because you were dropped too often as a baby.">

"I went & looked up some things & ... Well ... You're an American!"

"I'm ... What!?"

<"Woah! ... Something just got interesting!">

"Yes. A fellow American!"

"Now wait Patti-san ... How can that be ... I-"

"According to Ammendment 14 of the United States Constitution, ANYONE born there & uh ... 'subject to the jurisdiction thereof' ... Is a U.S. citizen."

"Now Patti ... I would hardly think that would apply to me. Considering I'm here & not there. I'm not ... What did you say? ... Oh yeah! ... I'm not 'subject to the jurisdiction thereof.' That's how you put it, right?"

"But you were when you were born there ... I mean ... Your parents were there on business, right?"

"Mmm ... yeah."

"And they weren't diplomatic people or other Japanese government staff, right?"

"Uh ... No ... They weren't ... but ..."

"Hold on a sec Martin-san! You mean to say Shiraishi here is a ... a ..."

"An American Citizen? Yes!"

"A ... gaijin!? ..."

"Now hold on just a minute Akira!"

"Ha! ... Snicker! ... Snort!"

"With all the rights & privileges that go with it! ... Oh! ... And here ... I have this for you."

"Ummm ... Just what is it? My English & Romanji are a bit rusty. I wouldn't know where to ..."

"Look at the top."

"What the- ... Those are my parents names, I can make that out & ... That's my name! ... What is this!?"

"A copy of a certificate of live birth from the county of Los Angeles."

"So that proves he's a ... Gasp! ... Chortle! ... Derp! ..."

"The next morning I phoned a friend in L. A. whose dad works there in city government. He got in touch with someone in public records. She then faxed this to me."

"No! ... This isn't happening ... I ..."

"This certifies that a Minoru Shiraishi was born to a ------------- & ---------- Shiraishi on --/--/-- at Ceders Sinai Hospital, city of Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, U.S.A.."

"Then he really IS a ... Bwa ha! ... Gi! ... Hee hee! ... "

"This ... This isn't ...!"

"Just think! ... When you come to my ... OUR ... country ... All you have to do is show them this. Immigration would pass you right through. You wouldn't need to go through the citizenship process ... You wouldn't-"

"This isn't right! It can't be true ... it ..."

"Oh man! I'm really lovin' this! Unbelievable! Bwa ha ha ha haaaa!"

"-You wouldn't even need a green card to work! You're already a-"

"Gaijin! Yee! Hee! Hee! Hee! Heeee!"

"But! ... But ... Sputter! ... Gheeeeh!"

"Oh God! ... Ha! Ha! Ha! Haa! Haaaaaa! Patti-san! ... This ... This is too much! ... Gehip! ... Harg! ... You ... You two're killin' me! H' hyuk!"

"But Akira-san ... It's true! Isn't this great Minoru?"

"No ... It's not!"

"By the way ... A notarized/certified copy of this is on its' way ... Care of this station."


"And that's ... Grp! ... Smirk! ... about it for this episode ... snicker ... gasp! ... REMEMBER! ... Gasp! Wheeez! ... You heard it all here first on Luckeeeee Channel! ... Bye ni!

Title board slips/drops into place.

"Bwa! Ha! Ha! Haa! Haaaaaaa!"

"Now come on Akira! ... Both of you! ... I ... I was registered here in the Home Islands!"

"That means you have dual citizenship. Wow! You have the best of both worlds! You ..."

"But ... Har! ... Har! ... Gack! ... He's the worst at ... Heep! ... EVERYTHING!"

"I am not, darn it! ... And I'm just as Japanese as you are!"

"Hey! ... Whatever you say ... Gaijin! Bwa! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Haa! Haaaaaaaa!"

"A ... ki ... raaaaah!"

Bzzzzzzzzzzt! Boop! Dark screen.

Storyline (only) copyright © 2-5-2013 Jay Agan

Lucky Star: Yak! Yakkity! Yak! here.

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Disclaimer: The preceding is a NON-PROFIT work of fan fiction for entertainment purposes only. I make no claim to ownership of the copyrighted names/characters, places, & events mentioned in this work. They are the sole properties of their respective owners. Please, by all means support the owners of such properties in the purchase & enjoyment of their products.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Guns Polls & Statistics: Off the Top of My Head

It's interesting to note, she turned in her .38 for
purposes of publicity but held on to her .357.

Guns Polls & Statistics: Off the Top of My Head

Recently, Senator Dianne Feinstein was heard muttering through clenched teeth, about how ALL the polls "showed" Americans were overwhelmingly in favor of gun control measures of all kinds & how congressmen must have the "courage" to defy their constutuencies (The people they're supposed to represent, the majority of which who voted them into office.) & help pass these "measures".

I don't give much credence to polls, especially the ones catering to special interests & done by such "unbiased" groups like CNN. I tend to believe other sources ...

1. Since Newtown/Sandy Hook, gun sales have gone through the roof. Guns (Not just those dreaded ASSAULT WEAPONS.) are clearing the shelves, stocks dwindling, prices going up due to scarcity. Same for ammo, magazines, accessories & gear.

2. The number of requests for background checks through the National Instant Check System (NICS) hit record highs, causing days long delays for individual requests.

3. The membership of the National Rifle Association, in the first ten days after the aforementioned incident, increased by 100,000 members. As of a week & a half ago, by a quarter million. Who knows what it's like for other pro-gun organisations ...

4. Last week - An anti-gun rally was held on the D.C. mall with a WHOPPING grass roots attendance of 600 people (As compared to say, the pro-life fringe groups the day before at the same location. Showing up with only a measly 800,000.). A pro-gun rally in California came up with ONLY about 50,000 in attendance. Yes ... I'm being sarcastic.

You want "polls"? You want stats? Sales figures, etc, seem to be better indicators as to what the people are thinking.

And Feinstein can go on grinding her teeth to nubs for all I care.

National Rifle Association home page here.

Gun Owners of America home page here.

When Fun Is Outlawed here.

Gun Control: It's Not For the Children here.

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