Thursday, August 2, 2012

Interesting Search Words #19

Interesting Search Words #19

Getting there! The almost twentieth installment of a series of articles that practically write themselves. It's all because of you, the weirdos ... er ... uh ... the readers who are led to this humble blog with the search words you enter on Google, etc. The hits just keep on comin'!

1. evangelion vs godzilla - Gainax & Toho! Yeah! I'd definitely see that un'.

Git im' Asuka! Just like her to attack before Rei & the whiner show up.
Credit: Metal Dragon Kiryu

2. haruhi suzumiya sit on kyon - Oooooh! You mean SIT on Kyon ... Yeah ... She does that too.

Kyon contemplates "pretty poison".

3. star worse - It's not that I hate the franchise.  Actually I don't. It's only that I got burned out on it early on. Saw the first in '77 sixteen times in the theater. The second seven times. After that, I lost interest.  Saw the third one several years later on cable & only a small part at that. If you like it, fine. Whatever floats yer boat.

"English m----------r! ... Do you speak it!?"
"I am fluent in over six million forms of communication &
can readily ---" ......................................... BANG!

3. evangelion as the three stooges - Soitny'!

Hikari Horaki looks on disaprovingly as Kensuke "Larry" Aida,
Toji "Moe" Suzuhara, & Shinji "Curly" Ikari cut up in class.

4. haruhi suzumiya is God - Well ... yes! Why do people feel the need to state the obvious?

I thought Lain Iwakura was the lessor god of the net ...

5. cthulhu burger - Well ... Now we know what's in that "pink slime" stuff.

6. rei ayanami mad - Would a slight frown do?

"Rapture" Rei Ayanami. Sugar coated death.
12-21-12: When you see this, you'll krap bricks!

7. mlp haruhi - Blasphemy! ... Sacrilege! ...

This is just ... so ... wrong ...

Well, there ya have it. Seez ya next time ...

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  1. Wow...y'know, I have the sudden urge to watch Haruhi....

    1. I hope this isn't the result of the apostasy as shown on #7! Be that as it may, the Goddess must be worshipped early & often.

      Vox Haruhi, Vox Dei ...

    2. "early & often"

      Ah, like voting in Chicago!

    3. Chi-ca-go! Chi-ca-go! It's my kind of town ...

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. You GOTTA do G-Fest next year!

    It's a pony-free zone! (Except for our shirts, that is!)

    1. Never was big on the Godzilla flicks. I find the vast majority painful to watch as I do most kaiju flicks. I do have & enjoy the first two along with their U.S. reworks (GKOTM & Gigantis).

      Pony free? Hmmmmm ... I'll think about it. Some posters to the Classic Horror Film Board attend.

      Back in the '90s I delivered a car to a re-seller in Chi-Town. The leader of the "caravan" took a wrong turn & we spent half the day "touring" the city. Fun had by all ... NOT!

  3. BTW, I will not be at MatsuriCon. Me daughter Ariel has taken it for her own. Should you go, feel free to stop by and have her get a couple of pics of you.

    1. I was hoping you would be. Still going anyway.

      Pictures? Yike! It might break the camera. I have problems with mirrors, sunlight, & garlic. Do need a pic for the blog profile though.

      How many Eva pilots ... er ... children DO you have? Hopefully none with blue hair.

  4. Four. 1 daughter, 3 sons.

    Hair color: Red, brown, black and blue.


    1. Oooooooh ... er ... uh ... Nothing ... nothing.

      As long as none of them are named Rei or Kaworu ...

  5. God, that motivational of Haruhi.

    "Wow, look at all this porn of me! Normally I'd be disgusted but this shit is too good to pass up!"