Thursday, October 15, 2015

Oh Great! ... An Endorsement ...

Oh Great! ... An Endorsement ...

I go to one of my favorite Libertarian sites, hoping to get a bit of insight into the goings on in the world from someone with more or less my point of view. And what do I see? ...



Now this means I'm gonna' have to post more articles. Some even to be "written" by me. That's work!

I was really enjoying my being lax about my blog. Now I'm gonna' have to post AT LEAST once a week.

Thanks a LOT Mr. Traven!

Next week I'll be posting an article on why I'm voting AGAINST Ohios' Issue 3 (Marijuana Reform) and on SOLID Libertarian grounds.

AS for those capitalists/socialists masquerading as Libertarians ... TOO BAD FOR YOU!

Link to the above heads-up here.

Link to that despicable blog with the heads-up here.

Go to Jays Tee Vee blog main page here. If you see any articles under this 'un, with or without the heretofore mentioned Karol Traven, yer already there.

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