Saturday, February 16, 2013

Neon Genesis Evangelion: This About Says It All

Nothing wrong with that guy that a good tanging wouldn't cure ...

Neon Genesis Evangelion: This About Says It All

Found this "out there" on the net & thought I'd post it.

For those who haven't gotten around to seeing the series & End of Evangelion, I suggest you do so. As an explanation would be too long & has been done much better than I could by others, I'll refer you to this excellent little summation on You Tube.

As for Gendo Ikari:

Just what can be said (Without using too much profanity.) about a creature like that? In the process of trying to rejoin with his catastrophically altruistic wife (I find her to be as much a villain as Gendo.) he ...

1. Uses two women very badly in order to gain his ends.

2. Expends not two but three clones of his wife as smokescreen & cannon fodder (Is it any wonder the third one turns on him?).

3. Puts the life of his own son on the line & very nearly damns the kids' soul.

And then there's that trifling matter of physically annihilating all of humanity & merging all souls into a single heaven/hell/nirvana/overmind.

I have every intention of owning all four of the "rebuild" films but ... I have the feeling that the Neon Genesis Evangelion series & End of Evangelion will be considered by most to be the definitive & canonical of the franchise.

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  1. Yeah, if anything that picture is too tame. Eva is such a dark world. It's funny how the otaku ignored all of this, and just focused on rei and asuka moe.

    1. "Fanservice" sells. At least the "Gainax bounce" wasn't involved.

      I originally kept from looking at Evangelion as I thought it to be nihilistic for nihilisms' sake only to later find it to be an interesting quasi-theological thriller.

      Interesting how they took Biblical & Kabbalic beliefs & turned them on their heads.