Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Yeah, Todd Akin Is No Genius, But ...

Love him or hate him ... Missouri Republicans,
pro-lifers, & conservatives have no other choice.
On November 6 ... VOTE!

                                       Yeah, Todd Akin Is No Genious, But ...

     I guess I'm sticking my neck out on this one but I think it would be absolutely kool if Akin won over Claire McCaskill. Why, you ask?

1. It would send a message to those martini sipping, "country club" Republican non-leaders on how the "grass roots" is fed up with them. Or, for that matter, to the whole political "establishment".

2. It would teach the Democrats not to support an opponent for use as an unwitting "ringer" to ensure a win for them (Yeah, I know. The fool thinks it's because he has "crossover appeal".).

3. If he gained that Senate seat, he would be "his own man". Not all that beholden to the G.O.P. "intelligentsia" & certainly not to the Democrat party.

4. He's the ONLY hope for ousting Claire McCaskill. You "show me" Republicans, pro-lifers & conservatives had better "show up" November 6.

     Hold your noses TIGHTLY & hit the Akin lever.

     By the way. Yes, there is no such thing as "legitimate rape". However, could "legitimate murder" be a valid term for abortion?

     Just sayin'.

     By the way, the above views are my own & in NO way reflect the views & opinions of the Republican Party, the Romney/Ryan candidacy/campaign or any persons/entities affiliated with the G.O.P. I just think Akin would be the better choice as senator in spite of himself.

Todd Akin for U.S. Senate website here.

Washington Examiner article on Democrat "ringer" support for Todd Akin here.

Interesting "take" on Mr. Akins' qualifications as a medical man here.

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