Friday, October 14, 2011

Star Wars: Star Worn Out

I really shouldn't laugh. I'm into movies 'n anime after all.

                                           Star Wars: Star Worn Out


                                                                 Jay Agan

      When Star Wars (I refuse to call it Episode 4, A New Hope!) hit the screen in 1977, I saw it sixteen times in theaters. SIXTEEN TIMES! Usually twice at a sitting.It was fresh, new. It was the first time since 1966 (2001 A Space Odyssey) sci-fi got a "big budget" treatment (Only 9 1/2 million to make but it looked waaaay more expensive.). We owe a lot to George Lucas. This was the film that opened up a "reniasance" for sci-fi that continues to this day.

      But .....

      When The Empire Strikes Back came along, I only took it in about eight times. After that ..... meh. I figured the franchise got enough of my dough. I didn't even bother to see any of the other films except for bits 'n pieces on TV over the years.

      I got star worn out. When the franchise started to become "kool" I knew it wouldn't be long til it got mainstreamed. Then all the people who looked askance of me for digging it would be on the bandwagon too. Some, no doubt, ready to tell me they were with me all along. Even to be disappointed that I wasn't still on it with them. No. Time to get off & get off I did.

      Now it's "marginalized". And such a BIG margin it is!

Now I love a parade as much as the next guy but come on!
      I don't hate the franchise. I wish Mr. Lucas & co. the best of fortune. I've merely lost love for it long ago. It was fun for me while it lasted & I'm glad to have "been there".

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  1. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder atop the ramparts, brandishing broken Welch's bottles. much as "the Final Three" made me abhor the moniker "Lucasfilm", the Cartoon Network "Clone Wars" series has translated me out of The Dark Side. It maintains the feel and flavor of the original to a satisfactory extent.

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