Thursday, October 22, 2015

I'm Voting NO! On Ohios' Issue 3 ... On Solid Libertarian Grounds

This piece is off the top 'o my head so if it comes across as a bit disjointed please take that into consideration.

I'm Voting NO! On Ohios' Issue 3 ... On Solid Libertarian Grounds

One would think that if one is libertarian (Note the SMALL "L"!) one would be all for voting yes on Ohios' Issue 3, Marijuana Reform. I for one will not ... And here's why.

The Delaware Gazette, in its' 10-15-15 issue published an article (With an insert of the official proposed amendment literature from the Ohio Secretary of State office.) on the pros and cons:


1. Personal choice - Allowing one 21 or older to possess up to 9 ounces of weed.

So what? It still sets limits on how much one can posses.

2. Compassionate care - Authorizes non-profit dispensaries for medical marijuana.

Who pays for those "non-profit dispensaries"?

3. Tax Revenue - Is expected to generate more than 550 million in revenue.

I guess that's what's gonna pay for the above dispensaries ... maybe. What if it doesn't? What if it's not enough?  And even what if it does? Is all that money going to be for the above or wasted on other government programs?

4. Regulated Industry - An independent commission will oversee the growth and sale of weed.






Independent commission? If it's government, it's NOT independent!

By the way, the official Proposed Constitutional Amendment literature uses the words "tightly regulated industry" in regard to this commissions' duties.


1. Creates Monopoly - Ten facilities will have EXCLUSIVE rights to grow weed. Interestingly enough, the official Ohio secretary of state summary document DOES use the word, monopoly!

ONLY ten "facilities". Isn't that nice. Sounds like a GOVERNMENT monopoly alright.

2. Tax rate - A preferential tax rate is set into the Ohio Constitution that can't be changed by legislation like rates on beer, wine and tobacco.

Ah taxes again. I really don't care about the above except that it allows GOVERNMENT (!) to tax it, period.

3. Risk to children - Outlets will be allowed to sell weed-laced products like candy and cookies.

I seriously doubt such products will be allowed by law to be sold to kids. Same limits as in smokes, alky and drugs.

Of course, as we all know, it's best everyone be banned from owning anything (Drugs, weed, guns, books, vid games, internet, media, porn, candy, cookies, fun, anything hot or sharp, etc.). It's for the children after all. If banning everything will save the fictional life of a hypothetical child not related to you then a police state is entirely justified.

Yes, SOME children actually do suffer and die from the actions of evil people. I run the same risk while alive just like everyone else. Howsomever, my and everyone elses' constitutional and God given rights trump statist dreams. Sad to say ... Shit happens.

Callous you say? Nowhere near as callous as some media whore (Or someone trying to score talking points.) exploiting survivors and dancing on the bodies in the name of ratings and market share ...

4. Quantity - See #1 in the above Pro section.

5. Stores - Allows for 1159 retail outlets.

Will there really be THAT many? Who cares? Oh yes! GOVERNMENT does.

6. Will flood Ohio with marijuana.

I gotz news fer ya' pal. OHIO IS ALREADY FLOODED WITH MARIJOHOONIE! It's Ohios' biggest cash crop fer cryin' out loud!

Look ... I'm all for DECRIMINALIZING weed. I'm all for repealing those stupid laws short circuiting natural selection and putting people in jail who shouldn't be there in the first place. I'm all for letting folks commit suicide with their method of choice.

But ... legalize it?


From looking at Mr. Husteds' (Ohio Secretary of State) document, Issue 3 is nothing more than an attempt at a government power grab. Instead of people being left the hell alone, Issue 3 opens the floodgates to more government expansion, more and higher taxes, more curtailment of freedom and a general tightening of the governmental choke hold on everything we already have.


And please don't talk to me about marijuana reform being about "freedom". You're not a libertarian ... You're just a pothead!

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Oh Great! ... An Endorsement ...

Oh Great! ... An Endorsement ...

I go to one of my favorite Libertarian sites, hoping to get a bit of insight into the goings on in the world from someone with more or less my point of view. And what do I see? ...



Now this means I'm gonna' have to post more articles. Some even to be "written" by me. That's work!

I was really enjoying my being lax about my blog. Now I'm gonna' have to post AT LEAST once a week.

Thanks a LOT Mr. Traven!

Next week I'll be posting an article on why I'm voting AGAINST Ohios' Issue 3 (Marijuana Reform) and on SOLID Libertarian grounds.

AS for those capitalists/socialists masquerading as Libertarians ... TOO BAD FOR YOU!

Link to the above heads-up here.

Link to that despicable blog with the heads-up here.

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