Friday, December 9, 2016

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan ... O' The Disappointment

Yuki feels your pane.

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan ... O' The Disappointment

Let's see ...

Kyon is pleasant and clueless.

Yuki is aggravatingly/annoyingly cute and helpless.

Haruhi is, as usual, a jerk ... but not in a fun way.

Ryoko is just annoyiing.

Tsuraya and Mikuru are along for the ride.

Itsuke is gay ...

Well at least there is one constant from the original.

I was originally ecstatic about this series ... until I watched it.

Except for the five episodes having to do with the aforesaid "disappearance", the other eleven episodes were a total waste of time. Nothing more than a typical high school romance anime complete with the mandatory (Japanese law requires such.) hot springs and beach episodes.

Yuki's in love with Kyon but is too shy/chicken to show it. Kyon is oblivious to her affections. Ryoko tries to get them together. Itsuke tries to get himself and Kyon together. Haruhi, Tsuraya and Mikuru are just there because they were in the original series and movie.

After nine "filler" episodes Yuki has a near accident and is mentally replaced (Hence the titles' "disappearance".) by "another" Yuki unlike herself who actually confesses to Kyon. Yuki later "comes back" to herself and reverts to the klutzy little mouse from the beginning.

Even though Kyon confesses to the "other" Yuki later, everything (Though she resolves to eventually express her feelings toward Kyon.) ends up with Yuki the same as before like the series never happened.

No real conclusion, no real ending.

Might as well as not have watched it.

Wikipedia article on the series here.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Think About It

U.S.S. Arizona and Memorial at Pearl Harbor.

Think About It

No more need be said.

Wikipedia article on the Pearl Harbor attack here.

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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Dear Leftists, Liberals, and Progressives

Cobbed this from Armands' Rancho Del Cielo blog who in turn:

The following was posted today by John Paul Straub at The Deplorables Facebook page:

Dear Leftists, Liberals, and Progressives,

You lost this election because you got up every day and loudly accused anyone who didn't agree with you of being a racist, misogynist, bigot, homophobic.

You lost because you did nothing but spew hate for 8 years while telling us yours was an ideology of love.

You lost because you stole from America via taxation while telling us that we were the greedy ones.

You lost because you dropped more bombs, killed more with drone strikes, and increased tensions with a nuclear superpower all while telling us that we were the war-mongers.

You lost because the cities that you controlled spiraled into poverty and crime all while you told us that our policies disenfranchised people.

You lost because you told us that gender is simply a social construct all while telling us that Hillary should be president because of her gender.

You lost because you support and take money from regimes that imprison or kill gays, subjugate women, and think that rape is a man's right all while telling us that we hate gays, are afraid of women, and promote a culture of rape.

You did not lose because we are racist. You did not lose because we are homophobic.

You did not lose because we are misogynists or bigots.

You lost because you are liars. You lost because you are hypocrites. You lost because you were not witty or clever enough to even hide those facts very well.


The Rest of America

What I THINK is The Deplorables facebook addy here. If not, it oughta' be. Has some GREAT funny pro-Trump illustrations! Two of which I swiped for this article.

Armands' Rancho del Cielo, where I got wind of this article here. Mr. Vaquer is the unofficial U.S. Ambassador to Japan ... At least I think he is.

Here is probably the most iconic "snowflake meltdown" ever. She looks like a real killer tomato!

A very calm pro-Trump reaction to the election here ... NOT!

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Friday, December 2, 2016

School Days: A Real Time Saver!

Bland, generic "protagonist" Mokoto Ito goes from not so lovable doofus to
notorious womanizer to total useless a-hole in less than 12 episodes.

School Days: A Real Time Saver!

As Theodore Sturgeon said:

"90% of everything is crap."

Anime is no exception. And, in the case of anime, this is especially true because 90% of anime is of the high school sub-genre and its' many sub-sub-genres. A type I've never been too hot on.

There are exceptions of course. Mine are (Notice I wrote MINE. Your "exceptions" will be different.) The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Azumanga Daioh and Angel Beats among others. For me to want to watch something it would have to  have some kind of "hook" in it that interests me and these shows have them (Theological, intelligent sci-fi, thought provoking, etc.).

As an aside(s), There are other kinds of anime I generally dislike but some shows of their kinds I do like. I hate giant robot shows but Evangelion and Gunbuster have their attractions for me. The "magical girl" krap I definitely not into but Puella Magi Madoka Magica with its' Evangelion-like plot(s) has me liking it.

As for the high school/schoolgirl crap ... well ...

The usual tropes, stereotypes, situations, lame laughs, bad drama ... The list goes on and on.

But wait!

There is one high school anime that I really do "like" ... In a semi-masochistic sort of way, School Days.

And I like it for the very same reasons I dislike most ALL the others of the same sub-genre.


That's right. For the same reasons I don't like the others.


Okay ... there are the usual aforementioned in School Days. The same plots, same characters, romances and other fixtures.

In one show.

That's right. You don't have to watch a bunch (A LOT!) of shows to attain a working knowledge of this sub-genre. They're all there. In-that-one-show.

Think of all the time and money you'll save by just buying/watching this alone.

School Days runs the whole gamut of the various comedy, drama/psycho-drama, horror, romance, mystery and whateverceteras all those shows have. In just less than the cost in time and money of one season alone (Twelve episodes), you will have seen ALL the high school anime ever made.

Just think ... When some fan of whatever of that type anime waxes loud and long about the latest "flavor of the month", you can easily give a knowing smirk and say you've seen it before.

"Been there ... Done that!"

Why should you care about the titles, production values, artwork, and the characters everyone has bonded too?

None of that matters. With School Days, you'll have literally seen them all!

Really ... School Days is more of a commentary and statement than it is a show.

Even the bland generic title of ... School Days ... should be something of a clue.

I'm getting to wonder if that's what the folks who made the show had in mind when they did it.

Could it be that all those reviewers and watchers of the show got it wrong? Did the bizarre, hard hitting finale (It's as if the producers were "killing" the genre as well as the show!) confuse them ?

Could it be that School Days is not only a statement but also a high kind of subtle satire and nobody "got it"?

Heck! I got it!

School Days ... The "Readers Digest" of anime!

Warning ... Shows' ending is not for the faint of heart.

Wikipedia article on the visual novel and show, School Days here.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Is It Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas? ... YES! ... It Certainly Does!

Is It Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas? ... YES! ... It Certainly Does!

I about fell out of my chair when I first saw this! Yes it really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Mr. Castro said Trump would not be president in his lifetime. Boy, WAS HE EVER RIGHT!

In my efforts to try to get at least three entries in this blog per week, I thought I'd just cob this from Karol Travens' blog, Ex-Army. His specialty is/are "quibcags": Quote Introduced By Cute Anime Girl(s). In this case, the K-On! kids.

K-On! ... Hmmmm ... Tried watching that one ... Too cute ... Quit after the first episode ...

Well ... If I don't have to shovel snow at work for the rest of the year, or the rest of the winter for that matter (Just like last year!), 2016 will be complete.


Jus' sayin' ...

Mr. Travens' blog where I swiped the above graphic here.

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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Ding Dong the (Son of a) Bitch Is Dead!

A Hallicrafters ad from the early '60s.

Ding Dong the (Son of a) Bitch Is Dead!

Not going to say much about this character except to say that I would have voted for him if he was running against Clinton and not Trump. The scumbag didn't pretend to be anything other than what he was.

I've a feeling Cuba's about to open up a lot more now. I suggest to any Cubans (Or any of their stateside relatives.) reading this to hold on to your older U.S. made cars. The island may be about to be flooded with car buffs and collectors more than happy to take that "junk" off your hands for cheap ...


Yes I spelled that "right". That's how "cheep" they might be.

Sure, most of those "Yank tanks" have a lot of the original parts replaced and those Russian made diesels powering a lot of them certainly don't raise their value. Howsomever, original '40s/'50s body panels, among other things, may command top prices and some of your rides would make for great restoration projects.

Hold out for top dollar, folks. Otherwise you may be without transportation for a long time.

Duuuuude! ... It's a Stude!

A couple of articles contrary here and here.

Herb Alperts' Tijuana Taxi here. Yeah, I know. "Mexican". Hey ... If put in Wars' Low Rider you'd REALLY get ticked off. Besides, old cars is old cars ... And I love 'em!

A Cuba related article of mine on Radio Havana and "numbers" stations from a few years ago here.

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Sunday, November 20, 2016



Yeah, yeah. It's not really God ... er ... Haruhi Suzumiya. Only a very comely cosplayer.

This photo caught my eye and I thought I'd post. Not gonna' tell ya where I got it on the net. I've been a bad boy.

This is to announce that starting sometime in January, I'm going to put more effort into this blog and TRY to get back up to three articles per week. Even if it means posting "any little thing", I'll do it.

Now that the elections are over and EL DONALDO is to be our commander in chief (Libtards eat your miniscule hearts out!), I can relax a bit and concentrate on the original purpose of this blog: The promotion of anime, older movies and Haruhi-ism.

There will still be some political stuff (Screw you, libtards! ... And some of you so-called conservatives as well!) but I'll be more focused on my "hobby".

So ... 'til then ...

Yes ... Things DO go better with Coke!

Go to my three part The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya review from long ago  here, here and here.

My political Haruhi Suzumiya fanfic story, Mr. John Smith Goes to Washington here and here. MAKE ANIME GREAT AGAIN!

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Friday, November 11, 2016

The Turning of the Screwed

The Turning of the Screwed

A few thoughts on last Tuesdays'/Wednesdays' miracle. Not all of them to be taken seriously.

In spite of:

Manipulated polls ...

Manipulated media ...

Hollywood ...

Irrelevant celebs threatening to leave ...

A chickenshit Republican political machine ...

Make believe tough guy Robert DiNiro being an asshole ...

Mitt Romney being an even bigger asshole ...

John Kasich being a pledge breaking, pancake sucking asshole ... Remove Kebab!

In spite of the above ...

Donald Trump will be President in January.

And socialism, for the moment, has been knocked on its ass. The New World Order (Or whatever they're calling that hodge podge of conspiracies this week.) has been given a set-back.

But ...

I don't mean to throw cold water on our celebretory spirit ... but ...

Don't get your hopes up too much.

Don't get me wrong. I'm as ecstatic as everyone else right now. Happier than a bakers' dozen of clams in fact.

Howsomever ...

Mr. Trump is only one man. He won't be able to wave a magic wand and fix things immediately or even in a hundred days. Fixing the damage of 8+ years will take some time.

He's going to run into opposition not only from the democrat machine but from some factions in the republican one as well.

I am optimistic though ...


Julian Assange and Wikileaks ... Thank you, thank you, thank you ... THANK YOU!


Some suggestions:

Newt Gingrich for Secretary of State.

Rudolph Giuliani for Attorney General.

Ben Carson for Surgeon General.

Reince Priebus for Chief of Staff.

Jeff Sessions for Secretary of Defense.

General Michael Flynn for National Security Advisor.

Steven Mnuchin for Secretary of the Treasury

Chris Christie for Secretary of Commerce.

Kellyanne Conway for White House Press Secretary.

Melania Trump for Keeping America Beautiful.

Sheriff David Clark for FBI Director.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio for head of the Border Patrol or perhaps INS.

John Kasich for White House Janitor. Don't fall in Johnny! And if you do, by all means, grab that handle. That'll help ya' out! Oh yeah ... Serbia Strong!

Mitt Romney for non-entity ... Oh wait! ... He already is.

MAKE ANIME REAL! ... Providing, of course, it's not something apocalyptic like Neon Genesis Evangelion or hentai.


Serious consideration should be given to the Ambassadorship to Japan. While Carolyn Kennedy Schlossberg proved to be better than originally thought, a better choice would be a no nonsense ex-military man. This would send a message to all in that part of the world that the U.S. takes its relationship with Japan seriously.

Another suggestion would be the author of  THE MONSTER MOVIE FANS' GUIDE TO JAPAN, Armand Vaquer. He seems to know more about Japan than most Japanese!

Maybe he'll take the job if he can take his RV with him.

Darn kaiju flicks!


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Wednesday, November 9, 2016


IT'S TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!

No more need be said.

Jus' sayin' ...

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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Attention Christians ... VOTE TRUMP!

Attention Christians ... VOTE TRUMP!

Awhile back, I ran into a fellow believer who said he couldn't vote for Donald Trump because "he's not a man of God". In fact, he wasn't going to vote at all!

Of course I have no patience with an attitude like that and told him so. Anyone not getting involved in the political process is a drag on society and has NO right in complaining afterwards about the sad state of affairs that may come about after the wrong people take office and implement their plans to save us from ourselves.

That sad state of affairs WILL take place if too many people "sit it out" on election day and allow Hillary Clinton to become president.

There is NO excuse for not voting.

And certainly, Donald Trump is not that excuse.

Yes ...

He's rude. He's crude. He's not all that polished. He may have a past not in liking to the more genteel among us.

HE IS NOT A POLITICIAN and has little skill in soothing "itching ears".  (2nd Timothy 4:3)

What he is is a hard headed businessman with much experience. Not only in business but in his handling of politicians, unions and other "factions" over the years in order to conduct it. He knows how they think and act.

A good illustration can be seen from this contrasting scene from the comedy film, Back To School, starring Rodney Dangerfield.

He will conduct the business of the executive branch on sound business principals:

Don't spend more than what you have, make or take. Otherwise if your outgo is greater than your income, then your upkeep will be your downfall.

"Oh!" You say. "He's not a Christian! He's not a man of God!"

Not a man of God. Well ... If you've read your bible, you know God in some way has made use of the likes of womanizers, prostitutes, politicians, tax collectors and even dictators to further his kingdom on earth and protect believers. The likes of Sampson, Matthew, Nebuchanezor, King David, Rahab, Mary Magdalene come to mind. Their credentials as saints weren't exactly the greatest.

Many other Biblical figures had led less than perfect lives.

And the same goes for Donald Trump.

Even YOU are not exactly the "man of God" you'd like to be. So what makes you think it's beneath you to vote for Mr. Trump?

Even though Mr. Trump is certainly less than perfect (Just like you! Or me for that matter.), unlike his opponent, his political platform upholds many of the things you believe in (Examples are he's pro-life and pro-Christian liberties.).

Don't think of him as the "lesser of two evils". Rather he's the better of the two candidates.

That much is obvious in comparing the two platforms/agendas.

Over the years I have heard "big talk" coming from various folks in the right wing and Christian circles. Stuff like, "if they come for my guns, I'll shoot 'em!" or "my faith is strong, I'll withstand it."

Or even worse ... "I don't have to worry for I'll be taken up in the rapture."

Putting aside any debate over "the rapture", you don't know when Revelations' prophecies will start. People the world over are going through hell on earth right now for various reasons. Just try telling them they're not going through "tribulation".

History has shown all sorts of horrendous periods and places of trials and persecution over the centuries. More than likely a possible Clinton presidency would continue AND RADICALLY INTENSIFY the situation Mr. Obama and the left has already put us in and not be an ushering in of Tim LaHayes' apocalyptic fantasies.

Your vote for Donald Trump, for the moment, is something that you can do NOW to prevent what may be a socialist dark age and the radical curtailment of the practice of your Christian faith.

Forget the "big talk" and faith/rapture fantasies.

If you're a coward with your vote now ...

You'll be a coward with Jesus (And your guns.) later.

Jus' sayin' ...

Donald Trump for President here.

Republican Party here.

Ohio Republican Party here.

Citizens for Community Values here.

Where Is the Church In this Presidential election? here.

An Encounter With Evil here.

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Monday, October 24, 2016

Donald Trumps' 8-Point Plan for His First 100 Days In Office

Donald Trumps' 8-Point Plan for His First 100 Days In Office

As soon as I enter the White House on January 20, 2017, I will begin implementing my 8-Point Plan for the first 100 days of the Trump Administration.

Here is what we will do:

1. On Day One, we will roll out our plan to BUILD THE WALL, send criminal illegal immigrants home and finally end the open borders nightmare.

2. Begin renegotiating ALL unfair trade deals like NAFTA which have undercut American employment and exported our prosperity.

3. CANCEL all executive orders, bureaucratic rules and crippling regulations that send American jobs overseas.

4. Work with Congress to REPEAL and replace the disastrous ObamaCare legislation that is ruining American healthcare.

5. Lift the radical Obama regulations on Americas' energy industry to END our dependence on foreign energy sources and create new jobs here at home.

6. Propose, pass and sign into law a massive TAX CUT for all working Americans and unleash the jobs-creating power of our small businesses.

7. NOMINATE Surpreme Court Justices who will uphold the Constitution and not legislate the liberal agenda from the bench and ...

8. IMPOSE strict new ethics rules to restore the integrity of the Office of the Secretary of State.

Vote for Donald Trump and these plans for his First 100 Days ... Imagine what can be done with a non corrupt President who actually cares about America as opposed to hates America (Barack Obama) and Hillary Clinton who only loves herself, her donors and Power!

A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for America.

Any vote not for Trump, third party or not at all, is a vote for Clinton.

Donald Trump for President here.

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Can't Afford Obama, Can't Afford Clinton here.

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