Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Out On A Date PT4

Out On A Date PT4

I've always liked Charles Bronsons' movies. The guy couldn't act his way out of a wet paper bag, but then he didn't have to. His films are always enjoyable.

You're probably wondering what that has to do with dating. Well it seems Mr. Bronson & I, though we never met, both shared a dislike in a mutual aquaintance.

As stated in Out On A Date Pt1, I dated his neice a couple of times. What little she told me of her famous uncle in our brief (very) relationship was they didn't like each other very much. Understandable. After having been abruptly dumped & figuring out why MUCH later, I can see why he didn't care much for her. Scheming little ...

Being Plan B would not have been so bad if it happened Plan A didn't work out for her BEFORE we started dating, catching her on the rebound so to speak. Being Plan B while she was STILL WORKING on Plan A is ... well ... sucks. Especially if A "pays off" & there's no need for B, thus getting dumped.

It's been quite a few years & I know I shouldn't be harboring any resentment over it. Live & learn as they say ...

Sometimes though, I still get to thinking ... there could be no better punishment for her than to have her forced to watch ALL her uncles' films back to back for eternity ... with me sitting right next to her ... enjoying the show.

"Pass the popcorn hon."

Yeah ... I'm full of myself ... And lovin' it!

Out On A Date Pts 1, 2, 3 Girls n' Guns.

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Vote Obama, Get SCREWED!

Vote Obama, Get SCREWED!

It was with some interest I watched this tatooed little frump go through her spiel & found it amusing ... in a sad, pathetic, little way. At the same time I couldn't help but notice the honesty in the message. This has to be the most truthful ad in the whole presidential campaign. I mean ... Think about it. Vote Obama ... get screwed! Can't be any more straight forward than that.

Celebrities: All knowing, all wise. Always listen to them.
Because thinking can be sooo hard.

On a slightly different note ...

I don't pretend to be a paragon of virtue ... but ... A little advice to any young ladies who haven't "done it" yet:

That "special someone" who you "do it" with the first time should be your future husband on your wedding night. Not that randy turkeyneck you're running with who's trying to pressure you into it.

Keep in mind. You can be like Lena Dunham ANY time you want. But Lena Dunham can NEVER be like you again ... ever.

Just sayin'.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Interesting Search Words #23

Interesting Search Words #23

Surprisingly, a whole batch came in such a short time. Here they be:

1. jay tee yaoi - Uh ... Nope! ... Don't think so ... Uh! Uh! ... Not here! ... Now go away!

2. vomit hentai - It certainly is Ollie!

Rumor has it he's buried near the 50 yard
line at New Jerseys' Meadowlands Stadium.

3. manga yaoi dirty dog chihuahua boy - I shudder to think just what it was this guy was looking for.

4. hentai looks real - Get your eyes checked. You might want to see a shrink too.

To coin a phrase: "I've seen enough hentai to know where this ISN'T going."
Great movie by the way. Credit: Columbia Pictures

5. chuck norris vs dbz - Oh come on! Chuck's a real guy. And the DBZ guys are really badly drawn (Man, that is one UGLY show!).

6. azumanga daioh osaka shocked - Doesn't she always ... look like that? That or catatonic ...

Once I was on an escalator that broke down. Took them hours to get me out!

7. kreepy mlp - That about ... says it all. Mr. Hardy, take note!

Kreeeeepy ... MLP ... is kreepy.

8. miyuki mizuhara yomi takara - Ah! Into meganekos I see ... Though I think you have your names mixed up a bit.

"Uh ... What did you call me?"
Credit: Shizuka91
"Sorry don't know anyone by that name."

9. azumanga daioh mlp - Not ... sure ... if ... like ... want ... this ... not ... sure ... eh ... uh ... gkk! ... PONIES! ... AAAAAAAGH!

Cast of My Little Azumanga, Friendship Is Magic: L-R Yomi Luna Mizuhara,
Tomo Rainbow Dash Takino, Chiyo-chan Twilight Sparkel Mihama,
Ayumu "Osaka" Pinkie Pie Kasuga, Applejack Kagura, & Fluttershy Sakaki.

Well, I guess that's it for now. See y'all in about a week 'n a half ... maybe ...

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mikuru Asahina Summer

Mikuru Asahina Summer

While "researching" for the Interesting Search Words #23 article I came across an interesting one someone got to this blog with. It was "mikuru asahina summer". Entering the same on Google came up with this really EPIC(!) 1670x1181 wallpaper. After some thought, I decided this was deserving of a separate post. You can see why.

In every young mans' life ... there should be a ...
Now playing. Check papers for local times.

OK Percy Faith ... HIT IT! Download full picture above (Right click  & "Save target as") & put it on your viewer for full effect.

For those of you who think I'm gonna burn for posting this ... well ... Ya shoulda' seen the first one I was gonna put up. Make your screen explode it would!

If you decide to peruse the site I got this from, WARNING! As it is one of those "booru" type sites there's some definite NSFW material. What's unique about it as it's wallpapers only, only about 10% is hentai (Few put the effort in making wallpapers out of anime porn. Just as well.). From what little I've seen, most of the actual porn SEEMS to be softcore cheesecake with a little hardcore thrown in. All the same, you have been warned. Keep the kiddies away!

And no, this is about as risque as it's going to get on this blog.

The Head Trip of Haruhi Suzumiya pts. 1, 2, 3.

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

The 4th Wall of Haruhi Suzumiya

I was in the most fantastic group of people imaginable.
Two of whom were all powerful demi-goddesses.

The 4th Wall of Haruhi Suzumiya


C V Ford

I guess it's unrealistic to to assume there might be so few "factions" having a stake in observing the all powerful/all (un)knowing Haruhi. With the fate of existance hingeing on her state of mind, it stands to reason there would be more interested parties. So it should have come as no surprise when the SOS Brigade recieved a new member.

Haruhi discovered him on one of her daily lunchtime patrols of the campus. She met him in the library, busily punching away at his laptops' keyboard (Said he wanted to become a writer.), talked for a bit & found him interesting. By unanimous (Haruhis'!) decision, he was in.

Knowing how we'd all been 'wished' into Suzumiyas' "club", I knew it to be a matter of time when, one by one, we'd be taken aside by said member & filled in on his mission & organisational backing. Of course, me being last in line.

It's not so much being the "prince consort" of the group that gets to me as it is the lack of "action". I mean, here I am. With a bunch consisting of three beutiful girls, myself & one (Hopefully NOT two!) really strange guy. Aside from Itsukes' "baiting", nothing's happening. A situation most frustrating to say the least.

Due to Haruhis' jealousy, I dare not get too friendly with Yuki or Mikuru as the consequences could be literally apocalyptic. Coupled with her reticence, any thoughts in her direction are also unfeasable. The only time I really tried anything with her was some months ago, out of desperation to keep the universe from being overwritten. Through a dream at that!

Indication that the others were being informed came early next day. Nagato, in spite of a slowly emerging personality, was her usual impassive/aggressive self thus couldn't be "read" at all. It was from Koizumi I got the first hint.

Instead of his usual air of smug self satisfaction he was distant & reserved. Ordinarily I would not find that unwelcome but his new reluctance & evasiveness had me a little worried. Said something about my finding out soon enough. As I had gotten "used" (If you can call the more than nonstop, tense state of being on the brink of THE END used.) to facing the fantastic at least once a month I bided my time.

That is, until after second period class, I saw Miss Asahina in the hall. It was then I knew something was wrong. VERY wrong.

From a distance, she too seemed reserved ... & ... well ... resigned. Like a condemned prisoner waiting for a passed sentance to be carried out. Managing to get her away from an also concerned Tsuruya-san, I questioned her.

Instead of the moe' "little girl lost" veneer (I now suspect to be an act but always fall for.), she was more like the twenty something Mikuru from farther in the future ... and more businesslike.

When she said she had talked to our "newbie", I asked, "... he didn't hurt you in any way did he? If he-"

"No Kyon," she cut me short. "Nothing of the sort."


"I've reported what he said to my superiors & ... well ..."

"Yeah, I know ... Classified."

"What I can tell you is they think it's best you hear it straight from him. I concur. Just ... brace yourself."

With that, she trotted back to Tsuruya, the now not laughing giggler giving me a look that could bust a clock.

Whatever it was, it had to be something heavy. If it could turn someone like Miss Asahina into ... the Dragon Lady ... it had to be ... 3rd period History could wait. Any late citation was of little importance. I had to find this guy.

Before trying the clubroom I decided on the library. Good choice. Easy enough to find, I could hear him furiously banging away on his laptop (That computer looked strange. Espon was spelled wrong.) through the maze of shelves, desks, stacks & tables. I sat straight across the reading table from him & waited. It was for only about a minute & he more than knew I was there as he looked up from his work every few seconds alternately scrawling something in an accompanying notebook.

Suddenly stopping, he sighed, did a few "quick takes" between screen & notes & looked my way.

"I understand you have something to tell me."

"That I do," he answered. "In fact I was gonna go looking for you after ... this."

He shoved the laptop aside, folded his hands, looking straight at me.

"What I'm about to tell you," he did a quick glance about checking for possible eaves droppers then lowered his voice. "... may be hard to comprehend."

 ... a variety of other incredible occurances, not the least of wich was
unknowingly repeating two weeks of summer vacation over 16000 times!
Comprehend? To say the past year had been interesting would be a more than gross understatement. All the crazy things I had fantasized about then denied & given up on were dropped suddenly in my lap. I was in the most fantastic group of people imaginable, two of whom were all powerful demi-goddesses. I'd been to other dimensions. Seen the almost-end of the world. Two attempts on my life (At least the ones I know about!) & a variety of other incredible occurances, not the least of wich was unknowingly repeating two weeks of summer vacation over 16000 times!

What this guy had to tell me had to be absolutely huge to top those.

"Try me." I attempted to sound brave. If Koizume & Asahina were shaken up I wanted to steel myself for whatever was coming.
"First off," he started, "you could say I'm something of a slider."

Even the oblivious Haruhi hinted at the possibilities of interdimensional travel.

"I'm not a member of any organisation unless you count the two writers associations where I'm from. I'm here only of myself. I don't know quite how I got here though it's beyond imperative I get back."

"So it's help you're looking for? To get back that is ..."

"Yes. If I don't, consequences could be ... dire."

"Just how dire would that be?"

"The very existance, not only of myself, but of your universe & thus all who inhabit, is in danger of nonexistance ... Haruhi ... or no Haruhi ... It doesn't matter."

"O ... K... I'm curious. Just what dimension DO you come from if it has a name at all?"


"Reality ... as in ..."

"Just that."

He went on.

"In spite of my appearance, I'm at least ten years older than I look. I've established a name for myself in the entertainment field where I'm from. It was while working on a project I blundered & found myself here. As for the specifics of how I did it, I'll reveal what little I know when you, I & the other three are together next. This is a situation that has to be resolved & SOON ... or else ..."

"Well, just how does your presence here in this plane of existance threaten one & all?"

"Now the wierd part ..."

After all I've been through in the recent past, I found it hard to believe anything that this Mr. Nagaru Tanigawa would tell me could ever shake me up.

Never before in my life or since, had I ever been SO wrong.

Storyline (only) copyright © 10-21-2012 Jay Agan

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Out On A Date Pt3, Girls 'n Guns

Now I could go for a babe like this. She could eat me alive & I wouldn't
care. If only she didn't say the freakin' F-word so much! Credit: Madhouse.

Out On A Date Pt3, Girls 'n Guns

Oh, the things we do for love. Like compromise. Yeah, there are some things you give in on, after all, if you want to get what you want, you have to ... ahem. A subject for another time.

There are some things you meet half way with. What movie you're going to see, the restaurant, tolerating her jerk parents, etc. I rarely got that far. My line(s) were drawn a bit farther out.

Take firearms for instance. She doesn't have to be a shooter or even like them. As long as she doesn't make it a choice between them & her, I'm OK with it. But if she does ...

So I'm several months into dating services & things were looking grim (And got grimmer as the years rolled on.). Aside from the Grade A "Playboy bunny" babe as mentioned in a previous article, it was looking really bad. Now, I don't mind a few extra pounds but ... come on! In the years I put into dating services & ads, I don't think more than five were what I'd call height/weight proportionate. I learned early on to lower my expectations & fully expect Das Hindenburg moored at the restarant table in wait for me (One was waay the opposite but that's for another article.).

One of the "less than five" sprang a little surprise & I shot one off in return. Seems she didn't like guns & it happened to come up in conversation. There we were, scoping each other in review when this little gem came up:

"I wouldn't EVER let any of my children play with toy guns." The face of EVIL radiated its' masque.

"I agree ..."

The face of EEEVIL took on a sickening feminoid leer. Obviously She thought she had the emasculate conception in thrall before her. An "Alan Alda" she could manipulate at her pleasure.

"I wouldn't want them to have any bad habits to unlearn when they get a real one ..."

The astonished look on her face ... PRICELESS!

I then recited a paragraphs' worth about gun safety & marksmanship knowing full well that this wasn't the start of anything let alone a beutiful relationship. I had nothing to lose as there was nothing there I wanted. At the end of the meal we shook hands good bye. A couple follow up calls with me leaving a message (There was still a possibility, thin as it was.) & no calls back ... Her loss.

Yeah ... I'm full of me ... & lovin' it!

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Interesting Search Words #22

Interesting Search Words #22

      Searching search words from searchers searching on the searchable net.

1. haruhi suzumiya & yuki nakamura - It's actually YURI Nakamura.

Despite any SUPERFICIAL similarities in character design, they're
altogether two differents shows. L-R Haruhi Suzumiya, Yuri Nakamura.

... Though it would be really kool if they combined the two.

2. azumanga daioh red raccoon dog - I always thought the impromptu team outfit using the mens school uniform was a clever idea.

And again I say ... Tall IS beutiful

3. haruhi internet - I thought the god of the net was Lain Iwakura.

"There is nothing wrong with your television set ...
I ... am in control."

4. hell girl hentai - Sounds like the title to a really bad anime ... or a really great girl punk band.

5. sailor moon characters - here's an alternate to the illustration in Interesting Search Words #21.

As I said before in Interesting Search Words #21:
Excellent character design, TERRIBLE show.
6. dr strangelove cosplay - Let's see ... suit 'n tie ... dark glasses ... frizzed out hair ... heavy black rubber glove ... crap eating grin ... and ... Oh yeah! ... A wheel chair.

7. demotivational white chicks - Yes ... they can be.

8. ai enma in fire - Actually ... The fire is for ... YOU! If Rei don't get you first.

Not exactly FOX NEWS is it? Ai Enma as a news correspondent
in Season 2, Episode 13 of Hell Girl. Darn rubberneckers!

9. rei ayanami fantasm - Ah yes ... The girl of your adolescent dreams ... or nightmares.

"Oooo! ... He's CUTE! ... I think I'll tang him!"

      Well that's it for now this week & a half. Ya'll keep those requests coming, see ya ...

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Monday, October 8, 2012

The Presidential Campaign In A Nutshell

The Presidential Campaign In A Nutshell


Armand Vaquer

1. Are you better off than you were four years ago?

2. Is America safer than it was four years ago?

3. Are our allies confident of our support as they were four years ago?

      The only thing I can "add" to that is ... On November 6, VOTE!

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Ex-Strange Student: An Angel Beats Crossover Fanfiction

Geez! How many meal tickets did this cost? Clockwise from top center:
Hisako, Yusa, Masami Iwasawa, Miyuki Irie, Shiori Sekine, Yuri Nakamura,
Noda, Fukimaki, Oyama, Takamatsu, Takayama, Eri Shiina, Matsushita, TK,
Angel Kanadae Tachibana, Yuzuru Otanashi, Ayato Naoi, Hideki Hinata, Yui.

Ex-Strange Student

An Angel Beats Crossover Fan Fiction


C V Ford

"Hey! ... There you are! Saves me the trouble looking for you."

"Yo! Takamatsu!" Fujimaki exclaimed. "'Sup with wanting US?"

Takamatsu looked down from the landing of Class Bs' first/second floor stairs at the ascending pair.

"Yuri sent me after you. A formal introduction is in order."

"Intro?" The accompanying Oyama inquired.

"Yes. Seems we have a new member to the Battlefront."

"What's his name?" Fujimaki.

"Actually, it's a she-"

"She hot looking?"

Takamatsu, pausing a moment with barely concealed grin, continued, "I would say ... more on the cute side."

"Hey ... cute's fine. I can go with cute. Cuter than Oyama here?"

"I swear," Oyama thought. "If it weren't for the fact I might disappear, I'd shoot him! And he doesn't even ask her name. Only concerned if she's good looking or not ..."

Getting to the landing he snapped out of his thoughts, "So when she get here?"

"Shiina brought her in about three hours ago. She, Yuri & I've been filling her in about our situation. Pretty badly shaken up though she's taking it well considering she's only-"

"She'll get used to it," the sword bearer stated. "She has to ... As we all did."

"Where'd Shiina find her?"

"By strange coincidence, the pool buildings' main entrance."


"Drowning victim ... we think. She said the last she remembered before finding Shiina shaking her awake was jumping into her schools' pool at swim practice."

"Worse ways to go," said Fujimaki.

"So what's she bringing to the table as a member?"

"Oh c'mon!" Snorted the bigger of the duo. "We've got you & you're not much good for anything!"

Exasperated, Oyama stared down, concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other.

"We were only going to inform her about the school. We had serious doubts there was anything she'd be useful for. Shiina's taken a liking to her though. Volunteered to have her rooming with her."

"I thought Shiina was only into cute, fuzzy, animals not people."

"Cute is as cute does," said Fujimaki. "Could be something else ... Though I never thought Shiina swung that way-"

"She doesn't," Takamatsu stated. "It's more of a maternal thing anyway."

"Maternal? ... Shiina?" Fujimaki smiled. "Our cold, distant, seldom seen Shiina the motherly type? Yeah ... Right!"

"In any event we were about to write her off when she saw the window to Takayamas' 'Briefing Manager' on the laptop & started asking questions. Next thing we know, she's 'working' it & giving suggestions for improvement."

"A genius huh?" Oyama admired.

"Seems she was skipped ahead in school. Prodigy student. Definite genius level."

"So we have a first-year as a senior ... & a techie at that?" Fujimaki speculated. "Good! As useful as Takayama is, he needs to be taken down a peg or two. Calling himself Christ & all ...

"So ... A capital C CUTE babe with brains. Alright!"

"Hey! Wait up!"

As the trio made their way past the 2nd floor, the sound of many adolescent female feet hitting the steps below rose to their ears. Looking over, Oyama spotted Iwasawa & the other three members of Girls Dead Monster followed by Yusa & their "roadie" Yui.

"Yusa just got us the news & we're here to check her out!" Hisako proclaimed.

"Yeah! The uber cute new kid in the Battlefront," Fujimaki said with a sly grin. "Gonna ... check ... her ... out ... my ... self."

The girls looked at one another for a moment, puzzled looks & hushed whispers all around.

"You don't think ..."

"He couldn't ... he ..."

"I don't think he knows ..."

"Hey c'mon!" Yui screamed. "These guys 'r slow! Let's get around 'em!"


The six girl stampede flowed around the three young men, up the third flight & gone.

"What were they-."

"Lets move it," Takamatsu ordered. "We're almost there ourselves."

"Wow! I can hear Shiina talkin' all the way over here!" Oyama exclaimed entering the hallway. "And in more than just single short sentances."

"Kid's gotta be special alright," replied Fujimaki.

The mallet trap had been deactivated for the occasion. The trio turned in without mishap, Fujimaki noting Hinata, TK, Noda & Matsushita lounging on the various chairs & couches around the office while a crowd of girls congregated in front of the desk, questions flying.

"So where's this crucial babe I been hearin' about!?" Fujimaki called out loud & proud.

His face changed from full confidence mode to confused puzzlement as the men started snickering & guffawing in a vain attempt to suppress laughter.

"So ... What gives?"

"OK!" Yuri stood up from behind the large desk. "Seeing as we're all here, we can get on with the official introduction of our newest member.

"Though, " Yuri paused looking around then directly at Fujimaki. "I doubt she'll be in on any tornado hits anytime soon."

The cluster of girls slowly parted revealing the newcomer. Fujimakis' jaw dropped as the sight of the tiny skirt & blazer clad apparition met his eyes, round face topped by orange-brown hair in twin pig tails.

The very young, nervous voice adding: "Uh ... Hi ... My name is Chiyo Mihama ... eh ... Thank you for having me in your group ..."

Through his mounting embarassment, Fujimaki pieced together the facts. He jumped to conclusions & was loud about it. The girl pack must have told the rest just before the trio arrived & it was quite a joke to them. Fujimaki turned to Takamatsu.

"Right after this is over, I'm gonna-"

"Not my fault," Takamatsu was barely keeping control. "You've no one to blame but yourself."

"Oyama." The blade slinger turned to his giggling contagonist. "This one's aaallll yours."

"Oh! ... Gee Fujimaki ... ," the diminutive one exasperatedly rolled his eyes. "Thanks! Thanks ... a ... lot!"

The skittish eleven year old looked about the office & its' mirth filled atmosphere with a more than apprehensive countenance.

"Is ... Is ... something wrong!? ... I ... I ... uh ..."

She felt a firm, reassuring hand on her left shoulder.

"It's OK Chiyo-chan." Shiinas' calm, strong voice met her ears. "Nothing wrong with you. Seems someone was under the impression you were uh ... a little older."

Chiyo was more than glad Shiina was the first she met on arriving at this more than strange school. The ninja reminded her so much of a friend & fellow student from before.

As for the rest, she couldn't ever understand at times just what older kids were going on about. Something at the back of her mind said she never would.

Storyline (only) copyright © 10-5-2012 Jay Agan

Yeah. I know where SOME of you THOUGHT where this could have gone. No way was I gonna take it there. Sickos begone!

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Out On A Date Pt2

In looking for Ms. Right (And usually running into Ms.
Goodbar!) you gotta kiss a few toads. BLECH!

Out On A Date Pt2

It was the eighties & I was in New Jersey getting my act/career in the technology field together. Not having time or inclination for the bar scene & other conventional venues, I decided to try dating services. I do not advise dating services or personal columns for the lovelorn. Personal experience has made me look askance of them.

It started out more than well enough, at least on the first "date". I got her phone number & contacted. The usual conditions were set. Meeting on neutral ground (A public place, in this case a restaurant.), time & date, & we'd go Dutch (That way no one feels obligated.). On arrival, what awaited me was ... Jackpot!

A tall, drop ... dead ... gorgeous ... redhead (I have a "thing" for redheads!). I'm not exagerating when I say she was centerfold material. Said she was into aerobics & that was not too hard to believe. A goddess. She was that good looking. I still remember her name.

The meeting/meal went well enough. Her personality certainly matched her looks & I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I even kept my tongue from hanging out. At least I think I did. Most of the time.

I think the only rocky spot was when she talked about dancing. I mentioned I wasn't a dancer & she insisted that anyone she's with has to dance. Just a couple sentances & at the time I thought "No big deal".

A couple days later, I did a follow up call & ... well ... She said she was still hooked on an old boyfriend & decided not to pursue other possibilities. If that was true, both he AND she were fools but I doubted that. I've had a lot of experience with the old brush off. Good thing I'm into schandenfreude. More than one has dumped me only to get married & divorced later.

So it didn't bother me. "After all," I thought. "If the first one was THAT good looking, I can only guess what future ones would be like." WRONG! More on that later ...

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