Thursday, October 11, 2012

Interesting Search Words #22

Interesting Search Words #22

      Searching search words from searchers searching on the searchable net.

1. haruhi suzumiya & yuki nakamura - It's actually YURI Nakamura.

Despite any SUPERFICIAL similarities in character design, they're
altogether two differents shows. L-R Haruhi Suzumiya, Yuri Nakamura.

... Though it would be really kool if they combined the two.

2. azumanga daioh red raccoon dog - I always thought the impromptu team outfit using the mens school uniform was a clever idea.

And again I say ... Tall IS beutiful

3. haruhi internet - I thought the god of the net was Lain Iwakura.

"There is nothing wrong with your television set ...
I ... am in control."

4. hell girl hentai - Sounds like the title to a really bad anime ... or a really great girl punk band.

5. sailor moon characters - here's an alternate to the illustration in Interesting Search Words #21.

As I said before in Interesting Search Words #21:
Excellent character design, TERRIBLE show.
6. dr strangelove cosplay - Let's see ... suit 'n tie ... dark glasses ... frizzed out hair ... heavy black rubber glove ... crap eating grin ... and ... Oh yeah! ... A wheel chair.

7. demotivational white chicks - Yes ... they can be.

8. ai enma in fire - Actually ... The fire is for ... YOU! If Rei don't get you first.

Not exactly FOX NEWS is it? Ai Enma as a news correspondent
in Season 2, Episode 13 of Hell Girl. Darn rubberneckers!

9. rei ayanami fantasm - Ah yes ... The girl of your adolescent dreams ... or nightmares.

"Oooo! ... He's CUTE! ... I think I'll tang him!"

      Well that's it for now this week & a half. Ya'll keep those requests coming, see ya ...

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