Tuesday, February 8, 2011




                                                                       Jay Agan

      "Ok, I'll need your name and other pertinent info."

      "All right, the name is Jay Agan."

      "Could you spell the last name?"

      "Yes, A  g  a  n."

      "Ok, that's H ....."

      "Sigh. Uh, no it's A ....."

      "Yes, H ....."

      "No, A."

      "Could you spell that out, sir?"

      "Sigh. (thought I just did) Yes. That's A  G  A  N."

      "Uh, alright, H ....."

      "No. A."

      "Yes sir, sigh. H ....."

       "I said A (What's wrong with this guy!)."

       "Uh, ......You said H."

      Blink, blink. "(This is getting desparate!) Let me try something ....."

      "Well, uh, I ....."

      "Alpha golf alpha november."

      "Uh,  ..... what?"


      "I'm afraid I don't understand sir."

      "(You have good reason to be afraid. I know I am.) It's military phonetic."

      "Military what? I ....."

      "(My God, My God! Why hast thou forsaken me.!?) I'm trying to spell my last name in a fashion used by the military under bad conditions."

      "I don't know about any 'bad conditions' or what fraternities and sports have to with this and this is actually February ....."

      "(God is dead!) OK! OK! Lemme try something else! We'll do a 'counting' method. Write down the first letter of the alphabet!"

      "Alright. H ....."

      "(There is no God .....)"

      Just a little attempt at humor folks. Back to our regular "programming" Friday. See ya then!
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