Friday, September 28, 2012

Interesting Search Words #21

Interesting Search Words #21

More strange little web searches from strange little web people.

1. anne frank hentai - What the ...! Are you ... you gotta be ... ... GET OUTTA HERE!

2. atlas shrugged vs lord of the rings - Barack Obama. It's like having Gollum for president.


John Galt & a Taggart Transcontinental locomotive.
Credit: James Climer, Climercomics.

3. what does trololo mean - Here's your trololo right here!

4. rei ayanami creepy - Creepy ... yes. But not half as creepy as Kaworu.

Yeah ... She's creepy alright!

5. sailor moon drunk - We've all seen that one. I'd rather put in a nice iconic shot of the group of five.

Sailor Moon. A classic example of excellent character design carrying what
otherwise is an abysmal show. DBZ for girls & thus prettier to look at. And,
 unfortunately, has been a staple of hentai knockoffs for over two decades.

6. sick shinji - Yes! Sick, sick, SICK Shinji.

Shinji Ikari. President of the Tokyo 3 chapter of the
Edward D. Wood Jr. Fan Club. Maybe it's because he
feels closer to Asuka when he wears her stuff.

7. ayn rand swimsuit - That's almost as bad as Anne Frank hentai. As an objectivist, I OBJECT!

8. giant naked rei - Much better than 1, 6 & 7 and certainly better than a giant naked Kaworu. Possibly the creepiest scene in End of Evangelion.

Third Impact would be a lot more fun if it was Haruhi.
She IS God after all.

That's it for now. Things have slowed down DRASTICALLY blog traffic wise the last couple days. Either due to the elections (Get out there & VOTE!) or perhaps the shine has been taken off the apple of the Darn That Bill! article (Now over 47,000 hits on that one!). Hopefully things will pick up later, probably after November 6. Will still try to get Interesting Search Words #22 out before then & of course get two articles on this blog per week ... See ya'll later.

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Screw The Polls!

Screw The Polls!

On Friday 9-21-12 at approximately 1:30 PM EDT, I was "awakened" from a before work non-nap by the ringing of my phone. Staggering out of bed, I lifted the reciever to my ear.

Pollster: "Hello. My name is -------- & we're conducting a poll on the presidential election."

Me: "OK."

Pollster: "If the election were held today, who would you vote for president? Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?"

Me: "Mitt Romney."

Pollster: "Is that definite?"

Me: "Yes."

Pollster: "If the election were held today, who would you vote for Ohio senator? Sherrod Brown or Josh Mandel?"

Me: "Josh Mandel ... And that is definite."

Pollster: "In your opinion ... have Barack Obamas' economic policies made things better or worse for the country?"

Me: "I believe Barack Obamas' economic policies have driven us straight to hell & that is definite."

Pollster: "Well ... uh ... thank you for your time sir & have a nice day."

Me: "What polling company is this?"

Pollster: "What do you mean sir?"

Me: "The people conducting this poll. Rasmusson ... Public Policy ... Gallup ...?"

Pollster: "We don't know sir. All we know is it's from out of Scottsdale."

Me: "Scottsdale, Arizona?"

Pollster: "Yes sir, have a nice day ... click."

Well THAT was fast. ONLY THREE QUESTIONS? And wouldn't identify as to who was conducting the poll? (Maybe it's so as not to "prejudice" the callee as to his answers. I'd STILL like to know.) My guess is he wasn't getting the answers he wanted & cut it short. Just like all these other polls are "cutting short" the Republicans & Independants by "undersampling" them.

He probably didn't care for my "enthusiasm" either. I'm not the only one. There's a lot of "emotion" out there.


In 2008, I voted a day ahead in order to avoid the crowds. A couple days after McCain conceded, I found that the early votes hadn't even been counted yet. I was ticked off to say the least. Yeah, I know. It wouldn't have made any difference. All the same, I'm going to cast my vote bright & early on election day itself, crowd or no crowd. I want my vote counted BEFORE anyone, be it some coiffed & manicured "poodle person" on TV says it's over or any candidate of either party throws in the towel.

On November 6 ... VOTE!

An interesting article by Dick Morris on how polls are conducted here.

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Nyoron Churuya-san ... Why?

Oh gee ... Another Haruhi related
article ... nyoro~n ...

Nyoron Churuya-san ... Why?

Why? Why indeed. Not as to the existance of this short, SHORT show (Talk about Short Attention Span Theater! Each episode is around a minute long!), but about the QUESTION (S) it raises:

1. Why ... is Miss Tsuruya/Churuya shrunk down to the size of a bread box? We know why Ryoko is (To keep her from killing Kyon!). It's never explained. Is it for the purposes of "cute"? I already thought she was. I miss the tall giggler with green hair down past her posterior ... & a fang.

A study in contrasts. The original Tsuruya holding the
doll-like Churuya. Credit: Michio O of Deviantart

2. Why ... does she have a fixation (Over riding OBSESSION!) on smo-chee ... er ... uh ... smoked cheese?

3. Why ... does she have a "thing" for Kyon? I'm really getting to be annoyed at this jerk. He has all these babes after him (One of whom happens to be ... GOD ... for heavens' sakes!) & he hasn't a clue about what to do with such luck. Which brings me to:

4. Why ... is Kyon so cruel to her? Denies her company as well as the cheese (I assume she's still in the same age group despite her tiny stature.), makes things off limits/out of reach, replacing her with a lookalike figure, etc. The rest of the SOS bunch (All talking in flat monotones. Everyone's a "Yuki" ... including Yuki.) aren't nice to her either, what with their excluding/making her the "fall guy" in their activities & all.

5. Why is Ryoko affectionate toward Kyon as well? I thought she was out to eliminate him. I know I am! She even goes so far as to decoy Churuya or "one up" her. Kyon treats her pretty much the same way.

Nyoron Churuya-san is an all too short, puzzling, disjointed, jumble of an anime. Makes no sense at all, leaving me confused & up at nights. So ...

6. Why ... do I bother watching it every so often.

... and ...


Oh yeah! ... What the heck does nyoron mean?

Here we go ...

The Head Trip of Haruhi Suzumiya parts 1 , 2 , 3 .

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mitt Romneys' 47%. And the Problem Is ...?

Mitt Romneys' 47%. And the Problem Is ...?

May 17, 2012 at a closed-door Boca Raton, Florida fundraiser.
At the fundraiser, Mitt Romney said this:

"There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it. That that's an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what..These are people who pay no income tax.... my job is is not to worry about those people. I'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives."

So what's the problem here? That he said it? So what? It's true.

Actually the problem is the left media is in "Protect Obama mode" so anything Mitt Romney says or does is going to get jumped on. ESPECIALLY if it's the truth.

You see, parasites, if any of them have at least a vestigial sense of shame, don't like to be reminded that they are ... well ... parasites. Leeches ... layabouts ... bloodsuckers. Their sense of self inferiority, that they try keeping submerged, comes to the surface & bares itself to them in all it's ugly, scrofulous reality. Pretensions to mediocrity aside, they will never be better than what they are.

Yes, they are victims. They have fallen prey not only to the hucksters/panderers of the hive mind but also to themselves through their shortcomings & weaknesses by giving up the task of thinking.

I do realize there are actually some REAL victims out there. There are those who sincerely can't make it without a "leg up" due to unavoidable circumstances & are deserving of compassion & aid. The "something for nothing" crowd is not among them.

The soul dead non-entity with the same name as his loser grandfather who "leaked" the above statement may have gotten his 15 minutes of fame but also may have done us all a favor. Mitt Romney hasn't said anything that hasn't been on the minds of working people & wealth creators for many years. It isn't HIS job or OURS to "worry " about that 47%.

Maybe it's time those "forty seven percenters" started worrying about us.


Mitt Romney For President here.

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Friday, September 14, 2012


Yeah ... I know what this means.


Now that I have your attention, I would like to direct it to the "illustration" below. If you happen to be one of those delving into the various aspects of the "dark underbelly" of anime/manga, you may find this to be of particular interest:

I don't know who the writer is nor does it cite any studies, facts or stats backing it up. However, the plausability of the "article" & common sense tell me I have little reason to question its' credibility.

I have heard/read the excuses/rationalisations regarding the "consumption" of such material. I understand that if no real children were "used" in the making of such "liturature" then it doesn't fall under the definition of child porn. As a small "L" libertarian I understand the concept of "no victim, no crime/no blood, no foul". Yes, it's legal. Doesn't make it moral.

One fellow at a convention stated (In regard to some anime having "anatomically correct" upskirt shots of "underage" characters.) that he pretended the characters were actually older than they appeared. He actually said that ... with a straight face ... in front of an audience.

Others say that though they are into lolicon/shotacon, they would never, EVER, look upon a real child as a sexual object. I have my doubts. If one is into that, I would not suggest that person be hired as a staffer at a child care center. That common sense thing again.

Then there's the ultimate cop out: "Who is it hurting?"

It you're into that sort of thing then I would say it's ... ultimately ... you.

That Pedo Bear Meme here.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Night At the Drive In

Not the Knox Auto Theater of my youth in Mt. Vernon, Ohio.
This one's in Radcliff, Kentucky.

Night At the Drive In

You younguns' may not think so today, but going to the movies was a big deal back in the day. Cable wasn't as widespread, no internet &, aside from 8 & 16 mm films in cans or reel to reel video tape, home video didn't exist.

It's not like today, where every other home seems to have the equivalent of a movie studio /theater in the living room. When a flick was released, it hit the theaters, then you'd wait at LEAST a year before it got on television. If you wanted to see it then, then you had to see it THEN. Otherwise it was a nine month wait til the next time. Now it's weeks between theater & disc.

If a studio felt they could get an extra nickel off a flick they'd put it in a second run. The drive-in theater came in pretty handy for that. The pre-released flick would be the second (or later) feature on a double bill. That's where this story comes in.

I really DID want to see Planet of the Apes (The ORIGINAL '68 version, not that abortion of recent years.). I Remember as a kid reading installments of it in Argosy magazine a few years before (I must have been eight or nine then.) It was THE movie of the year for some. I was quite happy when informed by the parents we were going to see it that week in that summer of long ago.

It was, howsomever, the second feature I was a trite more anxious to see. The thick icing on the cake so to speak: One Million Years BC. I had actually seen the original '40 flick while trapped in military school a year before & wanted to catch this.

The Ray Harryhausen dino effects was what got my attention, not Raquel Welch who, I suspected at the time, was one of Mr. Harryhausens' more fabulous creations (No one looking that good could be real!). Puberty finally hit me a few months later then it was ... OH! Maybe she was real.

So flashback to the Knox Auto Theater in that summer of '68. Planet is over & we're loaded up on popcorn & sugar from intermission. My brother & I seated on the closed/window down tailgate of Dads' Plymouth Fury lll looking out over the roof, little sister in between.

We're part way into the film when the first real special effects sequence lumbers onto the screen. It's not one of Harryhausens' stop motion dinos however. Something more out of the Bert I. Gordon school of fun cheesiness. A GIANT ... IGUANA!


Little sister ducks into the car. She wasn't gonna let that lizoid get her!

"What happened back there!" Mom

"Oh ... Sheila saw the monster." Dad

After a while, she figured the critters weren't coming after her & alternately sat with Mom or between brother & I. Good fun had by all.

One Million Years BC Wikipedia review here.

One Million BC Wikipedia review here.

Raquel Welch Wikipedia bio here.

Ray Harryhausen Wikipedia bio here.

Argosy magazine Wikipedia article here.

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Reality Check On Israel


Reality Check On Israel

Back in the day I was involved with individuals/organisations whose activities involved wearing funny uniforms & meeting in basements. I left the "movement" long ago for various reasons, not the least of which was the bad cosplay.

As a fundamentalist Christian (And not a very good one.), I atypically reject the teachings/rantings of the Hagees, LaHayes, Lindseys & other apocalypse hucksters/end times "theologians". I also DO NOT think our military presence in the mid-east & central asia to be divinely inspired either. I take a very dim view of our foriegn policy being influenced by someone elses' INTERPRETATION of the word of God.

It therefore comes as no surprise to those who know me that I'm not what you would call a rabid Zionist.

It was therefore with some interest that my attention was called to the 50% "two thirds majority" fiasco at the Democrat Nat. Convention a day or so ago. This is the first time I've ever heard of three strikes being the equivalent of a homer.

It seems a couple planks were "overlooked" in the initial drafting of the Democrat Partys' 2012 campaign platform (Why they didn't vote on them separately is beyond me.). The first being about GOD as a part of our history & national dialogue. Actually it's quite understandable about that originally being left out. That God guy with his plaintive call to accountability tends to cramp the style of catered to special interests.

The other was a statement about Jerusalem being the capital of Israel. On that, I think it's time for a ...


The capital of Israel is ... WHATEVER THE ISRAELIS SAY IT IS.

The Israelis are the only ones in any real position as to the determination of that. NOT the U.S., NOT the U.N., and NOT the various Palestinian groups of which I think the Democrat Party is trying to be numbered with. Wether it's Jerusalem (A Mecca for tourists.), Tel Aviv, Haifa, Parkyacarcass ... whatever. It's up to them to decide & no one else. As long as they don't designate anyplace within the borders of the United States, its' territories & possessions they'll get no squawk from me.

"Thanks for the memories."

Which leads me to wonder. How many Democrat (Or Republican for that matter.) National Conventions from now will there be debate on inserting a platform plank on wether or not Israel has a right to exist ( A nagging little issue that crops up at the U.N. from time to time.)?

Again: The only ones having any right to determine anything like that are the Israelis. They are very good at asserting that right & have been doing so since 1948.

Just sayin'.

By the way. I refer to that bunch as the Democrat Party, NOT the Democratic Party. After what happened last Wednesday, I doubt it's democratic.

How three strikes equal a home run here.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

ARE We Better Off Mr. Obama? I Know I'm NOT!

No sir. You had your chance & you blew it.

                               ARE We Better Off Mr. Obama? I Know I'm NOT!

     Four years ago my brother had a job.

     My sister had a full time job.

     I just started a career in voice acting.

     Now my brother is sporadically employed.

     My sister only has a part time job.

     My agent had to let me go sixteen months after you took office due to the economy (Only three things came up during that time.) thus my dreams were put on hold.

     And you want me to vote for you?

     Unlike many folks, I did not vote for you in 2008. I chose to vote for Mr. Excitement, John McCain (Actually Sarah Palin.). You have done NOTHING to change my view of you & EVERYTHING to reinforce it. No matter what minuses Mr. Romney may have, his plusses  far out weigh yours thus making him the better choice.

     Do I think of you as evil? No. Merely misguided & foolish.

     Do I think of you as insincere? No. I think you are most sincere in pursuit of doing that which never worked before in the HOPE it will somehow work this time. That somehow it will CHANGE. I think you are most sincere in appealing to predatory poverty under the guise of striking at predatory wealth. I think you are most sincere in the collectivist notions you adhere to. It is that sincerity that makes me doubt your fitness to lead.

     Come November Six, I will exercise my right & duty as a concerned citizen & cast my vote accordingly.

     I harbor no ill will toward you sir. I hope you live long & flourish but not in politics & certainly not in office.

24 stats showing how much Mr. Obama has royally messed up the economy here.

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