Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It Was the Darn Glue!

Ah ... yes ... contact highs!

It Was the Darn Glue!

For years ... when I was much younger, I built plastic model kits. LOTS of 'em. Cars, planes, military, science fiction, Aurora monster kits, etc, I was into all of it. Wasn't very good at it but build them I did.

When I was actually building them I enjoyed it immensly. There was something about the actual construction of the kits themselves that seemed to compel me to go on to the next kit. Maybe it was the satisfaction in making something out of a seeming jumble of parts. The feeling of accomplishment. Perhaps the "zen" of the puzzle. Wasn't quite sure what it was, but all I knew was the feeling, the mild euphoria, the ... wonder of it all ... Went away when I was done with building whatever it was I was gluing together at the time. The only way I was going to get that wonderful feeling back was to go on & get another bunch of pieces cemented together.

One day ... it hit me as a gradual revelation. It was the dang glue! Now, I had always assembled them in a ventilated area. Or at least as much ventilation as a large cellar room would have. Still there were fumes. A lot. I never liked the smell of model glue so it wasn't like I was sniffing it on purpose  or "huffing" it out of a paper bag. It was with that realization I quit the hobby. Knowing the actual "enjoyment" of something was a false pleasure, I left & never went back.

I remember a "contact high" from wacky weed. Some friends were indulging so I left early. Not early enough it seems. Before driving, I sat in the car for about a half hour before "it" went away. Gotta be careful. Stuff can sneak up on ya ...

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Quick Thought On the UN Small Arms Treaty

Quick Thought On the UN Small Arms Treaty

Yes, "they" have tried to reassure us that our Second Ammendment rights wouldn't be crapped on. Yes, there is precedence that this treaty can in no way supercede the Constitution. But ... We KNOW how these pointy headed little dears think. Their idea of a "better world" & how all should be forced to subsidize it takes precedence over such sentimental drivel as liberty, freedom (ie: Being left the hell alone.) & "that damn piece of paper".

Therefore it would behoove you to call your Senator (According to Article 2, Section 2 of the Constitution the senate handles the rubber stamping of treaties for El Presidente.) & tell him oh so politely to oppose the passage of it when it comes up for a vote. If he's up for re-election come November 6, you might want to tell him (Again in civil terms.) how his vote on this could affect your vote on him. Call now:

Individual United States Senate phone numbers & e-mail addresses here.

Oh ... and another thought:

Be sure to check out the pro-gun websites in the "I Second the Motion" section on the right side of this page.

Individual United States Senate phone numbers & e-mail addresses here.

Transcript of U.S. Constitution here.

Precedence for Constitution over treaties, Reid vs. Covert here.

National Association for Gun Rights here.

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mysogynist Moment

Mysogynist Moment

I knew this fellow while working at the pistol range in Powell, Ohio. Gunsmith by trade, he later went into a career in EMS.

While going to a two year tech college for it, he had to attend nursing classes. Comprised mainly of women. The first class of the day was one of those & he was the only guy there. Seems a lot of "feminists" attended this particular one & would engage in "girl talk" before lessons' start. A lot of it about, to put it mildly, "those men" & what scum they are. Being a gentleman, he kept quiet & would pass the time reading while they pretended he wasn't there. He put up with this for several weeks.

It came to a head finally. It was during a particularly vituperative before class session a hush fell over the room & one of the more vocal "activists" turned to him & loudly asked:

"So what do you think of all this?"

He calmly set down his book. He scanned the room, seeing all eyes on him.

"If you people didn't f---, there'd be a bounty on you."

The wailing! The whining! The grinding & gnashing of teeth! The absolute, cacophonous, pan-demonic-onium that ensued ...

What ... OMG! ... Dis ... Disagreement! Opposition! ... The sanctity of our suffering & outlook! ... Under attack! ... How ... How dare he dood this! How ... dare he ... Dare!?

Word of this got to the assitant dean. As this was the 90s all he got was a warning after explaining his side of the story. The male bashing in that particular class was a lot less after that though.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Interesting Search Words #18

                                           Interesting Search Words #18

      It's not the search words themselves are interesting so much as the people behind them. What are they like? And do we really want to know?

1. haruhis' alien babies - As seen before, this crops up now & then. Out of curiosity, I Googled it & found it to be badly executed preggo hentai. Too bad it couldn't have been this:

they're so cute, sweet & innocent looking when asleep.

2. jerry sandusky looks like huckleberry hound - This is a strange one. I don't think he looks like ole Huck. He doesn't look like Kimura either.

3. asuka langly soryu crazy - Now how could that be? Considering the show, she's actually one of the more stable characters. Well ... at least she doesn't whine all the time. She's a better man than you, Shinji. Half German. Half Japanese. ALL AXIS!

Crazy ... Crazy for feelin' so lonely ... Crazy ... Crazy for feelin' so blue ...
Credit: Gainax

4. is hentai for kids - OH HELL NO!

5. rei ayanami smile - Another repeater. What's this fascination with a weird fictional chick who's going to bring on the "end of the world"? And all this time you rapture bunnies thought it was a Hal Lindsey/Tim LaHaye scenario ...

That kid really DOES enjoy "tanging" people!
"Yer next, gloppy boy!"

6. hentai fear kubrick - I have several of Mr. Kubricks' films in my collection (The Killing, Dr. Strangelove, Paths of Glory, etc.). Don't see any hentai connection. There's Eyes Wide Shut I guess.

7. chiyo chan male cosplay - See answer to #4.

8. konata izumi smoking - That kid's picked up a LOT of bad habits. So's Kagami I see ...

LSMFT: Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco!
Character credit: Kyoto Animation

      Just wait'll ya see what they got growin' behind the school ... An' it ain't bamboo for Tanabata neither! Darn kids!

9. haruhi suzumiya pokemon cards - Kyon! She chose you! Kyon whine ... Attack!

"Maybe ... Maybe if I pretend she doesn't exist, she'll
disappear. Yeah! That's it! She'll go away and ... "

The Head Trip of Haruhi Suzumiya Pts 123.

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Frankenstein Meets Shirley Temple: I'd See That For A Dollar!

Not exactly what you'd find in the Shock & Son of
Shock film packages. Credit: Gillfan

                     Frankenstein Meets Shirley Temple: I'd See That For A Dollar!

As a kid, I liked Shirley Temple movies. I watched them whenever I could. The Little Colonel was my favorite of them all. As I got older, I drifted away. Drifted to the point where I now really can't stand the sickly sweet little brat. The bubbly, efervescent, eternally optimistic little tyke would make me ill to the point of gag reflex. Shirley Temple flicks were kinda sorta the My Little Pony of their day.

While lurking on the Universal Monster Army message board, I came across this little gem by someone going by the moniker of Gillfan. Yes, I would see this if it were a real film ... provided of course, it had a happy ending. Perhaps a reenactment of "the daisy that didn't float" scene from the original film ... darn kids.

"Anyone who hates children & dogs can't be all bad." - Alledgedly attributed to W.C. Fields

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Shirley Temple filmography here.

Oh what the heck! Check out the cocktail here.

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Real PC Turn Off

My first PC. Ain't it a beut!?

                                                   A Real PC Turn Off


                                                                   Jay Agan

Me: Oh!? ... The computers are off.

Non Computer Savvy Co-Worker: I turned them off.

Me: You did? ... Really?

NCSCW: Yes. I did.

Me: You? Uh ... how did you turn them off?

NCSCW: I just turned them off.

Me: Meaning ... ?

NCSCW: Turned them off.

Me: As in ...


Me: Uh ... HOW did you turn them off?

NCSCW: I hit the power buttons.

Long Pause

NCSCW: So ... what's wrong?

Me: Ooooooh! ... Nothing ... nothing ... (sigh) ... It's ... OK ... whimper ... whimper ....

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Superfluous here.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Earnest Borgnine: The Wild Bunch Loses Another

The famous "walking thing" from Sam Peckinpahs' The Wild Bunch.
L-R: Ben Johnson, Warren Oates, William Holden & Earnest Borgnine.
Credit: Warner Bros.-Seven Arts

It was with some sadness I heard of  Mr. Borgnines' passing. Lots of talk on the net about his starring role in McHales' Navy, but the show that really intro'd me to the man was The Wild Bunch film. Dutch Engstrom was a totally different guy from Cdr. Quinton Mchale.

The Wild Bunch are all but gone. Only Angel (Jaime Sanchez), & ironically enough, Crazy Lee (Bo Hopkins) are left.

Another shot of "the bunch" just as they set out to rescue their friend Angel.

Best Quote:

Pike: What would you do in his place? He gave his word.

Dutch: He gave his word to a railroad.

Pike: It's his word.

Dutch: That ain't what counts! It's who you give it to!

Recurring Quote:

Pike: Get moving you lazy bastard!

Dutch: I'm coming ... damnit!

Biography of Earnest Borgnine here.

Wild Bunch Review here.

Discussion thread on The Classic Horror Film Board here.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sex & Candy. Well ... Not Really

Looks like Walt Disney threw up.

                                         Sex & candy. Well ... Not Really


                                                                     Jay Agan

During my four year exile in New Jersey, there was a health food store in Wyckoff on Goffle Rd. I would frequent. Once, while searching for a chocolate substitute, I ran across an M&M-like candy called, I kid you not ... Nookies.

One can only wonder what was going on in the minds of the people who thought that name up. Years later, someone said that perhaps they wanted a name people would remember. I certainly have.

All sorts of snide little thoughts ran through my head on seeing it: "Wow! I've been going about it all wrong. I could have as much & when I wanted for only 55 cents a pack! How convenient! When I think of all the time, money & effort I wasted ... etc. etc. ..."

Years later, working at the pistol range, I mentioned this to a regular. Seems he knew about the candy & had a story to tell.

There was a health food store across the street from the church he attended. Church let out & several parishoners & general public were there. Among them a young couple from the congregation. The girl espied the candy & bought a pack. Being a wide eyed innocent she didn't know what the term meant. Her boyfriend rolled his eyes, smiled & refrained from comment.

As they're going out the door, she turns to him smiling in obvious openness /innocence, offers him some candy in front of all & sundry in the store & says:

"Want a Nookie?"

Boyfriend was, to say the very least, embarrassed, mortified.

I leave to your imagination as to the varied reactions of everyone else present.

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Goodbye Sheriff Andy

Nothing else need be said.

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Monday, July 2, 2012

A Reflection On the 4th of July: If You Say So ...

A bit dated, but I like it. Credit: Retorillo

A Reflection On the 4th of July: If You Say So ...

Was going to post the above illustration sooner but the recent storms in Ohio "broke the internet". On reflection of the origins of our country, a not too recent "incident" was brought to mind. At a dinner I attended, someone made a faux sophisticated comment on the Bible, referring to it as a "product of a male dominated agrarian society". The bitter, childless, post-menepausal crone to be seemed quite proud of how we've come a long way from such a situation. Farmers (The male ones of course.) can be soooo backward, what with their actions based on practicality & cause & effect n' all. She said this, by the way, while eating.

Male dominated agrarian society ... hmmm. Seems we came quite close to that a few scant hours ago with the power knocked out. As of this writing some areas in Ohio are still without power.

How easy it is to overlook the fact that physically/mentally we are no different than those primitive hunter/gatherers of a few thousand years ago. Our gimmicks, gadgets, & fanciful ideologies seem to obscure that. I wonder how it would be if the electricity didn't come back for say, at least a month over a nationwide area. That "male dominated agrarian society" might not seem so archaic. It would be right here. Or at least the mid 19th century.

One could only imagine how these feminists & "lovely thought" types would handle such a situation. No doubt they'd be seeking some of that male domination. Not only to be protected from some of the other "testosterone afflicted" but also from some of those feminoid frankenstiens they helped create.

As for modern "humanity" (Can't say man. That would be sexist.) having cast off the shackles of the Bible & male domination ... Well, as it says in God's word: Jesus, the same, yesterday, today & forever (Hebrews 13:8). The same can be said for mankind ... Just sayin'.

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