Sunday, February 27, 2011

Out On A Date

                                                     Out On A Date


                                                                   Jay Agan
      I met her at a little Assembly of God church I attended in the 70s. After some time I asked her out. She said yes.

      We went to the movies at the Knox Auto Theater (Interestingly enough, the flick was an entertaining little number called Drive In. For the title music click here.). As we talked before the show I found that she had an uncle named Charles Bronson. Yes, THAT Charles Bronson. Kool! After some coaxing, I found they didn't care much for each other. OK.

      There was some resemblance. Before your mind wanders, I have to say she was a good looking kid & didn't look at all like "Il Bruto". For a couple of weeks I thought I was about to aquire a girlfriend but things didn't pan out.

      On our second & last date, we went to see The White Buffalo starring you know who. She wasn't quite thrilled with that. (It's a bat-crazy, bizzare, little western! Too bad it hasn't come out on disc yet.) She informs me part way through the movie she's interested in someone else (Should have started up the car & driven her back home. Guess I was enjoying the flick too much.). She even had the nerve to bring the "new guy" (Some "pretty boy".) to church & I started thinking in terms other than salvation. Me bitter? Nawww! (Grrrrrrrrrr!)

      I'll always like her uncles' movies (Have a few in my collection.) but just like him, I'm not too crazy about HER. There's an old saying: "Don't do business with anyone you meet in church." Guess that goes for dating too.

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