Monday, July 2, 2012

A Reflection On the 4th of July: If You Say So ...

A bit dated, but I like it. Credit: Retorillo

A Reflection On the 4th of July: If You Say So ...

Was going to post the above illustration sooner but the recent storms in Ohio "broke the internet". On reflection of the origins of our country, a not too recent "incident" was brought to mind. At a dinner I attended, someone made a faux sophisticated comment on the Bible, referring to it as a "product of a male dominated agrarian society". The bitter, childless, post-menepausal crone to be seemed quite proud of how we've come a long way from such a situation. Farmers (The male ones of course.) can be soooo backward, what with their actions based on practicality & cause & effect n' all. She said this, by the way, while eating.

Male dominated agrarian society ... hmmm. Seems we came quite close to that a few scant hours ago with the power knocked out. As of this writing some areas in Ohio are still without power.

How easy it is to overlook the fact that physically/mentally we are no different than those primitive hunter/gatherers of a few thousand years ago. Our gimmicks, gadgets, & fanciful ideologies seem to obscure that. I wonder how it would be if the electricity didn't come back for say, at least a month over a nationwide area. That "male dominated agrarian society" might not seem so archaic. It would be right here. Or at least the mid 19th century.

One could only imagine how these feminists & "lovely thought" types would handle such a situation. No doubt they'd be seeking some of that male domination. Not only to be protected from some of the other "testosterone afflicted" but also from some of those feminoid frankenstiens they helped create.

As for modern "humanity" (Can't say man. That would be sexist.) having cast off the shackles of the Bible & male domination ... Well, as it says in God's word: Jesus, the same, yesterday, today & forever (Hebrews 13:8). The same can be said for mankind ... Just sayin'.

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  1. It was amusing to see news clips of women whining about not being able to charge their cell phones.

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    1. It reminds me of a similar situation a few years back. People were whizzing n' moaning about the TV not working & "Why isn't the pizza place open?",etc. It takes a while for some to figure they're not going to sit it out in front of the TV with pizza & Coke.

      By the way, double comment posts can be amusing too. Must be a pony thing. Clippity clop!

  3. Dunno how that happened. Ponies lack of opposable thunbs is an issue, but then, I'm an Aardvark.