Monday, September 24, 2012

Screw The Polls!

Screw The Polls!

On Friday 9-21-12 at approximately 1:30 PM EDT, I was "awakened" from a before work non-nap by the ringing of my phone. Staggering out of bed, I lifted the reciever to my ear.

Pollster: "Hello. My name is -------- & we're conducting a poll on the presidential election."

Me: "OK."

Pollster: "If the election were held today, who would you vote for president? Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?"

Me: "Mitt Romney."

Pollster: "Is that definite?"

Me: "Yes."

Pollster: "If the election were held today, who would you vote for Ohio senator? Sherrod Brown or Josh Mandel?"

Me: "Josh Mandel ... And that is definite."

Pollster: "In your opinion ... have Barack Obamas' economic policies made things better or worse for the country?"

Me: "I believe Barack Obamas' economic policies have driven us straight to hell & that is definite."

Pollster: "Well ... uh ... thank you for your time sir & have a nice day."

Me: "What polling company is this?"

Pollster: "What do you mean sir?"

Me: "The people conducting this poll. Rasmusson ... Public Policy ... Gallup ...?"

Pollster: "We don't know sir. All we know is it's from out of Scottsdale."

Me: "Scottsdale, Arizona?"

Pollster: "Yes sir, have a nice day ... click."

Well THAT was fast. ONLY THREE QUESTIONS? And wouldn't identify as to who was conducting the poll? (Maybe it's so as not to "prejudice" the callee as to his answers. I'd STILL like to know.) My guess is he wasn't getting the answers he wanted & cut it short. Just like all these other polls are "cutting short" the Republicans & Independants by "undersampling" them.

He probably didn't care for my "enthusiasm" either. I'm not the only one. There's a lot of "emotion" out there.


In 2008, I voted a day ahead in order to avoid the crowds. A couple days after McCain conceded, I found that the early votes hadn't even been counted yet. I was ticked off to say the least. Yeah, I know. It wouldn't have made any difference. All the same, I'm going to cast my vote bright & early on election day itself, crowd or no crowd. I want my vote counted BEFORE anyone, be it some coiffed & manicured "poodle person" on TV says it's over or any candidate of either party throws in the towel.

On November 6 ... VOTE!

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