Friday, August 2, 2013

A Few Words to John McCain

Lindsey Grahm & John McCain: Useless is as useless does.
Montage credit: Armand Vaquer.

A Few Words to John McCain


Jay Agan

First, a few zeros ... uh ... "heros". Kindred spirits of yours.

Considering his record in the Senate (He never met a gun control law he didn't like.) it would have been more HONEST for Daniel Inouye to have fought in the Pacific than in Europe ... For the Emperor.

Every time I see a handicapped person, I must remind myself not to hold that against him/her. After all, they're not all like Bob Dole.

It is my belief that John Glenn (Howie Metzenbaums' butt boy & the reason I only watch the first quarter of The Right Stuff.), while on a mission in space, was abducted by aliens who replaced his brain with a cow flop.

People I once respected & looked up to but no more. The same goes for you. Like they, you were a hero before ... You're a zero now. One "Oh shit!" beats out ten thousand "attaboys".

Sir, you make me want to apologize to Jane Fonda & watch ALL her movies. And I DESPISE Jane Fonda.

You ... are a ... wishy ... washy ... STAND FOR NOTHING ... moderate.

You try to show yourself as a conservative but your inactions speak louder than your empty words.

I see you in photos, watch you on interviews. I look at that beatific round face of yours with that "semi-medicated" gaze & listen to those sing songy intonations you spout ... Is there a mind behind those eyes & if so ... Whos' ?

I can't help but wonder, as you speak, just what swamp covered planet orbiting around what sick, green anti-matter star are you relaying your messages from?

I understand you went through hell in the Hanoi Hilton. It took some GUTS (Where is it now?) to turn down an offer of early release if only you'd given in. But ...

I now wonder if there might BE something to what some conspiratologists say about you being a "Manchurian candidate". What kind of a number did they put on you there?

And what are they doing to you now on Capitol Hill that makes you figuratively grab your ankles at the drop of a hat while shouting "Do me! Do me! Make it hurt!".

I did NOT vote for you in 2008. I voted for Sarah Palin. Your name just happened to be above hers on the ballot.

Every four years it's the same damn thing ... THE ... SAME ... DAMN ... THING!

Every four years it's a "choice" between Communist A & Fifth Columnist B.

Every four years it's a "choice" between a Demican & a Republicrat.

Every four years, two millionaires tell me to vote for them as they're just like me & know my situation better than I do myself. Get a clue ... YOU DON'T HAVE ONE ...

Every four years it's a "choice" between someone like YOU ... & someone like THEM.

I don't like you OR your "friends".

I can only imagine what it is you yourself have to gain from what you're doing. I do know what your "friends" want. Your "friends" on the left hope for new voters to give them assent in twisting the future into whatever nightmare they have in mind. Your friends on the "right" are drooling over the prospect of new cheap labor to exploit.

Whatever they & you get (We will ALL meet the Lord one day. Asbestos money belt or not, you CAN'T take it with you.), one thing's for sure: Your willingness to throw the country & the American worker to the jungle shows you don't give a damn about either.

If this rant comes across as a bit strange, it's only because I'm trying to be as "eloquent" as I can without resorting to too many "Anglo Saxon" monosyllables.

I now understand why it's better to "love the sinner, hate the sin." There are way too many non-entities like you Mr. McCain to hate. There's just not enough hate in me to go around. But to hate the state of sin we are all under ... the reason such creatures as yourself do what they do ... (I have my "issues" too by the way.) ... It being a single thing & reason. Much healthier & easier to hate than people.

This, of course, means I am to love you Mr. McCain, a fellow sinner. Problem is ... Your line of bull makes my blood boil & I have to live with the consequences of not only my but your actions as well.

So I just can't find it in me right now. I'm not what one would call a good Christian. I make the angels cry ...

Just sayin' ...

copyright © 8-2-13 Jay Agan

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