Friday, September 28, 2012

Interesting Search Words #21

Interesting Search Words #21

More strange little web searches from strange little web people.

1. anne frank hentai - What the ...! Are you ... you gotta be ... ... GET OUTTA HERE!

2. atlas shrugged vs lord of the rings - Barack Obama. It's like having Gollum for president.


John Galt & a Taggart Transcontinental locomotive.
Credit: James Climer, Climercomics.

3. what does trololo mean - Here's your trololo right here!

4. rei ayanami creepy - Creepy ... yes. But not half as creepy as Kaworu.

Yeah ... She's creepy alright!

5. sailor moon drunk - We've all seen that one. I'd rather put in a nice iconic shot of the group of five.

Sailor Moon. A classic example of excellent character design carrying what
otherwise is an abysmal show. DBZ for girls & thus prettier to look at. And,
 unfortunately, has been a staple of hentai knockoffs for over two decades.

6. sick shinji - Yes! Sick, sick, SICK Shinji.

Shinji Ikari. President of the Tokyo 3 chapter of the
Edward D. Wood Jr. Fan Club. Maybe it's because he
feels closer to Asuka when he wears her stuff.

7. ayn rand swimsuit - That's almost as bad as Anne Frank hentai. As an objectivist, I OBJECT!

8. giant naked rei - Much better than 1, 6 & 7 and certainly better than a giant naked Kaworu. Possibly the creepiest scene in End of Evangelion.

Third Impact would be a lot more fun if it was Haruhi.
She IS God after all.

That's it for now. Things have slowed down DRASTICALLY blog traffic wise the last couple days. Either due to the elections (Get out there & VOTE!) or perhaps the shine has been taken off the apple of the Darn That Bill! article (Now over 47,000 hits on that one!). Hopefully things will pick up later, probably after November 6. Will still try to get Interesting Search Words #22 out before then & of course get two articles on this blog per week ... See ya'll later.

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