Friday, August 31, 2012

Are Otakus Weird? ... Depends

So the Goddess says, thus it is so ...

                                           Are Otakus Weird? ... Depends


                                                                      Jay Agan

     All depends on the "otaku". Me? I'm just a fan. To prove there's a difference:

Believe it or not, this pile actually IS someones' collection. I
don't have even a fifth this much. Most I wouldn't bother with.

1. Me: I only have about two shelves worth of these Japaneses cartoons. Yes, I call them cartoons. Sometimes I use the Walter Lantz spelling (Kartunes!).

    Otakus: Some of these folks have anime collections bigger than my entire vid collection.

"Man's gotta know his limitations.": Dirty Harry
Credit: Fighter4Luv from DeviantArt

2. Otakus: Some cosplay as characters who don't match their body types, age or gender. There should be a rule wherin one can only cosplay if one is within 10 pounds of the character they're portraying. Oh yes, get a shave!

    Me: I don't cosplay but if I did, I'd take my limitations into account. You wouldn't see me made up as Sailor Moon, Pinkie Pie, or whatever!

Even if I was into this, I wouldn't have a place to put them. That & I stopped
building/collecting models long ago (It was the darn glue!).

3. Otakus: A lot load themselves down with figurines, knick knacks (Paddywhacks!), posters, body pillows (What the ...!?), manga, books, magazines & other ephemera.

    Me: I've a couple posters, three reference books & a stack of manga less than a foot high. I don't bother with a magazine unless it has an article of interest. With all the free stuff/info on the net, why bother?

I have only one of these. Guess which one. Credit: Derek Lieu

4. Otakus: Into "anime flavor of the month". "The latest 'n greatest." Will watch anything anime, never mind if it's any good or not.

    Me: I have a few of the "classics" & am pretty much satisfied with that. If I'm streaming a show I don't like, I drop it. If  I pick up something & it turns out I don't like it, I either throw it out (If it's too objectionable.) or give it to the local colleges' anime club.

Oh? Uh ... What is it exactly? (Yeah, right!)

5. Otakus: SOME have, shall we say, interesting "predilections" to say the least.

Me: I'm not gonna tell ya! ... er ... uh ... I mean ... Never Mind! FORGET WHAT I SAID!

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  1. "You wouldn't see me made up as Sailor Moon, Pinkie Pie, or whatever!"-- Our Host

    Had you more figured as Cranky Doodle Donkey.

    Or even something on my blog...



    1. As I'm NOT(!) into the MLP mania (Like some folks I know!) I had to look up the donkey reference on Google Image Search.

      THANX A LOT!

    2. Perhaps I should have something...


      (And I had to look it up, too!)

    3. Sort of an Eeyore-like character isn't he?

  2. that. I was playing off of our mutual ages!

    1. What!? Grumpy!? Me!? What ever gave you that idea!?

      Grrrrr! ;)