Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mikuru Asahina Summer

Mikuru Asahina Summer

While "researching" for the Interesting Search Words #23 article I came across an interesting one someone got to this blog with. It was "mikuru asahina summer". Entering the same on Google came up with this really EPIC(!) 1670x1181 wallpaper. After some thought, I decided this was deserving of a separate post. You can see why.

In every young mans' life ... there should be a ...
Now playing. Check papers for local times.

OK Percy Faith ... HIT IT! Download full picture above (Right click  & "Save target as") & put it on your viewer for full effect.

For those of you who think I'm gonna burn for posting this ... well ... Ya shoulda' seen the first one I was gonna put up. Make your screen explode it would!

If you decide to peruse the site I got this from, WARNING! As it is one of those "booru" type sites there's some definite NSFW material. What's unique about it as it's wallpapers only, only about 10% is hentai (Few put the effort in making wallpapers out of anime porn. Just as well.). From what little I've seen, most of the actual porn SEEMS to be softcore cheesecake with a little hardcore thrown in. All the same, you have been warned. Keep the kiddies away!

And no, this is about as risque as it's going to get on this blog.

The Head Trip of Haruhi Suzumiya pts. 1, 2, 3.

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