Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Country (Music) Hate

Country Hate

A song by

Jay Agan


The truck broke down, the dog just died
Sister works in the cathouse too.
Mom's in prison, Dad took off
I think I will too.

Country music is the pits
White boy singin' blues.
Ballads all depressing
'Bout ya can't win but lose.

Oh (Repeat chorus.)

NASCAR doesn't interest me
Makes me yawn 'n squirm.
Nothing less exciting
Than one big left hand turn.

Oh (Repeat chorus.)

Hard hat days, honky tonk nights
This life just gets me down.
Don't wanna go on livin'
Like some nose pickin' redneck clown.

Oh (Repeat chorus twice.)


Copyright © 2-20-2013 Jay Agan

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