Wednesday, September 5, 2012

ARE We Better Off Mr. Obama? I Know I'm NOT!

No sir. You had your chance & you blew it.

                               ARE We Better Off Mr. Obama? I Know I'm NOT!

     Four years ago my brother had a job.

     My sister had a full time job.

     I just started a career in voice acting.

     Now my brother is sporadically employed.

     My sister only has a part time job.

     My agent had to let me go sixteen months after you took office due to the economy (Only three things came up during that time.) thus my dreams were put on hold.

     And you want me to vote for you?

     Unlike many folks, I did not vote for you in 2008. I chose to vote for Mr. Excitement, John McCain (Actually Sarah Palin.). You have done NOTHING to change my view of you & EVERYTHING to reinforce it. No matter what minuses Mr. Romney may have, his plusses  far out weigh yours thus making him the better choice.

     Do I think of you as evil? No. Merely misguided & foolish.

     Do I think of you as insincere? No. I think you are most sincere in pursuit of doing that which never worked before in the HOPE it will somehow work this time. That somehow it will CHANGE. I think you are most sincere in appealing to predatory poverty under the guise of striking at predatory wealth. I think you are most sincere in the collectivist notions you adhere to. It is that sincerity that makes me doubt your fitness to lead.

     Come November Six, I will exercise my right & duty as a concerned citizen & cast my vote accordingly.

     I harbor no ill will toward you sir. I hope you live long & flourish but not in politics & certainly not in office.

24 stats showing how much Mr. Obama has royally messed up the economy here.

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  1. Replies
    1. And so it will always be with some. Any criticism, no matter how legitimate, can always be explained away as racism. Convenient, yes?

  2. "I think you are most sincere in appealing to predatory poverty under the guise of stiking at predatory wealth."

    Best line I've read all week.

    And I read MY stuff!!

    1. I forget the name of the film, but it was an early fifties Humphrey Bogart vehicle with him as a news editor. In it, he reads the papers' official pledge about opposing predatory wealth/poverty. It sounded like something straight from Ayn Rand. Stayed with me ever since.



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