Monday, August 29, 2016

Pretty Much My Attitude On EVERYTHING

Pretty Much My Attitude On EVERYTHING

Found this little bombast while lurking at the Storm Front forum message board under the thread title of:

Re: To those of you here who are childless by choice: how can you justify this decision and still be pro-White?

Defiant White Male

First off its hard enough to provide for myself let alone other lives. Many Whites believe in establishing financial stability and all, before having kids. Most White parents are also in committed relationships, while many non-Whites don't know who their own father is. I had someone in mind I was going to ask to marry me, and that relationship ended. After that, I was never too crazy about dating too much in this modern jude society of hookup culture. I also wanted to be in a better situation financially before getting married. It would be pretty asshole of me to ask a woman to marry me whom I cannot provide for. Just doesn't feel right.

Now, I'm at a point to where I see zero reason to bust my ass. I've no desire to work anymore and work as little as possible because this society is anti-White heterosexual male to its core, so why the hell should I spend most of my waking hours serving it? Working for a society that wants to eliminate me as they thrive off my labor. No thanks. I'm well aware of what my tax dollars go to, what they fund. Most employers are anti-White, pro-multicultural, most pay is garbage in comparison to the requirements and demands of the job. No thanks, would rather sleep in. Save the commute to work in 6 AM heavy traffic with the rest of the goy worker drones.

I've lost the desire to work for the financial stability I used to care about. I'm physically and mentally drained from all the horse s--t here in the JEWNITED SLAVES. I've seen some real lousy situations and lived through some sh*tty times. It's physically and mentally taxing. Combine that with my awakening in my early 20's, it's a bit of an overload for me as is, so working 60 hours per week for dirt pay serving a society that hates me just ain't in my future.

I'm not going to be a go-getter for this $ystem and allow it to thrive off my heavily taxed labor while in return I can't even afford health care or home ownership. F--- that. Some here might view that as a bad attitude. Fair enough. But I just believe in being able to provide for a wife and kid and if I can't do that, it's hard enough for all you men who do bust your asses, then I am not going to have kids if there's a chance they're going to go hungry or not have what they need. I believe in giving children a pleasant, comfortable childhood. Best years of a persons' life imho. It was for me anyway.

Also, I was aware of some of the issues we faced back when I was very, very young. But now, the schools are worse than ever. They are trying to breed retarded and Marxist faggots and man-hating dykes. Your school district is doing this to your kids. If you have the nerve to teach your own kids right, say, that homos and trannies are mentally ill, avoid em son, and the school finds out ... I could have my kid taken away from me.

I don't know how I could do that, if I had kids I'd love them more than anyone in the world, how in the hell could I send them to a school that would destroy them and break their spirit? Now that I look back on my time in school, seeing it all through an adult's eyes, I'm enraged. I saw some $hit in my days at the public school. I couldn't send someone I love off to a school and being away from home all day trying to earn and provide for my family makes homeschool not possible. Most mothers have to work nowadays, it is one reason the jew insisted on women being career oriented. It's all a ploy to get the parents away from the kids so they can sink their venom in.

I don't think anyone should have to justify being pro-White though. It's just something I feel. Probably my best trait TBH. But if I were to pass that on to offspring they could end up in a gulag, who knows how bad things will be when the White kids of today are grown.

My take on the "situation" here.

Storm Front message forum board here.

Link to the above Storm Front thread here.

That very strange website where I got the Girls und Panzer anime graphic for this article here. It's infested with "quibcags" (Quote Introduced by Cute Anime Girl)!

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Thursday, August 25, 2016



I can't bring myself to go to the movies anymore. Aside from the fact they're usually being PC garbage doing a drive by on my sensibilities, there is something else.

The films are mostly UN-WATCHABLE.

Filmed in fish-eye tunnel vision and epilepticly edited.

To wit:

1. Shaky cam - The constant bobbing up and down of the picture because they decided to NOT put the camera on a dolly in an action scene. Or the slow vomit inducing weave and roll in slower scenes.

They say it's for the sake of "realism". I don't know about you, but when I'm running my vision is a lot steadier than that.

2. The camera is always "moving" - Okay ... I understand the cameraman has to move along with the subject when they're on the move. But does the cameraman have to constantly move closer then farther while doing this? Does he also have to repeatedly zoom in and out, do low angles and even do 360 degree circuits of the subjects? This is usually accompanied by

3. Shaky cam.

4. Why the incredible amount of tight shots and extreme close ups? I really don't care much for skin pores and nostril hairs. I know there's a place for these kind of shots in a film, like say 5% of the film, but for 50% plus? Come on!

It's not enough the actors are having a conversation, no, we have to see their faces up close ... REAL CLOSE. When one stops talking edit switches to another talking then another and another.

Good GOD! Just pull the camera back so we can see them all and let 'em talk!

5. Shaky cam.

6. Low light/no light/low contrast - Why can't they light a scene with more than just a 40 watt bulb? What is it they don't want us to see? Why is it they don't want us to see period?! TURN ON THE FREAKIN' LIGHTS SO WE CAN SEE WHAT'S GOING ON!

7. Shaky cam.

8. Red/green/blue/yellow/brown filters/tinting/gels - They say it's to set the mood. Yes ... It certainly does. IT PISSES ME OFF!

I have some older silent films (The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Nosferautu, etc.) that have this but they have decent lighting to go with it thus actually getting the desired effect. This however coupled with todays' nonexistant lighting makes the film even harder to watch.

9. Shaky cam.

10. Lens flares - You're not dazzling with brilliance. You're baffling with bullshit!

11. Shaky cam.

12. All that backlighting - Finally! You're actually using some light. Too bad it's only for doing "shadow puppets".

13. Shaky cam.

14. Mist and fog - Is this to set mood? I can understand it in an outdoor scene at night (Graveyards anyone?), but during the daytime ... and indoors? Oh ... I see ... It adds to the backlighting ... NOT!

15. Shaky cam.

16. Epileptic editing in action scenes - What happened? What did I just see? Did I see anything at all? Oh yeah ... I saw extreme close ups of ...



screaming faces

running feet

jet exhaust

car wheels

more screaming faces

a fist or two

muzzle flashes

a tossed grenade

flashing sword

another screaming face




etc. ...

Yeah ... I saw a lot ... of what?

A lot of almost literal snapshots of various objects, body parts, effects etc. but no action to speak of. Hardly an image registers in your mind when the picture switches to another shot of ... something. Nothing but one close up quick cut after quick cut after quick cut after quick cut after ...

I swear ... What the hell are you trying to do? Induce seizures?

And I didn't see any real action of any kind.


And of course along with it we have ...

17. Shaky cam.

Oh yes ... If I haven't mentioned it before, there's that especially annoying thing called ...

18. Shaky cam.

The various and sundry non-collages passing themselves off as films, and the poseurs who make them have pretty much kept me out of the theater and in my home where I can resort to my collection of real movies and films.

Movies today ... Nothing more than exercises in eye strain and motion sickness.

To hell with 'em.

Jus' sayin'.

Damn shaky cam ...

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Pokemon Go Be Racis'!

I've NO idea what the first one is. The electric rat, I know.

Pokemon Go Be Racis'!

Yeah, you've seen 'em ... Walking around ... Faces in their cel phones.

Oblivious to the world.

Pokemon-Go players.

Never did care for the show and certainly not for the games. There's better anime out there, though I will admit Pokemon was a great "gateway" anime that led prospective fans on to better shows.

Now we have this cel phone/Google Maps game everyone and his mother is playing.

In Bosnia, players are warned not to wander into mine fields. A group of players were confronted by a very irate veteran at a war memorial for their flippancy and irreverence. One player was shot in Columbus, Ohio when he pursued someone stealing his phone.

C'mon people ... Pikachu ain't worth it!

I understand the pokestops and "gyms" for the game are mostly at public places and hopefully not private residences.

That's all I need ... Some idiot knocking on my door at 3 AM wanting to get in because there's a pidgey in my apartment.

HEY! ... Any pokemon in my place are mine! You can't have them! That goes double for Jessie/Musashi. Yeah, I know. She's not a pokemon but if she's at my place she definitely stays. You're free to have gay boy James and Meowth though.

Now we find Pokemon-Go may be ... get this ... RACIST!

Seems to be a dearth of pokestops and gyms in minority neighborhoods. Gee ... Now why could that be?

If you MUST go into a "no go" area (And I advise you DON'T.) then do it between 3AM and 11:30 AM. That's when most of the miscreants are "sleeping it off". Any policeman will tell you that's the easiest shift for any cop.

Just sayin' ...

One of the VERY few reasons I could
get interested in that franchise.

Pokemon-Go be racis' here.

Stormfront (White supremacist message board.) thread on the subject here. "The place is infested with diglets!"

An old Pokemon article of mine, Pokemon uh Yeah, here.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

An Encounter With Evil

An Encounter With Evil

Place: Bible study at a friends' house.

Had an encounter with evil last night. Not the active, predatory kind that breeds criminals and dictators but the kind brought on by cowardice and by faux self righteousness ... The kind where one takes pride in their non-involvement because one thinks one is "above it all" ... Where one won't get their hands dirty as they feel they would somehow be sullied inside for having done so.

The kind where even greater evil is given an easy time because of it.

This ... person ... declared he was not going to vote for Donald Trump. His "excuses" were Mr. Trumps' verbal gaffes and get this ... "That he isn't a man of God".

I and another tried to get through to him, in so many words, that Jesus wasn't running for president and that it would be impossible to find the perfect candidate and that such a contender doesn't exist.

He was adamant and insisted he wasn't going to vote for Mr. Trump.

At the moment I was under the impression he was going to vote third party and kept trying to tell him that a vote against Clinton was in effect a vote FOR Clinton.

It was later he revealed later in the meeting he probably wasn't going to vote at all. More on that later.

The owner of the house intervened and said politely for all of us calm down or we would have to leave. We all were trying to talk over one another and getting nowhere.

I blame myself. Not for having "stood up" but for in not having realized I had let myself get inadvertently dragged into a needless argument.

Never get into an argument with someone like that. He will take you down to his level and beat you with experience.

The bible study continued for a little longer then went back to discussion. The guy then brought up the subject again only this time, at the homeowners' advice, kept a level tone.

It was then he stated he probably wasn't going to vote at all.

The others looked at me and I stated:

"I consider the opinion of one who will not vote as invalid ... case closed."

In other words ... If you don't vote, you have NO right to complain or even speak about it.

He wasn't happy with that.

I ignored him for the rest of the meeting and left early.

I have encountered people like this before. They won't vote but they'll leave it to God to decide. This is the kind of non-mentality that got Jimmy Carter elected and Obama a second term.

This is the kind of non-mentality that will hand the election over to that goblin running against Mr. Trump and that creature will be in a better position to wreck the country than her predecessor.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
- Edmund Burke

Tell anyone like that in no uncertain terms that you will NOT discuss politics or socio-economic matters with them if they don't vote.

In November ...


Not voting is a vote FOR Hillary.

Donald Trump for President here.

Republican Party website here.

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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Edmund Burke
Read more at:
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Edmund Burke
Read more at:

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Some Memes, Hillary and Otherwise

Some Memes, Hillary and Otherwise

Found these in various places on the interbutts. Thought I'd share ...

And Billy didn't with "that woman"

Could Hillary be taking a cue from this?

She is SO qualified to be president.

Of course Mitt Romney proves you don't
have to have a  vagina to be a cunt.

A "not vote" is a vote FOR Hillary.

Donald Trump for president here.

Republican Party web site here.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Some Gate Links

Every JSDF mans' dream ... A white babe harem! Clockwise: Lelei La Lelena,
Rory Mercury, Tuka Luna Marceau and Youji Itami

Some Gate Links

Well ... It looks like Sentai Filmworks is coming out with an English dub of Gate: Thus The Defense Force Fought ... someday. While waiting, here's a few You Tube links.

Gate Jets vs Dragon here.

How to Deal With Dragons here.

Q and A conference in the Japanese Diet (Congress) where Rory Mercury puts Hillary Cli- ... er ... a political hack (Awww ... what the heck's the difference!) in her place, here.

Gate music video with what seems to be a Japan Self Defense Force "anthem" here.

Wikipedia article on the series and franchise here.

Link to Sentai Filmworks here.

My review of the series here.

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