Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Nichijou: Pierce the Heavens With Your Mighty Scream!

The Nichijou "gang of four". L-R Mai Minakami, Mio Naganohara,
Yuko "Yukko" Aioi, & Nano Shinonome.

Nichijou: Pierce the Heavens With Your Mighty Scream!

I'm going to have to get this one when it FINALLY hits our shores (Thanks to Bandai Entertainment DROPPING THE FREAKIN' BALL{!}, we're not gonna be able to get it for the time being.). From what I've seen of this show on You Tube, it's a definite must get. Crunchyroll doesn't seem to have it for online viewing as yet so I'll have to search else where (Suggestions ... hmmmmm?.).

Nichijou or My Normal Life is anything but that. The show seems more like the surreal side of Azumanga Daioh on steroids & Red Bull. The quirky, offbeat madness has convinced me to take this one in. The following three You Tube clips alone got me more than interested.

Funniest Scene I Have Ever Seen In Anime - A bit of irreverence. Short version here. Longer version with "context" here (The priest looks kinda' like the Monopoly guy.).

Feel The Pain here - Not quite as funny. Probably because this has happened to me ... more than ... once ... No ... really ...

Feel The Pain 2 - The short version (here) had me on the floor (Long version here.). Those stupid dogs! That even stupider (Is that a word?) Yukko! Poor Mio! The Professor is wise. Sakamoto the cat is along for the drag ... er ... ride.

Oh yeah! Here's a bonus link to an independent anime called Fumikos' Confession. Has nothing at all to do with the above but I thought you'd enjoy. That's one heck of a fall!

Wikipedia review of Nichjou here.

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  2. It is on Crunchyroll as well. Alistair just checked.

    1. You're right. It IS on Crunchy.

      It wouldn't come up on Crunchys' search option so I entered it in Google & that got me to it.