Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Interesting Search Words #20

Interesting Search Words #20

Yes! The 20th installment of a series guaranteed to get me more hits (Because I am getting hits.) on my not so humble blog. With 20+ more to go. And so ...

1. haruhi suzumiya gods can't die - Of course not. And keep in mind ...

It's all in her hands.

2. ayn rand is the devil - Only to Democrats & too many Republicans.

Yup! Pure dead bang evil ...

3. haruhi suzumiya no hips - Really? You sure about that?

Poor, skinny, anorexic, undernourished, wretched little thing ... Yeah! Right!

4. chastity hentai - There is such a thing?

Translation: I've seen enough hentai
to know where this is going.

5. haruhi suzumiya evil smile - Now how can THAT be? How about an all knowing smirk instead?

6. atlas shrugged & lord of the rings - Truely, we are trapped in Mordor.

Ever notice, when discussing (ie.: argueing) anything weighty with someone, they usually rely on: cliches, mantras, chants, out of context bible quotes, threats, ad hominem attacks & ... noise? Logic? Reason? Just what the heck are those? There are times I can't help but think I'm a minor protagonist in an Ayn Rand novel that never ends. I swear! If Jesus doesn't come soon, rapture or no rapture (Probably not!), I'd be willing to settle for an alien invasion! Or getting tanged ... whatever ...

7. bleach my little pony - Methinks this pony thing has gone far enough.

Perhaps even a bit on the creepy side.

8. women at work hentai - Uh ... just what kind of work are these women into?

9. sick shinji - Other than THAT SCENE in End of Evangelion, I would say he's more on the hapless & dumb side. Like someone else we know.

Hapless & dumb. Nothing ... but ... abuse.

And so ends this exciting "episode" of Interesting Search Words. Next installment's gonna take a while. Seems such search words from y'all are fewer & farther between. Til then ...

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  1. "bleach my little pony"

    That is the TRUE blasphemy!

  2. Something can be truly blasphemous.
    I have REALLY tried to like Bleccchhh...sorry, BLEACH. After six weeks of standing in the same street fighting...DBZ had more charm.

    1. As my blog header says, my set's not connected to cable or antenna (There's nothing worth watching.) So when visiting the parents I sample their cable. Cartoon Network is running Bleach on Adult Swim.

      I can't watch Bleak ... er ... Bleach as it's ugly to look at. The show is aptly named. They should have called it Bleached Out. It's ugly in the opposite way DBZ is. At least DBZ took only a week for a face off. I still don't know what the show is about & don't care to. A bottle of Chlorox would be more fun to look upon.

  3. Good Ayn Rand graphics! You might (or might not) like our blog: Knight Takes King Design. Have a good one!

    1. I like your blog. Will put a link to it in the "Links n' Lurks" section in the next few days.

      Sadly, the Ayn Rand graphics aren't mine. Also I'm only a "small o" objectivist. I do sympathize though.