Thursday, October 18, 2012

Out On A Date Pt3, Girls 'n Guns

Now I could go for a babe like this. She could eat me alive & I wouldn't
care. If only she didn't say the freakin' F-word so much! Credit: Madhouse.

Out On A Date Pt3, Girls 'n Guns

Oh, the things we do for love. Like compromise. Yeah, there are some things you give in on, after all, if you want to get what you want, you have to ... ahem. A subject for another time.

There are some things you meet half way with. What movie you're going to see, the restaurant, tolerating her jerk parents, etc. I rarely got that far. My line(s) were drawn a bit farther out.

Take firearms for instance. She doesn't have to be a shooter or even like them. As long as she doesn't make it a choice between them & her, I'm OK with it. But if she does ...

So I'm several months into dating services & things were looking grim (And got grimmer as the years rolled on.). Aside from the Grade A "Playboy bunny" babe as mentioned in a previous article, it was looking really bad. Now, I don't mind a few extra pounds but ... come on! In the years I put into dating services & ads, I don't think more than five were what I'd call height/weight proportionate. I learned early on to lower my expectations & fully expect Das Hindenburg moored at the restarant table in wait for me (One was waay the opposite but that's for another article.).

One of the "less than five" sprang a little surprise & I shot one off in return. Seems she didn't like guns & it happened to come up in conversation. There we were, scoping each other in review when this little gem came up:

"I wouldn't EVER let any of my children play with toy guns." The face of EVIL radiated its' masque.

"I agree ..."

The face of EEEVIL took on a sickening feminoid leer. Obviously She thought she had the emasculate conception in thrall before her. An "Alan Alda" she could manipulate at her pleasure.

"I wouldn't want them to have any bad habits to unlearn when they get a real one ..."

The astonished look on her face ... PRICELESS!

I then recited a paragraphs' worth about gun safety & marksmanship knowing full well that this wasn't the start of anything let alone a beutiful relationship. I had nothing to lose as there was nothing there I wanted. At the end of the meal we shook hands good bye. A couple follow up calls with me leaving a message (There was still a possibility, thin as it was.) & no calls back ... Her loss.

Yeah ... I'm full of me ... & lovin' it!

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  1. I am proud to know you.

    (Ummm...they are on dating services for a reason.)

    My oldest son Mr. McLeod went on a date...the chick ranted feminist rantage the entire meal.

    He had the check split, and left her to pay her way.

  2. Good for Mr. McLeod. Sounds like he was in an episode of My Little Nazi, Fuhrership Is Magic.

    As for myself, still desperate & dateless.