Sunday, July 15, 2012

Frankenstein Meets Shirley Temple: I'd See That For A Dollar!

Not exactly what you'd find in the Shock & Son of
Shock film packages. Credit: Gillfan

                     Frankenstein Meets Shirley Temple: I'd See That For A Dollar!

As a kid, I liked Shirley Temple movies. I watched them whenever I could. The Little Colonel was my favorite of them all. As I got older, I drifted away. Drifted to the point where I now really can't stand the sickly sweet little brat. The bubbly, efervescent, eternally optimistic little tyke would make me ill to the point of gag reflex. Shirley Temple flicks were kinda sorta the My Little Pony of their day.

While lurking on the Universal Monster Army message board, I came across this little gem by someone going by the moniker of Gillfan. Yes, I would see this if it were a real film ... provided of course, it had a happy ending. Perhaps a reenactment of "the daisy that didn't float" scene from the original film ... darn kids.

"Anyone who hates children & dogs can't be all bad." - Alledgedly attributed to W.C. Fields

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