Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Out On A Date Pt2

In looking for Ms. Right (And usually running into Ms.
Goodbar!) you gotta kiss a few toads. BLECH!

Out On A Date Pt2

It was the eighties & I was in New Jersey getting my act/career in the technology field together. Not having time or inclination for the bar scene & other conventional venues, I decided to try dating services. I do not advise dating services or personal columns for the lovelorn. Personal experience has made me look askance of them.

It started out more than well enough, at least on the first "date". I got her phone number & contacted. The usual conditions were set. Meeting on neutral ground (A public place, in this case a restaurant.), time & date, & we'd go Dutch (That way no one feels obligated.). On arrival, what awaited me was ... Jackpot!

A tall, drop ... dead ... gorgeous ... redhead (I have a "thing" for redheads!). I'm not exagerating when I say she was centerfold material. Said she was into aerobics & that was not too hard to believe. A goddess. She was that good looking. I still remember her name.

The meeting/meal went well enough. Her personality certainly matched her looks & I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I even kept my tongue from hanging out. At least I think I did. Most of the time.

I think the only rocky spot was when she talked about dancing. I mentioned I wasn't a dancer & she insisted that anyone she's with has to dance. Just a couple sentances & at the time I thought "No big deal".

A couple days later, I did a follow up call & ... well ... She said she was still hooked on an old boyfriend & decided not to pursue other possibilities. If that was true, both he AND she were fools but I doubted that. I've had a lot of experience with the old brush off. Good thing I'm into schandenfreude. More than one has dumped me only to get married & divorced later.

So it didn't bother me. "After all," I thought. "If the first one was THAT good looking, I can only guess what future ones would be like." WRONG! More on that later ...

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