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Why I Would Not Join the Military Today

Why I Would Not Join the Military Today

Written on Monday, October 21, 2013 by David L. Goetsch for

I have counseled hundreds of young men to join the various branches of the military, helped dozens secure ROTC slots at various colleges and universities, and assisted several in gaining military academy slots. However, I have begun to question the advisability of providing this kind of assistance.  How can I in good conscience recommend that young men pursue a military career or even enlist in the military when I would no longer do so myself?  How can I look a young man in the eye and recommend that he knowingly and willingly put his life on the line in an era when he will be expected to regularly violate his most deeply-held religious and personal beliefs?  How can I ask a young man to follow the orders of politically correct officers who are more concerned about protecting their careers than their men?  How can I recommend that a young man put his life in the hands of a president and a Congress that do not respect him or the military? The answer to all of these questions is one I never thought I would utter: I can’t.

The above is the concluding paragraph to an article at

The rest of the article here.

In my own estimation, a country bent on suicide (Collectivism, feminism, homosexuality, abortion/infanticide.) and forcing you to subsidize it as well as drag you down with it is one not worthy of ones' loyalty. To serve in a military that brands you a terrorist for being a Christian and/or a conservative is beyond foolish.

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Stalking Heart: An Angel Beats! Work of Fan Fiction

Stalking Heart: An Angel Beats! Work of Fan Fiction


C V Ford

There wasn't reason for feeling nervous, and yet ...

Things had gone well today thus far. On Yuris' orders, the whole of the Battlefront managed to successfully skip classes all at once. As long as they kept out of Angels' sight between periods, they could continue to avoid. Now past lunchtime he sat alone at "their"  tables in the main room of the cafeteria, safe in the knowledge that it was the middle of the period thus Angel busy attending class.

As far as he knew, there was nothing to worry over for the time being. He had even managed  to evade Fujimaki and had the rest of the day to himself ... Even so ...

A small ripple of anxiety weakly surged again. It was always easier knowing of something coming and from where, but this feeling of uncertainty, this ...

Scanning about the vast room, he took in as many details he could. Students not scheduled for that period busily snacking or reading over textbooks making for an impromptu study hall. NPC cafeteria staff/maintenance diligently about their duties. Shiina, arms folded, leaning at the entrance ways' side, staring intently at him. Other students/teachers/staff passing by and-


Pulling on his collar in a vain attempt at loosening it, the young man stared back. Yes ... Staring ... The trajectory of her vision rifling straight into the young mans' eyes. With a look of intensity he had seen only in cats scrutinizing their prey. She was even "chuffing" like one! ... Lips parted, breathing in large amounts of air for taste/smelling the very atmosphere itself, as a feline would. Even at that distance he could see the pupils of her eyes wider than normal, taking in every available quantum particle as an aid to gathering detail ... As she would a target ...

Something usually quiet and still said from out of the back of his mind that what she was about implied a "violence" of a most special kind. The thought made him more fearful.

Averting his eyes, he again tried loosening his collar. Looking up he ...

On noticing she wasn't at the entrance, a sigh of relief was cut short on espying her sitting at a table halfway between the entrance and his location.

As all in the Battlefront knew, Shiina was FAST ... but ... this fast? How could she ...?

Shaking his head, blinking hard, focusing, he tried to take the scene in and would have relaxed a moment if it wasn't for the fact she vanished yet again. Predator on the move once more. Where-

Head pivoting, peering in all directions, coming up with nothing. Leaning over and down he sight searched under all tables within possibility. She couldn't just-

"Well helloooo .... ," softly sounding from behind.

Letting escape a half stifled gasp, the would be spotter bolted upright in his seat. Slowly, his head swiveled on its' neck to the left ... Into the very eyes of the menace seated immediately next.

Breath caught in throat, he could only stare helplessly, the ninja keenly sizing him up at such un(?)comfortably close range. Lips still parted in exquisite malevolence, teeth slightly exposed in an expectant grin. A grin reminiscent of that of an epicure about to partake of something wonderfully delightful. Fathomless, burgundy eyes consuming his quivering soul in advance.

From down deep, the "pure boy" summoned up the courage to speak. Knowing what he was to say could come across as lame, ANY response had to be better than none.

"So ... uh ... Shiina," squeaking in a medium rasp. "You ... eh ... run across anything ... cute ... and ... interesting ... lately?"

"Yes ... ," purring huskily, a forefinger delicately drawing circles down the back of his right hand. " ... exactly ..."

It was then ... Oyama knew for an absolute certainty ... He was ... "DOOMED".


Storyline (only) copyright © 10-25-2013 C V Ford

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I Am Officially Revoking My Respect For John McCain’s Service To Our Country

Useless is as useless does ... Go home Johnny ... just ... go home ...

I Am Officially Revoking My Respect For John McCain’s Service To Our Country

Posted by Joe Wurzelbacher on Oct 21, 2013 at

I hold you in utter contempt, as do a great many Americans. You have made a mockery of your service to this great nation, getting far more mileage out of our pity than our embrace, and I call on every veteran to stand against you and stand against your next election campaign. It’s clear that you would stop at nothing to help Obama and his regime, and your actions in recent years have given me, and many like me, no choice but to revoke my respect for you and for your so-called “service” to our country.

Being a veteran of war no longer gives you a pass for being bad for this country. With your express help, liberals have succeeded in destroying much of what made this country great and threaten to ruin the very fabric of America. You've enabled and assisted these Marxists and to continue looking back all those many years to what you did in VietNam as an excuse doesn’t cut it anymore.


The above is the last third of an article posted at Pretty much says how I feel about this sad excuse of a "statesman" known as Senator John McCain.

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Anime: If I Had A Bajillion Bucks

Rei, Asuka She Wolf of the SS and Shinji share a peaceful moment.

Anime: If I Had A Bajillion Bucks

I forget what anime message board it was on but I came accross an interesting thread called "If I Had a Billion Dollars". In it, the participants discussed what anime they would back if they had the dough to do so. This intrigued me so I came up with a few ideas of my own. Power Ball winner? Me? Hey! It could happen!

Forget Peter Jacksons' travesty. THIS ... is the one.

1. Lord of the Rings - Peter Jackson DID NOT film LOTR. He made an abortion he calls LOTR but it is not the same. He took things out. He put things in. In an effort to appeal to a broad audience, he made female characters more prominent and had them doing things not in the original story. His appeals to PC/feminism DID NOT improve the story. Shoot ... The Ralph Bakshi version of '78, in spite of budgetary/time constraints, is superior in that it's true to the story.

I've concluded that the only way LOTR would be done justice on film is to take some money to Studio Ghibli with the following conditions.

A. Five films. The Hobbit, the trilogy, and Tom Bombadil with several stories from the Silmarillion.

B. NOTHING to be added or subtracted from the stories. The exception being Tom Bombadil. Even Bakshi had to exclude that part hence a fifth film.

The Angel Beats gang, We're MAD at God. Hey! We gotta' blame somebody!

2. Redo Angel Beats!. 13 episodes wasn't enough. We were left in the dark about most of the characters, their back stories, motivations etc. All we know is their lives were less than adequate and they shared Yuris' resentment/anger at God.

God commands the franchise continue. So it is written ... So it must be.
Etcetera ... Etcetera ... Etcetera ...

3. Continue the Haruhi Suzumiya franchise. For various reasons (The list being too long to go into.) Kyoto Animation stopped doing it. I like the concept of God being an unknowing, over-reaching young lady whose friends do what they can to keep her from finding out about herself.

Get another studio to do it maybe. As long as they stick to Tanigawas' concept and Itos' character designs, I'll go for it.

The "virus" of mankind must be destroyed. The virus prefers to disagree ...

4. Dub Gunbuster into English. Why? I'm an English speaking old white guy who happens to like the show. I understand there are technical hurdles to dubbing this as the vocal, sound FX/music tracks are actually one track. All the same, I think it could be done with enough money and technical expertise behind the effort.

Rapture schmapture! YOU GONNA' GIT TANGED!

5. Evangelion: Yes You CAN Redux- I have not seen 3.33 yet. From what I've heard, seen and read of it, Anno has really radically departed from the original. Perhaps (In my estimation.) jumped a whole school of sharks. I have every intention of having all four of the "rebuild" films but I can't help but get the feeling the original series is going to be the definitive of the franchise.

With that, if I had the money, I would back a redo of the original either as a 26 ep series plus End Of or as four "re-rebuild" films with the following conditions:

A. Stick more with the original series. No fourth impact. No gap of so many years. No spaceships, etc.

B. Make it more Biblically compliant. I really liked the original series having you "looking over your shoulder for God". Of course keep the Kaballic trappings/weirdness in. How else is one to justify the presence of lillith or be able to name all those "angels"?

Don't know why I like this character. Maybe it's because I'm a Sarah Palin fan.

B. Mari Makinami ... yes ... the only thing I really like about the rebuilds. Gotta have her along ...

An example by Satoshi Urushihara of the "color/texture"
I would like to see in a Book of Revelation anime.

6. The Book of Revelation aka The Apocalypse of St. John the Divine- No, not some end timey whimey rapture bunny fantasy ala Tim LaHaye/Hal Lindsey. Rather a LITERAL word for word visual depiction by various artists and studios, read by various voice artists and celebrities (Keith David maybe?). The visual images conjured up from reading The Book of Revelation were made for anime. Miyazaki and Shinkai could have a field day with this.

Satoshi Urushihara is a manga artist who has achieved a color/texture "effect" I think would go well with a film like this. Anyone into anime/manga and cruises the net a lot has run into his work from time to time. He is to anime/manga what Technicolor was to film and Alberto Vargas to pin-ups. Sadly, his main body of work is porn/hentai.

As an aside, a "friend", a notorious T-shirt monger from Alabania who shall remain nameless (His company and name rhyme with Aardvark Tees/Weatherly Hardy.) posited an idea: When the "whore of Babylon" appears (Revelation, Chapters 17 and 18.) the Gainax "bounce" should be utilized. Hmmm ... Not sure if that would be edifiying and uplifting (Pardon the pun.) but it certainly would be apocalyptic!

7. Since Bandai dropped the ball on marketing anime DVDs here it might not be a bad idea to buy up the marketing rights to their shows. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Lucky Star among others, have been hanging in Limbo long enough.

That's it for now. Any further pipe dreams I come up with, I'll write 'em down.

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RahXephon Pluralitas Concentio: Pass This One By

The only demotivational I could find on this show.
Too bad Haruka didn't pull the trigger.

RahXephon Pluralitas Concentio: Pass This One By

Well, like a fool, I took in the "movie" to this sad excuse of an Evangelion riff. Complete waste of time. I disliked it for reasons opposite of the series: The series put in too much, the movie took out too much.

Good artwork, animation and voice work (Which both had.) will not make up for a hodge podge of a non story.

If you have the opportunity to take in either ... DON'T!

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Pretty much my thoughts on this show.



1.) Episodes 25 and 26 of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

2.) Extend it out to 26 episodes.

3.) Multiply the percentage of mysto/psychobabble by at least a factor of three.

4.) Do the same with the vagueness and ...

5.) Throw in a "giant robot" slug fest as an afterthought.

And you get ...

RahXephon. The umpteenth movement. The world ... Suffused ... With ... Ra ra?

I will NEVER get back the time I wasted watching this garbage. Neon Genesis/End of Evangelion had me looking over my shoulder for God. This clinker had me looking past my shoulder for the remote.

I can't describe the plot as it's a confusing jumble of Evangelion rip off (Not enough though. Otherwise it MIGHT have been good.), fortune cookie philosophy/platitudes, double/triple headers and mind games. At best, I can describe the main protagonists' situation. Spoilers? Sure. Just think of it as my saving you some time from watching it.

Ayato Kamina is 15 years of age. So is his 27 year old wife he is unknowingly married to (You find this out after the end credits of the last episode.) His infant daughter is about to turn 15 ... HUH?

Keep in mind, this is anime.

His mother is an alien who has groomed him to pilot the titular "giant robot" construct that will resynch/retune the world. What the heck does that mean? I haven't a clue. Nor do I think the ones who made this mess. What I do know is that the retuning involves Ayato "finding himself". A process that seems to entail killing most of his friends (Later his wife.) in a rather violent manner. Rei "Lillith" Ayanami was a much better way to go.

Ayato also has trouble figuring out whos' side he's on throughout the series. So much so that about three "filler" episodes have him back in the enemy camp.

And what's up with that weird pop bottle? It's shown prominently in about ten episodes and has no significance to the non-story. It's just ... there. So's this anime it seems.

This weekend, I will be watching the "rehash" movie: RahXephon Pluralitas Concentio. As it's a feature length film, I'm hoping there will be much less crud to wade through and thus be more coherent. Otherwise the anime club at the local college gets another freebie.

Something for those of you who actually liked this show.

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Official Seal of the United States Democratic Party

Kinda' looks like Harry Reid doesn't it?

Official Seal of the United States Democratic Party

Pretty much says it all. Parasitic bloodsuckers, the lot of 'em!

Grabbed this off of Armand Vaquers' Rancho del Cielo blog, a most interesting web site. Mr. Vaquer is a super Godzilla/Kaiju fan and self appointed ambassador/tourist bureau for Japan. Check his blog out!

WARNING! If you are somewhat to the left of left, faint of heart or very short, DO NOT go to this web site.

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That Stupid Dance!: A Girls und Panzer/Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Crossover Fanfiction

"... Just look at her! She's the only one who seems to be enjoying it."

That Stupid Dance!: A Girls und Panzer/Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Crossover Fan Fiction


C V Ford


"You gotta' be kidding me!"

"They're actually doing it?!"

Members of the gathering crowd gawked as the large military flatbed rolled through the center of town, young dancers gyrating withon to the beat of ceremonial drums. Even without the elevation, the eight young ladies in their skintight, pink costumes would have attracted more than enough attention at ground level.

"Guess the rumors were true-"

"Rumors huh?! I heard they were gonna' do it butt nekkid. I'm kinda' disappointed."

The older man moved his gaze toward the last speaker & glared. Exasperated, turning back to his wife he said, "anymore remarks like that, I'm gonna have to start knuckling some people."

"Take it easy dear. I know what you mean though." The woman paused and frowned. "I still can't get over it! Just what possesed her to make such a bet?"

"Bet NOTHING!" Exclaimed the husband. "The St. Glorianas wouldn't have had to do this if THEY lost. This is a penalty Anzu-chan herself put on the command team and council. I mean ... Just look at her! She's the only one who seems to be enjoying it."

"She's your grand daughter after all."

"I seem to recall hon, she's also YOUR grand daughter."

"Her craziness HAS to come from your side of the family. Really ... There's no other explanation for it ..."

"Hmm, lets see ... ," the man speculated silently to himself. "Bossy, manipulative, laid back, yet at times hyperactive ... Yup! Has to be from my side of the family ... Yeah ... Right!"

"I mean ... where else could she have gotten such exhibitionist tendencies?"

Sighing, the man appraised his wife. Though in their fifties, they made it a point long ago to stay in as best physical shape as possible. He saw, even now, she could do quite well in one of those pink "fish" leotards, dancing with them. Thoughts of publicity stunts involving bunny outfits & guitars back in the day, rushed to the fore.

"Hi Sobo-chan! ... Sofu-chan!" Anzu exclaimed, waving gleefully at them from the passing vehicle.

He facepalmed in involuntary reflex as bystanders, some of them neighbors and aquaintances, looked their way, knowing smiles on their faces. Frowning, Haruhi rolled her eyes trying to look detatched from it all.

"Yup!" Thought Kyon trying not to embarrasingly grin. "OUR granddaughter ... but Haruhi ALL the way ..."


Storyline (only) copyright © 10-4-2013 C V Ford

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You ... Are ... NOT ... Gonna' ... Believe ... This!

Nothing to do with the article. Just thought I'd throw this in.

You ... Are ... NOT ... Gonna' ... Believe ... This!

The story below is true ... REALLY!

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