Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I Want My Girls und Panzer! ... NOW!

Oarai Academys' lead Panzerfahren team outside the Waco dept. store (Thank you
Mr. Vaquer!). L-R: Saori Takebi, Mako Reizei, Miho Nishizumi, Yukari Akiyama,
and Hana Isuzu

I Want My Girls und Panzer! ... NOW!


I understand Girls und Panzer is slated by Sentai Filmworks (aka: Not ADVision) for a December disk release.

Dang! That means another three month wait.

Hopefully it will be in a complete box set with a decent dub at a decent price ($39.95 maybe?). Don't care for a "dribs 'n drabs", one disk at a time/three episodes per, costing an arm 'n a leg each. Aniplex USA is doing that with Madoka Magica thus delaying my getting THAT, big time!

Three months ...

I could be DEAD by then! Tanks a LOT Sentai!

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More "accurate" fan made trailer here. Rammstein!

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