Thursday, November 29, 2012

Third Impact, IN SPADES!

All of a sudden ... Reis ... LOTS of  'em! Yeah ... NOW you know how bad poor
 Aoba felt when HE got piled on! Photo Credit: Tatto  Cosplayer: Zal

Third Impact, IN SPADES!

Either this is some kind of End of Evangelion cosplay deal or a very bad Brylcreem ad. "A little dab 'll do ya!"

"Mommy! ... Mommy! ... Oh! ... Wait! ... She's already here ... Sorta kinda ..."

Quit yer whinin' Shinji!

A student at work turned me on to this & I just had to share it with one & all. It's from the American Cosplay Paradise site.

American Cosplay Paradise main page here & specific here.

For those young-uns' who don't know what Brylcreem is ... here. Not that it would have helped Shinji in any way ...

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Obama Voters: My Sediments Exactly!

Obama Voters: My Sediments Exactly!

Thought some of you might get a kick out of a couple gun store signs from Arizona. And yes, I DID "mis-spell" sentiments.

You might also want to stay away from anything hot or sharp.

I really doubt one would turn potential purchasers away for that. If anything, it's only a political statement for what it's worth. I mean, no doubt SOME did vote for Obama out of sincere conviction. Hmmmm ... maybe it's a good thing some folks don't own firearms after all.

Just sayin'.

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Tacklebox Gun

Tacklebox Gun

Based on an incident that actually happened to me way back when.


Jay Agan

The rod’s end snapped, letting fly a long, arcing cast toward a tall,mossy stump poking above the water. Sure of a huge bass lurking in the weed choked roots, Bill Strickland hoped to winkle it out. A shiny brass spoon in the waning ochre light of pre-dusk made for a good bet in catching the fish’s interest.

Stooging through nearby shallows, dorsals above the surface, a pair of orange-brown carp foraged lazily. The angler paid scant attention to the "trash fish" as he reeled the line slowly in. Bass and panfish were his forte. A medium sized smallmouth, two crappie, and a large pumpkinseed lay slipped on a stringer. Four in a half hour was more than promising. When the sun started its set, the fish would really get to biting.

Bill straightened and stretched his five foot nine frame, relieving tension in the middle-aged limbs and back. Scanning his mid-west idyll, he noticed the coloration of the trees on the shore, opposite. The fast change, started in late August, meant a short fall and early winter, to his way of thinking.

Reflections on the waters at the far bank gave the illusion of the forest growing down into the depths of Howland Reservior. Rustling breezes, through field and wood, conveyed the impression of "both" forests being a single breathing entity.

Sweeping a dark lock from his face, the man pondered. Though lean times were ahead in this late seventies recession, he was much at peace. Unemployment, never easy to take anywhere, was always doubly worse in Millard County. In an area of scarce jobs, periods of inactivity could be months long. He had seen it coming weeks before the plant layoffs and resolved not to pass the time vegetating.

He’d make real use of his time and planned accordingly. Outdoor recreation was a big part in the order of the day. Any friends not receptive to hunting, fishing, and just plain walking in the woods, were free to go to seed at the various town watering holes or decay in front of the idiot box.

A grimace cut the thin face on a remembered layoff, years past. Months of "going to hell with himself" wasn’t on the new agenda. An unpaid vacation suited him better. Non-existant escape through the tube or alcohol was no substitute for an extended holiday.

He gave silent thanks in avoiding a "fate worse than ‘life’."

A throaty, staccato rumble to the left turned his attention outward. No sooner had he pinpointed the area of the source, a twenty-five yard distant tangle of scrub and trees, the bike and rider trundled out.

As "man" and bike lumbered past, heading for the chuck-holed road leading from the lake’s edge, Strickland made some quick observations.

The black, stripped down, FL-model Harley was no off road machine. Faded leathers (no "colors"), worn jeans, and engineer boots weren’t the usual attire of a dirt biker, either. The heavy individual displayed a less than pleasant look on a brutish, neanderthal mug: a dark, greasy, smear of unkempt fur and beard. The nose had to have been broken at least once.

Stopping on a small rise overlooking the reservoir, the rider stole a quick glance back before kicking in gear and taking off up the road.

The angler filed the "incident" as a minor distraction from his "blue heaven." No harm done. Casting the spoon, he attemped to shove the encounter from his thoughts.

Something nagged: "Almost a half hour fishing here, the biker was in that thicket the whole time. What was he..."

Though a paragon of mid-west, rural, America, Millard County had more than it’s "fair share" of crime. The "boonies" weren’t known easy availability of peace officers.

Several years back, a passing acquaintance was murdered while fishing this very same body of water. Investigators found the body in sad shape and no suspects, concluding he ran afoul of a passing tramp. Stories of beaten and robbed fishermen, occult activity, and other goings-on flashed through his mind.

A now familiar rumble of a V-twin engine edged back into listening range.

Rider and bike topped the rise going into a slow, easy, descent.

From the corner of his eye, Bill saw he was getting more than a quick once-over as before. The mutant was sizing him up. An intense feral look bespoke of contempt and hostility under the low, narrow, forehead.

The angler played dumb, feigning ignorance of what he saw as a quickly deteriorating situation.

For most of his adult life, Strickland usually had steel of some kind handy. On his left hip, obscured by the light jacket tied around his waist, hung the holstered Ruger .22 Standard-Auto in a cross draw. His "tacklebox gun."

Not totally sure of hostile intent at this point, Bill suppressed the urge to draw the pistol. One didn’t pull a gun on someone looking nasty at you from a distance. The biker’s gaze could mean anything, from disgust to malice.

Bill had often thought of how he would handle a dangerous situation and the outcome. He concluded knees would turn rubbery, the shakes would hit full force...maybe run...or not be able to.

Neither running or shaking, he felt calm and ready. Resultant confidence, from range time, reading, self training/study, surfaced, suppressing the fear of moments before. Only a low level apprehension was left to work its feeble subversion. Resolved, he would handle it. Under no illusions, he would use the gun.

Mind organized, he thought clearly. The best way to win a fight is to avoid it. Problem: Keep predator at a distance without escalating situation. Solution ...

The biker, but thirty yards away, Strickland made his move. As if to make a cast to his left, he turned his gun side to the oncoming rider. Feigning an itch in his side, Bill reached down to scratch, swept the jacket aside, revealing the pistol.

Pulling up short, the biker’s face ran the spectrum from hostility to amazement, then fear. The expressionless face of the angler revealed nothing while scanning the rider in his peripheral vision.

It was the anthropoid’s turn to be sized up, and the creature more than knew it. Even the dumbest of scooter-trash could see this was no easy mark.

Wheels turned smartly about, a then sober faced biker tooled conservatively up and over the rise with many a look back.

Strickland heaved a welcome sigh of relief. He would always wonder as to how nasty a situation had been averted.

He eyed the thicket his would-be antagonist originated from. A look-see was in order. Gun out, he crept slowly to the side of the tangle and peered in.

Nothing. Almost. He bent down, reaching for a shiny object in a muddy rut left by the bikes' wheels. He backed out, plastic bag in hand. The few green stems and seeds contained testified to the thorough use of the bag’s former contents. Another glance in revealed nothing else.

The possibility of a return performance prompted Bill to pack and leave for the car a quarter mile distant. Another fishing spot could always be had another day ...

Cleaned and oiled, the Ruger auto lay in the night stand drawer, slick sheen reflecting the light. Bill’s appreciation of such mass-produced "art" went up more than a few points that day.

As earlier in the day, he felt at peace. He faced a snake in Eden, coming out the better for it. Any future serpents ... He would be ready.

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Interesting Search Words #24

Interesting Search Words #24

Gotta keep searchin' searchin'
Find a place to hide
searchin' searchin'
Baby by my side
If we gotta keep on the run
We'll follow the sun now
Follow the sun now

1. girls in chastity belts - Not a bad idea considering ...

2. kyon & haruhi-third impact - didn't that almost happen in episode 6 of the first season & ep 23 of the second?

3. hentai real - Hentai not real.

4. william holden gay - I don't think so.

5. rei ayanami rebuild smile - Here at Community Dentistry, we can rebuild ANYONES smile into the perfect "you" ...

She's smiling 'cause you're about to get tanged.

6. tiny toons evil elmira - That's Almira. Elmira's a town in upstate New York.

7. shinji ikari depressed - More depressing than depressed.

"No! ... NO! ... Not ... My Little Pony! ... Anything but THAT! Aaaaaaaugh!"

8. green miranda warning card - Good combo. You can work AND keep your mouth shut.

9. cthulhu mlp - "... and in strange eons even THAT may die."

10. sailor moon smoking weed - "In the name of the moon ... I will uh ... uh ... Hey dude!? ... Ya ... Ya got any Doritos?"
Hey ... All Superman needed was a pair of glasses.
Fooled me every time.

Well, that's it for now. Maybe more in a couple weeks.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

On Voting

I guess we know now what that "else" is. Thanks a lot non-voters!

On Voting

As an actual combat veteran, Dad's never given much to "war stories". Doesn't care to talk about it. It was hinted at by others he'd gone through some really hairy stuff. If he does mention anything it's once in a blue moon & on something comparitively "mundane". Which is where this story/article comes in.

Dad also doesn't care much for those who don't vote. Here's why:

Sixty years back in November '52, on a hill in Korea, he cast his first vote.

He was a young second leutenant, a forward observer for artillery. For those who don't know, a forward spotter isn't miles back with the big guns. Not only is he on the front line with the grunts, but at times in FRONT of the front line. Where the only other people around may be sporting a different uniform/language &, if you're found, may act toward you in a rather hostile manner.

Needless to say, Dad has no business walking around breathing today. By the grace of God, he made it out alive.

It was on that day in November, the mess staff was supposed to bring the ballots up with the food. Only the food arrived. In order for each man to vote, they would, one at a time (They couldn't all just leave their positions at once.), make a three mile round trip in the rain to cast their ballot at the company CP (Something most wussies ... er ... uh ... Americans would balk at.). Dad liked Ike by the way.

To those pious hyprocrites who stayed home & prayed instead of voting:

If you "left it to the Lord" as I've heard some say, then He sure has one heck of a sense of humor. Jesus doesn't vote. YOU are supposed to.

If your phoney rapture non-doctrine does pan out I hope you're either LEFT BEHIND
© (Serve ya right! God hates a coward.) or you actually do get taken & are not in the way of our struggle against the beast. We don't need you. While Jesus may not hate you, I certainly do.

To those "conservatives" who stayed home:

Just what the hell were you thinking? That it was an easy Romney win & your vote wasn't needed? Thanks to you, we still have "the annointed one" & John "Mr. Tough Guy" Boehner screaming compromise along with the other RINOs. Thanks for nothing, intrepid ones.

As for those who never vote:

I've usually found these to be either lowbrows or non-entities. I've long realized they're not worth talking to (The last one I tried reasoning with had me seriously contemplating kicking my heavy booted foot into the little dolphin tatoo on her ankle.). These none-suches would probably vote the wrong way anyhow. Maybe it's good some don't vote anyway.

Just sayin'.

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Man Of Character: An Azumanga Daioh Fan Fiction

Man of Character

An Azumanga Daioh Fan Fiction


C V Ford

As Dr. Sakaki looked down at the small form sitting on her office couch, hands upraised recieving the large box of ashes, she couldn't help but marvel. The recipient, not even twenty, was long out of college & interning at Jet Propulsion Labs in California. Was even considered vital to the joint projects between her government & the States.

It was hard for the veterinarian to believe that a few short years before, this was the perky ten year old genius attending high school with her & friends. Yet now, a budding scientist/engineer with a more than brilliant future ahead.

It pained her to see Chiyo like this. More so as the box contained the remains of a mutual friend.

"He was very old Chiyo," the doctor began. "Especially for a dog of his size & breed. You loved him very much to have taken such good care of him."

"He had a good doctor ..."

Sakaki seated herself next to Chiyo.

"What I'm getting at, & I'm not trying to be mean saying this but ... I'm glad he left the way he did. I don't think I could have ..."

She refrained from mentioning "the procedure". Though in love with her work, there was that one thing about it she passionately hated. Something she did at least once every two weeks. It wasn't pretty. The more cognizant ones, already frightened, could be in absolute terror knowing something to be terribly wrong. Sometimes ... one would fight.

Chiyo held the box close, reflecting on recent events. Her busy schedule of post grad & internship at Lawrence Livermore prevented her from caring for a large, elderly dog. With much reluctance, she left him in the care of her parents in Tokyo who were happy to have him back.

She, of course, saw him holidays & vacations. A week ago, she came back on a much needed vacation. Four wonderful days were spent together. Two days before , Chiyo let him out thinking he would be back in a few. When the scratching at the door didn't sound after a quarter hour, she went looking for him with some concern.

She found him. At his favorite place in the enclosed spatial yard under the big tree. It was as if he had fallen asleep.

Tears started flowing. "I wish I was ... there ... when ... when it happened ..."

"He knew he was going hon. He didn't want you to see him leave. He knew you'd find him eventually."

"Oh God! It ... it hurts! ... so much... Why ... "

Reaching over, Sakaki held Chiyo close. Tears also starting.

"... he was the first dog I ever petted ..."

"I remember when I first met him. He was the first dog I ever petted. Was always afraid of big dogs. Thought he'd bite me."

"He ... wouldn't have."

"And when I saw you get on & riding him ... You were so tiny then ... I was instantly jealous. Still am."

"... and when I saw you get on & riding him ... I was instantly jealous ..."

"You have Maya ... and your practice."

"As you know, I couldn't have pets until I moved out. You practically grew up with him. I'll never know that.

"While I thought of going into veterinary medicine before, it wasn't until that day I was certain."

"Mom, Dad & I are going to spread the ashes by the tree this Sunday. I was wondering ..."

"Yomi called about it. We'll ALL be there."

"I didn't call as I wanted to ask you personally. You've been so good to him."

"Thank you Chiyo ... Mr. Tadakichi wasn't a good dog ... He was a great one."

"He was ... A man of character."

"Yes Chiyo-chan ... He was at that."

Credit: Objection06 from Deviantart.

 Storyline (only) copyright © 11-9-2012 C V Ford

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fool Me Twice ... Darkness Descends

Darkness descends.

Fool Me Twice ... Darkness Descends

To all this does concern;

Last night, I saw the United States put an official stamp on its' headlong rush to suicide. I had already noted its' death wish through the years in the promotion/sanction of collectivism, feminism, abortion & homosexuality, things most destructive to a nation. Now, with the re-election of Obama something new has been added.

Last night, the parasites & their allies came out of the woodwork in droves & outvoted us. There are now more of THEM than there are of us. The "something for nothing" crowd now has a greater understanding that they can get anything they want at the expense of the productive. The politicians, both left & right, will make note of this & act accordingly to eventually accomodate them as much as possible. A great socialist dark age is about to descend.

I had hopes for my own future. I was hoping when the economy improved I could go back to a voice acting career. A career that was yanked out from under me when, 16 months into the presidents' first term, I was informed by my agent that my contract would not be renewed due to the bad economy. I bided my time in hopes things would improve. A good start would have been in the ousting of Obama & repairing the damage caused.

Now that I see real economic recovery to be impossible (The forced health care insurance racket to be foisted upon one & all will help not in the least.) I have decided to forego an acting career. Even if I restarted & was successful It would only put me in a higher tax bracket. I have no desire to contribute anything more to what I feel is a country bent on killing itself & taking me with it. As a character in Ayn Rands' novel, Atlas Shrugged said: "I don't care to be the cannibals' lunch & do the cooking as well."

I'm a janitor now & probably retire as one. Instead of having my dreams on hold, I will now hang them up for good. I plan on contributing as little as possible to "the community", society, or whatever it is they call that vague, collective hive mind. I withhold any talent or goodness I might have given to the world. To better myself would mean I would only be punished (taxed) more for whatever they deem to be a "fair share" (Subject to change anytime someone behind a desk thinks it's not "fair" enough & increase it.).

As it contributes nothing to "their scene", I will continue with this blog as a creative outlet for myself.

To those who have voted to cut the nations' throat, congratulations. Enjoy it while you can. I optimistically give it ten, maybe fifteen years before the consequences of your actions become more than apparent. As you make more & more demands upon the productive, the less you will get as the incentive for creators, inovators, job providers & working people to better themselves will be diminished. The grab bag of free goodies will eventually be empty, the goose laying the golden eggs will be dead. The party will be over.

To those who voted for the president the SECOND time wether it was out of "idealism" or the belief it was for the "good" ...

There is an old saying: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

The shame will be very much on you though I doubt you have the wit to feel it. The smarter among you may eventually find your fanciful ideologies & good intentions to be of little use/compensation in the years of darkness to follow.

The unfortunate thing is we will ALL get what you deserve. In your haste to bring about your dream of a better tomorrow, we will all be dragged through what will become a nightmare.

To those who voted otherwise. To the makers of real material wealth. To the inventors & innovators. To the creative & artistic among you. To the adventurous & seeking. To the working man & maintainer:

It was good while it lasted. I am sad to see this country go.

May God bless you all. For we are about to descend into hell.


Jay Agan

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Friday, November 2, 2012


Yes ... To the good ole days.


With the possibility of voter fraud looming, consider this:

When casting your ballot on electronic voting machines, make sure to CHECK & DOUBLE  CHECK your selections. If ANY of your selections come up wrong, be sure to RAISE HOLY HELL!

This election is too important to let anything get by.

Just sayin'.

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